‘Revenge’: A Death Brings the Show Back to Life

Emily VanCamp in "Revenge" (ABC)

Let’s push the reset button. During this week’s episode of “Revenge,” “Retribution,” Emanda (Emily VanCamp), utters the most meta line in the show’s history:  “How did I get so far off track?” It’s the questions fans have been wondering, as a show about one woman’s quest to avenge her father’s death by making the people responsible suffer became a story about shadowy initiatives, someone else’s far lamer revenge plot, and computer programs. The death of Amily in the previous episode allows the show to course correct. Thank goodness. “Revenge” is back with a vengeance. Here are the highlights.

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Jack Learns The Truth… Sort Of: Jack (Nick Wechsler) wakes up in the hospital. He is poised to make a dull recovery. Emanda breaks the news that Amily is dead. He man cries in his  hospital bed. Conrad (Henry Czerny)  offers the world’s least sincere condolences. He has paid Jack’s hospital bill. He claims he had no idea Nate would become violent. Jack tells Emanda and Nolan (Gabriel Mann)  he needs too get out of the hospital so he can find Amily’s computer which has files that can destroy the Graysons. When Jack gets home, Emanda truthfully tells him she can’t find the computer. He wants her to deliver the eulogy at the funeral. He admits after everything he learned on he boat he feels like he never knew her.  Alone, Jack  has a bout of macho grief and throws Amily’s jar of beach rocks to the floor. It breaks, revealing the key to a locker. It’s to a locker with a duffel bag. Inside is Emanda’s computer, which is password protected, and childhood correspondence between Emanda and Amily. Jack shows up at Conrad’s press conference and pretends to be on his side. But he doesn’t. grateful for his support. Jack then privately confronts Emanda about the letters. He can’t believe she was lying to him about past. She claims it was pride and self-reservation, just like him and the Ryans. He thinks she should have stopped Amily from pursuing revenge against the Graysons. He wants nothing more to do with her. It’s quite sad and ironic.

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Funeral for a Fraud: At Amily’s funeral, Emanda makes a beautiful speech, vowing to protect Jack, Charlotte and Baby Carl. Jack gives her the cold shoulder. Nolan seems like the saddest person at the funeral. Nice job, Gabriel Mann!’ Watch him mourn here.

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Jack tells Conrad that he wants to work with him on finding a way to honor his dead wife. Crafty Jack is awesome. Jack asks Nolan to help him figure out the password to Amily’s computer.  Victoria (Madeline Stowe)  lays a flower on David’s grave. She tells Emanda that at least David wasn’t alive to see his child die. No one should have to bear that kind of loss. This foreshadowing better mean that Emanda is going to get back at Victoria by killing her child. As much as I’d love to see Charlotte (Christa Allen) die, it does seem unlikely that Emanda would kill her own sister. So Daniel has a target on his back.

Emanda Gets her Focus Back: When Jack returns to the Stowaway with Nolan, Amily’s computer has been stolen. Jack assumes its the Graysons, though it was actually Aiden. He brings it back to Emanda. To his shock, she throws it in the ocean to protect Jack. She says she doesn’t need it to get revenge. She doesn’t want to send people to prison. It’s time to go back to basics. Hell, yeah it is. Finally.

Charlotte Plays Nancy Drew: Charlotte hoping to find her “sister” Amily’s family googles and immediately finds an article about a fire at one of Amily’s foster homes. What are the odds? She soon gets an Instant Message from someone professing to know about Amily’s foster family. While Emanda is alone at Amily’s grave, a man shows up and says Amily burned his house down. He’s her foster brother. Of course, he’s really Emanda’s foster brother.

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Daniel Gets In Bed With Aiden… Figuratively: The new Initiative representative, Trask, meets with Victoria and Conrad. They stick to their story that Amily killed Helen. They also claim that Nate acted on his own. Trask suspiciously observes that all of their problems are wrapped up in a bow.It will be a gift to me when the Initiative is no longer part of the show. They realize Jack is the only one who can refute their claims that Amily killed Helen. Trask calls Daniel who is requesting a set of stock trades. Aiden asks Daniel to appoint him to Graysons Board of Directors, since Conrad has to step down due to his gubernatorial campaign. Aiden reveals that he got Stonehaven to sell to Grayson. Daniel, who now has a conscience again, tells Victoria he is investigating the plane crash. He is appalled that now owns the ecurity systems in every airport. All their money is blood money. They think Aiden may be a member of the Initiative. To find out, Aiden appoints Daniel asks Aiden to make some stock trades that the Initiative has requested. They believe that his willingness to do it signifies his involvement in the Initiative. In other words, Emanda is still five steps ahead.

Nolan Makes A Decision About His Scary Computer Program: Daniel warns Nolan that if he doesn’t destroy Carrion he will sue him and he will never write code again. Since it’s Daniel it is not much of a threat. Nolan figures out, through perusing Helen’s phone records,that the Graysons killed Helen, and that Victoria used Helen’s phone at the Stowaway so that Amily would be framed for Helen’s death. It’s a good thing his character has been established as a genius, because that was one hell of a leap. Nolan gives Padma the Carrion program on a flash drive, warning the Initiative doesn’t always keep their end of the bargain.


“Why do I get the feeling that this isn’t what Takeda had in mind when he handed you your revenge degrees.” – Nolan to Aiden

“I guess I’m life’s pawn. I just have to figure out who’s moving me next.” – Nolan to Emanda

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