Streampix Celebrates Barbie’s Birthday With Some Blonde Ambition

Glenn Close Stars in 'Damages' (Photo: FX)

So what if Barbie turns 54 this month? Let’s be honest. She doesn’t look a day older than when she was first unwrapped all those years ago. That’s one of the advantages of living your life in plastic. (As opposed to living it with plastic surgery…..that doesn’t last quite as long.) However, you don’t have to be a doll to enjoy that iconic status. Hollywood has given us plenty of legendary blondes over the years as well.

From Mae West to Marilyn Monroe to Katherine Heigl, blondes have always seemed to have more fun on the big screen. It’s likely there haven’t been many scientific studies exploring the reasons behind this phenomenon. Maybe blonde hair is simply easier to notice on a screen, the follicle equivalent of a lighthouse guiding us toward solid ground. Or maybe it’s because both sunlight and gold share the same hue, and we can’t get enough of those either.

Whatever the justification, golden-tressed women on the silver screen have captured all our imaginations and fantasies. So, as a tribute to Barbie’s birthday, check out these films featuring some of our favorite blonde actresses.

Postcards From the Edge

First of all, let’s put an end to the rumor that the Oscar is going to be renamed the Meryl, in honor of the actress who has won three statuettes and been nominated for a total of 17. Most of the time, Streep has earned that acclaim with pretty serious drama but with this film based on Carrie Fisher’s memoir, she showcased a serious sense of humor as well.

Rock Star

Jennifer Aniston was in the middle of her Friends phase when she made this 2001 film with Mark Wahlberg, but she was already one of the best-known blondes in the business. In this tribute to all the bombastic bands of the ‘70s and ‘80s, Wahlberg plays a rock singer who gets the chance to perform with his head-banging heroes. Aniston is his girlfriend, who has to decide whether it’s worth standing by her man as he achieves his dream. The vintage hairstyles alone make this a fun watch, even if The Rachel doesn’t get to make a cameo appearance.

Sleepless In Seattle

For most of the ‘90s, Webster might as well have run a shot of Meg Ryan under the “blonde” entry in that dictionary of his. She defined the essence of blonde-osity: funny, adorable and the object of desire for anyone with an ounce of testosterone. Describe something as “a Meg Ryan movie” and everyone knew exactly what you were talking about. There was no clearer example of that genre than this romantic comedy about a mopey widower (Tom Hanks) who finds true love – eventually – with a perky newspaper reporter (take a guess).

Witches Of Eastwick

Michelle Pfeiffer has always been able to cast a spell over any man who watched her movies. That’s why it made perfect sense for her to star in this dark comedy as one of three exotic enchantresses who had their way with an exceptionally devilish Jack Nicholson. The result, not surprisingly, was pure magic.

Being John Malkovich

Cameron Diaz may have dulled down her traditional towhead appearance in this esoteric comedy, but her sense of humor was as bright as ever. She plays the animal-loving wife of puppeteer John Cusack, who stumbles into an office building that allows him to enter the real John Malkovich’s brain. And that’s not even the weirdest part. Still, Diaz still shines brightly even though she’s playing a very mousy spouse.

Jagged Edge

If ever there was somebody to turn around blonde stereotypes, it’s Glenn Close. She’s played plenty of sexy characters during her stellar career, but they’ve also always had a tough, independent edge about them. Nowhere was that more evident than in this hit 1985 film, in which Close played a strong-willed attorney (shades of her later work on the series “Damages”) who gets involved with a murderous client.

Muppets From Space

She’s hot. She’s sexy. She’s a pig. Miss Piggy may not look like your typical blonde starlet, but that doesn’t mean she can’t think and act like one. And she’s such a great actress – even in this Muppet-ized spoof of space spectaculars – you watch and believe a pig doesn’t have to be bacon to be considered hot.



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