‘Grey’s Anatomy’: A Surprise Savior for Seattle Grace

"Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)

The plane crash survivors’ quest to buy Seattle Grace continues with this week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” ‘This Is Why We Fight.” This plot is redeeming the whole season of the show. It’s a fun, exciting episode that ends with a genuinely surprising twist that is shockingly upbeat. Here are the highlights:

Seattle Grace Goes Feral: In the aftermath of Pegasus pulling out, the hospital has dissolved into chaos. Nurses are calling in sick. Nobody understands why all the plane crash survivors quit. Bailey (Chandra Wilson)  and Alex (Justin Chambers) want nothing to do with the friends they now view as traitors. She is even interviewing for jobs. Alana (Constance Zimmer) manages to get Pegasus to reconsider. In a day they will take over the hospital. But Alana hasn’t told Owen that they are buying the hospital to liquidate it for its equipment!

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Brooks (Tina Majorino) hears Alana talking about it with a board member. The news quickly spreads to everyone except Owen. Ross (Gaius Charles) confronts him about it in the O.R. He is shocked and walks out.

$175 Million Pitch: Meanwhile Team Lawsuit Millionaires need to convince a billionaire named Julian Crest to give them the rest of the $175 million they need to buy the hospital. It’s like a high stakes episode of “Shark Tank.” Derek (Patrick Dempsey), “the face of Seattle Grace,” makes the pitch. They have to meet with a twentysomething in a hoodie who considers the idea “neat” before they get to Julian. Then they have to meet with a panel of three sharks.  Finally, they get to Julian. He turns out to know all about the doctors accomplishments, but is troubled that none of them have any management experience. He will reconsider if they get an administrator. They decide to bring Richard and Owen on board, figuring they have nothing to lose.

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Cristina explains everything to Owen, who is mad that she didn’t tell him before. She explains she was trying to protect him. He wants to go to the board to buy them some time, even though Cristina thinks it’s a terrible idea. He dramatically marches into the boardroom begging for one more day. Meanwhile, Meredith gets Richard on board with the plan. Derek and Richard end up having to pitch Julian by helicopter.  Derek seems awfully comfortable getting on a helicopter after nearly losing his hand in a horrific plane crash, but maybe the adrenaline rush helps him ignore the PTSD he ought to have about flying. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, Julian rejects their pitch. It happens off camera, so maybe Derek did freak out in the helicopter.

Mom to the Rescue: Everyone wonders what to do next. Find new jobs? Move to Tahiti with their lawsuit money? Richard laments the situation to Katherine who would love it if he noved to Boston to work with her. Wait a minute. Who has two thumbs and runs a huge medical foundation?  Yep. The next day, Richard summons everyone to a hotel conference room where Katherine announces that the Harper-Avery foundation wants to help them buy Seattle Grace. In return the foundation wants a representative on their board of directors. That seems reasonable. She picks Jackson, (Jesse Williams). In the episode’s best line, he tells him “Give your mom a kiss. She just bought you a hospital.” Yes! This has the potential to be amazing.

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