‘Bachelor’: Sean’s Tell All Reveals Why He Let Go of Fan Favorites

Sean Lowe on "The Bachelor" (ABC)

The Twitter overlays throughout the “Bachelor’s Sean-Tells-All” edition would’ve been a lot more entertaining had they existed when we saw closing footage of Sean and his juicy chesticles showering amid soft erotic music. Thanks, ABC! But I guess we’ll just have to imagine the ballsy brain farts that Cougar Luanne or Granny Ethel would’ve produced in 140 characters or less with accompanying hashtags. But in the context of Tuesday’s eppy, here’s one for ya: #WasteOfTime.

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There weren’t explosive revelations on Tuesday night’s hour-long sit down between host Chris Harrison and Sean Juan, but the latter gave some insight into why he kicked off some of the girls who ended up being fan favorites.

Here are some of the “memorable” highlights that I’ve interlaced with some lovely hashtags for your entertainment:

On Des
Sean revealed that Des’ bro Nate went inexplicably schizo on him considering just earlier, the two were laughing and getting along! Unseen footage showed Nate telling Sean he seemed like a nice dude and was exactly what Des was looking for in a guy. #WTF

That amicable scene was a far cry from the contentious craptastrophe we saw unfold between the two dudes at the end of the dinner on Monday night’s Fockerville episode. “It was truly one of the strangest events…I chalk it up to [Nate] being a jackass,” Sean told Chris, adding, “I really wanted to hit him.”

Although Sean admitted Nate’s Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde behavior didn’t help Des’ staying power, he claimed that their relationship was lacking in some areas…but he didn’t go into detail. #HerCanklesWereToBlame

Catch Up on Monday’s Episode of “The Bachelor”:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/The-Bachelor/7846086607871461112/18734147775/Week-7/embed 580 476]

On Sarah
Sean said his decision to send Sarah home was due to the lack of passion in their last kiss. #HerTurtleTalkTurnedHimOff

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On Lesley
Although there seemed to be lots of chemistry between Sean and Lesley, Sean said she should’ve gotten over her intimacy issues/social awkwardness with him by the time they were in St. Croix. Had she admitted she was in love with him, he said, it could’ve been a game changer and most likely he would’ve kept her. #SeanLovesBrontosaurusFaces

On Tierra
“I feel like I was duped,” Sean said after seeing all of the footage on Omen Devil Child. He continued: “Tierra should’ve never come on the show.” He also pointed out he wished he had kept Jackie on the two-on-one date instead of choosing Tierra. #EyebrowExorcism

Oh, and just so you know: Chris said that the blowout in Montana between Tierra and the girls actually went on for hours!

On the Overnight Dates
At the end of the hour, Chris decided to ask whether Sean actually bumped uglies in the upcoming Thailand episode with Control Freak (AshLee), Dodges Falling Trees (Catherine), and Clean & Clear (Lindsay).

Sean’s answer? “I say it’s really none of your business,” he remarked with a chuckle. #BowChickaWowWow

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