‘The Good Wife’: Lemond Bishop Is Back

Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick in "The Good Wife" (CBS)

Just when it seems like “The Good Wife” has exhausted the talent pool of New York based actors, the show comes up with one of its most ingenious guest roles yet: evil Wallace Shawn. Not only that, but this week’s episode, “Runnin’ With the Devil” features Will (Josh Charles) doing something you would never, ever expect. here are the highlights.

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Alicia Works With a Lawyer Who Does Inconceivable Things: Lemond Bishop’s  (Mike Colter) murder case is now in the preliminary hearing stage. We, and Alicia, know that the victim, a criminal informant who worked at a gym Bishop owned, was actually killed by her boyfriend, but the state is seizing the opportunity to throw a notorious drug dealer behind bars for a long time.

Alicia (Julianna Margulies)  is facing off against her law school nemesis Liz (Audra McDonald)  who is now a State’s Attorney. It turns out that the victim’s boyfriend killed himself before anyone questioned him. That makes their case difficult. Bishop wants Alicia to work with his personal lawyer, Charles.

In a great sight gag, Alicia is about to introduce herself to a suave black attorney when the actual Charles appears. He’s played by Wallace Shawn!! Apparently, Cyrus has taken on shady clients now that “Gossip Girl” has ended. He seems scattered and disorganized. They interview a gym employee who says that Bishop said he would kill anyone who was skimming. Charles asks him only what the hours are and about a piece of equipment.

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At the preliminary hearing, the trainer perjures himself, saying that Bishop said he would fire, not kill, anyone he caught skimming. Alicia and Cary try to figure out why the witness recanted. Alicia discovers that Charles has never tried a case or written on a brief. He only has one client and works at home. She realizes he intimidates people when he asks a witness about his kids. At the hearing, the second witness also recants. There is an awesome bitchy exchange where Liz tells Alicia that she felt sorry for her when she heard about Peter, but now she sees they were made for each other. Alicia retorts, “You know what I’ve thought of you since school? Nothing.”

Liz tells the judge that Bishop is having her followed and sent someone to talk to his son at his preschool. Alicia says that as far as she knows no one from Bishop’s team has attempted to intimidate anyone. The judge warns Alicia that she could be arrested. Alicia asks Charles if he had someone threaten Liz. He denies it. she calls him out on his sketchy past. He brings Colin Sweeney into it. Oh, snap.

When Alicia suggests working alone, Charles menacingly says that Bishop wants him to work with her. The next person they talk to was sleeping with the victim. His DNA was found under her fingernails. He is testifying in exchange for immunity.One problem:  the victim bit her fingernails so there was no DNA under her fingernails. They tell the judge that Liz intimidated their witness. The judge rules to exclude his testimony. So Liz asks Bishop’s sister Judy to testify. She claims that he came home later that she previously acknowledged. Bishop whispers that she is trying to get custody of his kid. Cary brings that up in cross examination. Kalinda interviews a guy at Bishop’s horse farm, where he claimed he was that night. The gate log indicates that someone was with Bishop at the horse farm. He admits he was meeting with other drug dealers, but doesn’t want to testify to that because he will lose custody. Charles visits Judy. Even though Alicia has found a legal reason to get her testimony excluded, Charles has persuaded Judy to withdraw her testimony.

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Kalinda Gets a Sidekick: Lockhart Gardner decides to hire a second investigator. Alicia asks to be on the hiring subcommittee. Alicia and Will persuade everyone  to hire the quirky candidate, a seemingly laid back, unprofessional ex- Treasury Investigator named Robin. Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) reluctantly agrees to train her. Robin, of course, turns out to be amazingly skilled. Kalinda is also tasked with finding out why one of David’s clients is considering leaving. She realizes Cary (Matt Czuchry) wants to poach him and start his own firm. Kalinda warns Cary that he will get fired if Will and Diane figure out what he is doing. Over drinks, Cary thanks Kalinda for helping him and attempts to kiss her. She refuses because, unlike the last time they hooked up, they are now colleagues. He points out that he’s thinking of leaving. Then he compliments her flirtatiously. The next morning, it’s pretty clear that they slept together off-camera.

The Musical Stylings of Will Gardner: Diane and Will disagree on whether the firm should rent out the 25th and 27th floors again. Diane pointedly tells Will that they are not gamblers. Ouch. She also points out that the firm does not have a mission statement. As they work on it, Will hilariously sings the “Growing Pains” theme song. You have to watch this unexpected hilarity.


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