Steve Carell Drives Hard Bargain on ‘Pawn Stars’: Watch

Pawn shop proprietor Rick Harrison met his match when Steve Carell (inset) showed up on "Pawn Stars" this week (Photos: History Channel, Getty Images)

Movie and TV funnyman Steve Carell revealed the most unusual negotiating style in the history of “Pawn Stars” when he turned up on the show this week.

Carell talked about his cameo appearance on “Pawn Stars” when he turned up on “Late Show with David Letterman” Tuesday night to promote his new Las Vegas-based magicians’ comedy, “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” opening Friday (March 15).

Letterman asked Carell how he came to be in the vicinity of the pawn shop made famous on the popular History Channel reality series.

Surprisingly, Carell said it wasn’t because he had been filming “Burt Wonderstone” in the casino mecca. Instead, he stopped by the store on another trip to Vegas, after the filming of the movie had been completed.

Carell said his family are all fans of “Pawn Stars,” with one of his young sons particularly taken with Chumlee Russell, one of the pawn shop employees who has become a national celebrity as a result of the show.

He told Dave that the shop is not even all that easy to get into these days. According to Carell, the store has become so famous from the TV show that people line up around the block waiting to enter. Of course, some of them have items they’d like to sell, and others just want to look around.

Carell was one of the latter, turning up in the final minutes of the episode below. It was proprietor Rick Harrison who spied Carell peering into one of the shop’s glass cases and then asked the actor if he could be of help. That’s when the famously deadpan actor said in a serious tone that he’s thinking about buying one of the items in the case — a World War II diver’s knife.

Click on this picture of Chumlee to watch Steve Carell on “Pawn Stars”:

“I’ve been in the market for a World War II diver’s knife for a while,” Carell said, even though you got the feeling he made that up on the spot.

“It’s great because this thing is like multipurpose,” Rick said, as he reached into the case to bring out the item. That’s when Carell beheld the rather phallic sheath in which the knife was held, and the two joked uncomfortably about that.

But when it came time to haggle, Carell showed he’s not to be trifled with as he negotiated the price up instead of down — probably the first time this had ever happened on “Pawn Stars.” (Watch it above.)

On “Letterman,” Carell talked about the movie, and meeting David Copperfield — watch:
[iframe—Steve-Carell-on-David-Copperfield/embed 580 476]
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