‘Revenge’ Boss Promises the End of Season 2 Will Be Epic

Emily VanCamp in "Revenge" (ABC)

Revenge” will return on Sunday, March 10, and there will be a lot of issues for The Hamptons hotties to deal with: Daniel (Josh Bowman) has been drawn into his parents’ web, Jack (Nick Wechsler) is dealing with getting back on his feet after being shot by Nate Ryan (Michael Trucco), and Jack and Emily (Emily VanCamp) have to face life following Amanda’s (Margarita Levieva) death.

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XfinityTV.com was at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences when executive producer Mike Kelley and the cast of “Revenge” revealed a few juicy spoilers for the second half of Season 2, including Kelley’s promise of an “epic” season finale. Here’s the scoop:

No. 1: We will learn more about how Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) came to be the woman she is today: In an episode earlier this season, Victoria’s mother (played by guest star Adrienne Barbeau) came to visit and we saw the damage that her mother had inflicted on her when she was young. When “Revenge” returns, it will pick up the story where a teenage Victoria has been shuffled off to the streets and begins to fend for herself.

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“I mentioned to Mike that I feel she has a borderline personality disorder,” Stowe said. “I started going through this book and reading these learned psychiatrist’s works and she has all the symptoms.”

“We will see how this woman was born,” Kelley added. “Everything the actors bring to me, I love it because they are the custodians of these characters. They are in their skins every minute and I want to know what they are thinking.”

No. 2: Jack wises up: The events that took place with Amanda and Nate on the boat, prior to both of their deaths, means that Jack will no longer be as clueless to everything that has been going on as he has been.

“You have been so patient for Jack,” Kelley says. “This next episode, which is Helen Hunt’s directorial debut on “Revenge,” Jack is a changed man. Some bad shit has gone down and he is going to start punching back.”

Wechsler says it hasn’t been hard to play dumb, because “I knew they had stuff in store, so I wasn’t impatient about it. Jack is the most relatable because he is working class and he is not doing anything shady. He is the only pure character.”

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No. 3: Daniel drank the Kool -Aid and is now a dyed-in-the-wool Grayson: Daniel has had quite the ride with his parents in the first season and a half. He was for them, then against them, and then it wasn’t quite clear what he was. Now that he has helped his mother clean up the murder of Helen Crowley (Wendy Crewson), he is tied to their scheming ways forever.

“On the last episode where Amanda met her end, it was the three Gayson’s standing out on the cupola and Daniel asked the question, ‘How do we live with ourselves?’ Victoria said, “We go about our lives as if nothing ever happened.’ Daniel is now a part of that. You can’t escape once it has gotten on you. It is like an illness. They bond in it. I think it is a testament to them and to the soul of the show. It just works,” says Kelley.

No. 4: Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloan) Gets Revenge: Aiden and Emily’s relationship was forged by the idea of getting revenge. Aiden for his sister, who was killed by the Initiative; Emily for the plot to set her father up as the money man for a group of terrorists who blew up a plane. For Emily, Aiden represents all the dark emotions — anger, being wronged and how to right that. But Jack is all about what came before all that and purity and hope.

Now, Kelley says there is going to be a moment when Aiden starts to think about Emily and where Jack lies in her [affections] and whether or not Jack is better suited to be with her.

“At first, Aiden was trying to save his sister and found out she was no longer alive, and then he wants revenge, just like Emily,” Kelley says. “He is going to get closer to getting revenge and be able to speak to what that feels like. It is going to be really interesting for the two of them when that happens.”

But if he does get his revenge, VanCamp feels that ends their journey and their relationship might be over.

“I think that is where her softer side comes in,” she says. “She knows how destructive revenge is. She understands the collateral damage of everything she is doing. To see someone happy, I think, she would sacrifice her own happiness, because ultimately she has already sacrificed every bit of happiness she thinks she will ever have. You will see the damage that losing Amanda has caused her, but she has to get back on track. She is used to it. She knows it. She numbs herself to it. You see her lose control and refocus herself. I think she loves Aiden deeply. They share a connection that she could never share with anyone else, so from that, I think she would have to let him go. That would be the end of their arc together.”

No. 5: The writers have been laying pipe and building story to give fans a great second half of Season 2: By the end of this season of “Revenge,” Kelley promises that all of the characters’ agendas will be extremely clear for the audience — where they are headed and what it is they are to do. Also, Emily’s need to destroy these people will be recreated.

“People are watching each episode so hypercritically and not taking it in the context of what will be a terrific season at the end,” Kelley says. “There are some great things that I am really proud of this season. I think the end of this season is going to be pretty epic. I am really excited about it… I think the end of the season is going to be really distilled. It is going to feel very simple and very clean, so we can mess it up again.”

“Revenge” airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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