Tina Fey Describes Daughter’s Magic Kingdom Meltdown on ‘Letterman’

by | February 28, 2013 at 12:04 PM | Late Show with David Letterman

Tina Fey on "The Late Show with David Letterman" (CBS)

There are two things that Tina Fey likely won’t be doing in the near future: hosting the Oscars, and returning to Disney World with her youngest daughter.

During an appearance on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Late Show,” Fey told host David Letterman about a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom with her two daughters, Alice, 7, and Penelope, 18 months.

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All was going magically until Penelope had a diaper incident and wound up throwing the “grandmother of all tantrums” in the hotel lobby. Fey tried to remove Penelope in as dignified a manner as she could, but her daughter summoned a vicious amount of”chimp strength” and fought her all the way back up to the room.

“This is what I do now,” Fey joked her more humble post-“30 Rock” life. “I clean up people’s poops.”

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