Fox Recruits ‘Finder’ Star Stults for ‘Enlisted’ Army Comedy

Geoff Stults (Photo: Getty Images)

Actor Geoff Stults has landed a starring role in a prospective Army comedy on Fox, even though his previous Fox series, “The Finder,” was short-lived.

Despite that, Fox still has Stults under contract, so the company is giving him a role in a new comedy called “Enlisted,” according to several stories appearing on Tuesday, including this one on

And the fact is, the failure of “The Finder” to find an audience wasn’t really something you could blame on Stults. Critics and viewers generally found him easy to take. “The Finder” ran last year for about five months. (The show was one of the final projects for actor Michael Clarke Duncan, who was Stults’ co-star. Duncan died last September.)

This new Army sitcom — from “Cougar Town” co-creator Kevin Biegel — will have Stults starring as one of three brothers who work together at a small Army base in Florida. The Stults character, a sergeant, is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, but he had a disciplinary problem that resulted with him being shipped back to this Florida backwater where he leads a unit of slackers and misfits.

“Sgt. Bilko,” anyone? We can’t remember the last time TV had a service comedy in the works, but in past decades, sitcoms set in the Army and Navy were among TV’s best-loved shows, including such classics as “Sgt. Bilko” (Phil Silvers), “McHale’s Navy” (Ernest Borgnine), “Gomer Pyle, USMC” (Jim Nabors) and “CPO Sharkey” (Don Rickles).

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