Chelsea Handler, Reese Witherspoon Sever Ties in Hilarious ‘After Lately’ Video

Chelsea Handler and Reese Witherspoon in "After Lately" (E!)

Reese Witherspoon is too nosey for her own good. In a new clip from “After Lately,” the Oscar winner begins poking around her pal Chelsea Handler’s office and winds up ruining (wink) their friendship with a string of insults and personal questions.

“This office is amazing,” Witherspoon marvels. “You must be making a lot of money now, right?”

“But then again, you are childless, so that, like, saves a lot of money, right?” she adds with a sting.

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“That’s one of the main reasons why I am childless,” an offended Handler replies.

“What do you make a year? Come on, you know,” Witherspoon goads. “Why don’t you just tell me? That’s what friends do.”

“I don’t think they do,” Chelsea responds.

“You know what? This is not friendship,” and indignant Witherspoon says, claiming the only reason Handler is famous is because of her friendship. “You didn’t have this life before you met me. It’s kind of like you could break up your life into two parts: Before Reese, BR, and After Reese, AR. And this office is definitely, like, After Reese.”

“You know what? This relationship is over, Reese,” Handler declares. “This was it. Over!”

“What about a ballpark?” Witherspoon weasels before being banished down Handler’s endless hallway where friendships go to die.

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“After Lately” airs Sundays at 11/10c on E!

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