Deep Soap: Steve Burton Opens Up About Move to ‘The Young and the Restless’

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“The Young & the Restless’s” Steve Burton Moves

Steve Burton shocked the soap world last fall when he left the role of Jason on “General Hospital,” citing a desire to move to Tennessee, only to join “The Young & the Restless” a little while later. Rumors abounded that Burton was not happy that Jason was no longer as prominent on GH, or that he only wanted to work with GH turned Y&R Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps. At a recent press junket, Burton set the record straight and dished Dylan’s many potential love interests.

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There was a lot of controversy over your decision to leave GH and join Y&R. Was it a desire to play a new character, a desire to work with Jill Farren Phelps again, or both?
It was so many things that came together at once. Now that the real story has come out about how I left and that we were in talks for eight weeks to have me fly in, I think it was me more wanting to hang onto “General Hospital” then wanting to let it go. So obviously that didn’t work and I went to Tennessee and Jill – we tried to do a similar fly in deal at “General Hospital” [when she was the producer]. Even then, the schedule didn’t really permit it. So when they started talking to my manager, Jill already knew what it would take for me to make this work. It was also very exciting to play a new character, to try to do something different. Everything just kind of worked out perfectly.

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There seem to be three potential love interests in Dylan’s life already between Avery, Sharon and the wild card of Phyllis.
And another one’s coming in, Chelsea. So four, I’m a lucky guy.

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Who do you think is the right person for him?
Avery for now is the right person in his mind because obviously he came here to marry her and wants to see if she’s happy or not happy and I don’t know how she could be happy with Nick but we’re going to see what keeps Dylan in town for a while and then we’ll see how this unfolds. I think it’s great with the dynamics of Phyllis and Avery and Sharon, our relationship, I’ve had a lot of fun. I just started working with Melissa a little bit.

Dylan is haunted by memories of his friend who died during the war. But this is a soap. Is he really dead?
I don’t know. I’m just playing what I get. I don’t know if he’s going to be dead or not, quite frankly. We know something bad happened in the war. We’re starting to learn his backstory on that now more than ever. Then he’s got his dad, also that he’s dealing with. So a lot of pain for him. But it’s nice to play someone a little lighter that has a sense of humor.

He‘s also more traditionally heroic than Jason.
I don’t know, because there’s always going to be faults. So we’ll see how that works out.

Who have you become friends with on the Y&R set?
It’s a little different here because our dressing rooms are so spread apart. At GH, everyone was together all the time. Everyone’s been really cool and welcoming. We’re all on different schedules and stuff so I can see everybody in the make-up room or run over to the Grove, but everybody’s been great.

What other differences are there between working on the two shows?
Obviously, with different people it’s a different energy, a different vibe, because I love the cast and crew over there as well. Besides the story and location, everything’s the same. Everybody knows everybody.

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