‘Law & Order: SVU’ Rihanna-Chris Brown Episode Takes Shocking Turn

"Law & Order: SVU" (Photo: NBC)

Law & Order: SVU” is getting ripped to pieces for its ripped-from-the-headlines take on the Rihanna-Chris Brown abuse scandal.

The shocking twist at the end of Wednesday’s episode, that nearly identically copied the singers’ saga, has many asking if the show went too far.

Because the very grim “SVU” version of the controversial superstar romance turned it into a hip-hop horror, where the pop diva ends up dead at the hands of her abusive rapper boyfriend.

The episode, called “Funny Valentine,” featured a single-named R&B singer called “Mischa” and her bad boy musician boyfriend “Caleb Bryant” aka C.B., and referenced many similarities to Rihanna and Brown’s relationship, from the beating incident and the leaked photo of the singer’s battered face (and the boyfriend’s tattoo of it), to the restraining order, the refusal to testify against him and the reconciliation.

Here was the “SVU” dialogue that led up to the infamous assault before the 2009 Grammy awards:

“Caleb, I can’t leave you alone for five minutes without you getting trashy?” the faux Rihanna asks.

“Who you steppin’ to?” the faux Chris Brown responds angrily. Then he slams the “skinny ass ho” to the ground and punches her in the face.

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In the “SVU” scenario, a nightclub altercation ends in the shooting death of Mischa’s mentor and she confesses to Det. Benson (Mariska Hargitay) that C.B. was the killer. But Mischa then breaks down before the Grand Jury and denies her confession. She’s then seen heading to Bermuda (Rihanna is from Barbados) and back into the arms of C.B.

But the crime drama took its harrowing depiction of the rocky relationship, which continues to make headlines, an extra step into questionable, tasteless territory by giving the ending a deadly twist.

The couple are having a romantic getaway on a private yacht, where C.B. gets a text message (from another woman?) and Mischa innocently inquires about it. “Haven’t you learned to mind your own business yet?” the volatile boyfriend shoots back.

The final scene cuts to the “SVU” coppers watch a news broadcast with an anchor reporting the death of 19-year-old singer Mischa, who was floating in the water next to a yacht.

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