‘SNL’ Legends Induct Justin Timberlake Into Exclusive Club

Justin Timberlake on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend (Photo: NBC)

It may have been the most star-studded opening “monologue” in the history of “Saturday Night Live” when guest-host Justin Timberlake was joined by other five-time hosts to induct him into their exclusive club.

The bit, seen Saturday night on “SNL,” had Timberlake guest-hosting for his fifth time and taking viewers inside “the most exclusive club in New York.”

It was unusual for “SNL”: A guest-host’s “monologue” segment that wasn’t a monologue at all, but a full-blown sketch.

It’s the “SNL” segment from this weekend’s show that everyone is talking about. In it, Timberlake was shown into the wood-paneled, book-lined “clubhouse” of the Five Timers Club.

There, he was first greeted by club member Paul Simon, who has hosted the show three times and appeared as musical guest eight times. He then ran into fellow club members Steve Martin (guest-host on 15 shows), Chevy Chase (eight), Tom Hanks (eight), Alec Baldwin (16 — the most of anyone) and Candice Bergen (five). Also appearing in the sketch: Dan Aykroyd and Martin Short as a bartender and waiter, respectively. (Wikipedia has a terrific rundown of all the “SNL” guest-host multi-timers here.)

Our favorite part of the bit was the moment when Martin, Chase and Short were standing side by side and Timberlake said, “Oh, my God, I just realized I’m standing next to the ‘Three Amigos’!” (a reference to the 1986 movie the three co-starred in).

Watch Justin Timberlake’s induction into the “SNL” Five Timers Club:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Saturday-Night-Live/8885992813767211112/21283907863/Five-Timers-Monologue/embed 580 476]

With various “SNL” old-timers already on the premises, the show’s writers exploited the situation in this next sketch. Called “It’s a Date,” it was a “Dating Game” spoof in which two of the “bachelors” were actually pairs of men. And one of the pairs was none other than the legendary “two wild and crazy guys” from “SNL’s” first decade — Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin as the party-hearty Festrunk brothers from Czechoslovakia. And the other pair: Justin Timberlake with “SNL” guest returnee Andy Samberg.

Watch this dating-show sketch:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Saturday-Night-Live/8885992813767211112/21285955608/It-s-a-Date/embed 580 476]
Speaking of surprise guests, Timberlake was joined by Jay Z to perform “Suit & Tie” — Watch:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Saturday-Night-Live/8885992813767211112/21286467834/Justin-Timberlake%3A-Suit-%26-Tie/embed 580 476]
Wanna see more? We have the whole show right here:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Saturday-Night-Live/8885992813767211112/21288515877/Justin-Timberlake/embed 580 476]
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