Streampix Flashback: Before She Was An ‘American,’ Keri Russell Was ‘Felicity’

Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings in "The Americans" (Photo: Jeff Neira/FX)

Keri Russell is killing it –literally – these days as a Russian spy in the FX series “The Americans.” It’s a far cry from the role that gave her her start – New York college student Felicity Porter in the series “Felicity.” Back then, she was all awkward innocence and confusion, trying to figure out what to do with her life and which cute boy she needed to be with.

While few college students could ever have hair as nice as hers, nearly everyone who’s ever spent time in a dorm room can relate to all that Felicity went through. Here are five “Felicity” episodes that prove exactly that.


To be fair, we’ve probably all got some regrets about our college days. However, as long as the authorities were never notified, you’re probably safe. Felicity’s regret in this first episode was simply that she went to college, trekking all the way from California to New York to attend school all because of a boy named Ben’s (Scott Speedman) note in her high school yearbook. Upon finding out he isn’t the love she thought he’d be, she’s ready to pack it in and head home but ultimately chooses to stay in Manhattan. And thus, we have a series…..

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Felicity Was Here

When you follow a boy all the way across the country on the basis of what he wrote in your senior year annual, you’re not going to give up that easily. Hence, this Season One finale was where students Ben and Felicity appeared ready to take their oral exams together. But how long will it last?

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Ben Was Here

This second season installment found Ben to be the one who is now chasing Felicity, who seems to be interested in her only when she’s interested in someone else. In this case, it’s Greg (Chris William Martin). And somewhere between a flooded dorm room and a Greg-Ben brawl, Felicity tries to make it all right with a little Sarah McLachlan.

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A Perfect Match

For four seasons, the relationship between Ben and Felicity made even Kim Kardashian look seem like a model of romantic stability. Even so, this episode seemed to be the perfect moment for the couple to finally admit what everyone else new way back in the pilot: they were meant for each other.

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The Graduate

Happy? Kind of. Ending? Not really. There was much joy watching everyone graduate from college and prepare to start their lives. However, there were still a few tragic episodes to come that involve accidents, infidelity and – yes – time travel. So if you want to remember your “Felicity” on a high note, this is the ultimate episode to watch.

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