‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Seattle Grace Gets a New Name

Jesse Williams on "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)

It was a long hard slog to get there, but putting the doctors in charge of the hospital was a stroke of genius that revitalized “Grey’s Anatomy.” Putting Jackson (Jesse Williams) in charge of everybody else was even better. It’s survival of the hottest.  There could be a spin off about the rich, driven Avery family. Here are the highlights.

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Mama’s Boy: The Harper Avery Foundation has structured their financial contribution to the hospital in such a way that Jackson now has veto power over the rest of the board. The plane crash survivors are understandably resentful that this interloper is now their boss, especially since they view him as merely his mother, Katherine’s (Debbie Allen) lackey .

Even Weber (James Pickense Jr.) who suggested that Katherine rescue the hospital,  thinks that she made the wrong call by putting Avery in charge. Katherine gets her diva on and tells him he has forgotten that she runs a large foundation and know what she is doing. She adds, as she walks into a conference room, “There is only one room where I take orders from my boyfriend, and this is not it.” Burn!

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At the first board meeting, Jackson announces that the foundation has not made a decision on reopening the E.R. They also think the hospital needs a new Chief of Surgery. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) says that nobody expected the Harper Avery foundation to start dictating policy. He retorts, “No one asked you to sue the hospital into bankruptcy either.”  I still want to know if the actually negligent charter plane company is still in business. Meredith reminds him that Lexie died in the crash.

Jackson tells Katherine he doesn’t understand the legal documents about the hospital takeover. Bailey wants to know if he is going to keep all of Pegausus’s protocols. Everyone wants him to make a decision about something, but he keeps delaying taking action.

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Another Doctor Quits: Cristina (Sandra Oh) tells Owen (Kevin McKidd) that Jackson is trying to replace him. He confronts Jackson, pointing out everything he has done to save the hospital. He feels like everyone has been lying to him. Derek reminds him he doesn’t want to get into an argument about responsibility. So Owen quits. Why not? Everyone else has done it this season. He tells Cristina that Derek is right. People blame him for the crash, so he can’t be an effective leader.

Transplant Hat Trick: The hospital still has a nurse shortage.  Three transplants scheduled for the same day, but their is not sufficient staff or operating rooms. I thought it was going to turn out that the Avery foundation was somehow getting  the hospital’s patients to the top of the list, but it really was just a coincidence. After everything descends into chaos with multiple surgeries scheduled for the same o.r., Jackson steps up and makes a decision.

A Bromance Reborn: Derek (Patrick Dempsey) tracks Owen down to tell  him nobody blames him for the crash. He acknowledges that he is the one who has needled him about it the most, but he’s angry at the world not Owen. Really, he’s pissed at Mark for dying. Owen readily accepts his apology and jumps at the chance to be Derek’s replacement bro. Watch the rekindling of a beautiful friendship here.

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The Tearjerker Ending: The episode ends with new and improved  Action Jackson listing his top priority for the hospital. He wants to reinstate Owen and reopen the E.R.  From now on, the Foundation will follow the  board’s lead, not the other way around. He  concludes his rousing speech with the suggestion that they rename the hospital Grey Sloan Memorial. Everyone gets verklempt and agrees. That is truly awesome. It’s easy to imagine Mark in heaven saying, “It’s about damn time someone named something after me.”

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