‘The Good Wife’: Cutting the Dead Weight

"The Good Wife": Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Will (Josh Charles). (Photo: David Giesbrecht/CBS_

This week’s episode of “The Good Wife,” “Invitation to an Inquest” was a rather pedestrian effort, by this show’s lofty standards. The highlight was the promo for next week, which looks epic. I suspect “The Good Wife” is about to outdo “Revenge” in the Fancy Parties Where Women Wear Red Dresses department. But first we have to get through this week, which was about getting rid of the dead weight.

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Congratulations Peter: Peter (Chris Noth) wins the democratic primary. Weirdly, he is not in this episode. We just see the results on TV. So much for a potentially big moment. Jordan (T.R. Knight) is concerned that Zack’s (Graham Phillips)  girlfriend Neesa tweeted pictures of  Zack with her Muslim family. Also. her Dad donated to a Hamas related charity. Jordan persuades Zack to break up with her.  When Alicia(Julianna Margulies)  finds out, she blasts Jordan, warning him not ever approach her son again. Eli pretends that he wasn’t in on it. Alicia doesn’t buy it. Peter fires Jordan, who realizes he got played by Eli, who gave him enough rope to hang himself. goodbye, superfluous extra campaign manager.

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Cary’s Sleazy Dad Lands an Appropriately Sleazy Job: The most interesting storyline involves the return of Cary’s slimeball Dad, Jeffrey (John Shea). He is now a lobbyist for a phaarmaceutical company. He has decide to make Cary look good by hiring Lockhart-Gardner to draft a phony Medical Marijuana initiative that is actually an anti-medical marijuana bill that will compete, on the ballot, with a pro-medical marijuana law. Jeffrey is upset that Cary doesn’t want to write the exact law he requests. He undermines his son by requesting a partner get involved in the process. In fact, he spends a lot of time needling Cary about Alicia being promoted ahead of him. He is truly the worst dad ever. He then pulls the company’s business, claiming the firm’s past class action suits create a conflict. But Cary has persuaded the company’s CEO and to work with Lockhart-Gardner, and maneuvered around his dad so he will be working the Big Pharm’s general counsel. He seems to feel lousy about his power play because Cary is the only moral person on this show. Goodbye, slimy dad.

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This Week’s Strange Legal Proceeding: Coroner’s Inquest: The show explores yet another unusual legal proceeding, when Alicia and Will (Josh Charles) find themselves handling a coroner’s inquest into the death of a judge in a car crash. It takes place in the morgue. The not so significant twist is that each lawyer is only allowed to asks three questions of each witness. That would be a big hindrance in real life, but on the show most of the witness interrogations are pretty short, so it doesn’t really matter. The judge’s insurance company is trying to avoid a pay out by claiming the judge was reponsible for his death. It turns out that he was under investigation for taking bribes, and having an affair with his friend’s wife, but he actually died serving to avoid a drunk driver. Well, that was anti-climactic. I hope I never get jury duty on a coroner’s inquest because it would be creepy to spend days sitting in the morgue.

Bring on the Shamrock Dinner: Lockhart-Gardner is invited to the Shamrock Dinner, which is some sort of White Tie event for Chicago VIPs. Will tells Alicia that he will be there. He says he doesn’t want to be wary of her. She agrees that they should be friends again.It’s typically sexual tension filled. In fact, she avoids getting into an elevator with him because she knows she might rip his clothes off. She’s right. She should sleep with him next week when she will be wearing an amazing red evening gown. The episode ends with her leaving for the ball. She claims that the gorgeous gown, that looks worth of a red carpet was 60 percent off. Yeah right.  Who cares. Let Alicia have her couture. This is going to be an amazing party.

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