‘Castle’: Castle and Beckett Are Trapped in a Horror Movie

Stana Katic, Romy Rosemont and Nathan Fillion on "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

The previous episode of “Castle” featured Castle finally meeting his father. It was intense, suspenseful and poignant. This week, the show returned with one of its silliest episodes ever, “Scared to Death.” That’s a compliment. People are dying after watching a mysterious video, similar to the one in the movie “The Ring.” It’s up to Castle and Beckett to figure out whether an evil spirit that lives inside the video or a human is responsible. Three guesses as to who believes that the video is actually killing people.

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Is Castle Marked for Death?

The victim of the week, Val, is a terrified woman who calls 911 saying, “It’s coming for me.” The clock jumps forward several hours, a light flashes, then she drops dead, her face frozen in a scream. Her roommate tells Castle and Beckett that Val had an abusive ex-boyfriend. She recently bought a book on urban legends and a train ticket to Greenwich. The boyfriend claims he went to her apartment because Val invited him. She accused him of sending her a package, then asked him if he believed in the power of evil. In her apartment is a weird video reminiscent of “The Ring.” It ends with a voice saying, “You saw it. On the third day you will die.” Now that he has seen it, Castle is now convinced he will die too. Beckett is, of course, a skeptic. She thinks Val’s killer sent the tape as a threat. Over Castle’s protests, she watches it frame by frame. He worries that they will both be dead in three days.

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Wes Craven to the Rescue

It’s always fun when Castle talks to real-life writers. This week, naturally, he consults horror movie auteur Wes Craven after finding the body of someone else who received the DVD. He pretends he is writing a screenplay and asks how to make the plot make sense. Wes advises him to consider the spirit’s origin story. Castle Tweets images from the disk to his followers. One recognizes an inn where both victims stayed at the same time in 2008. It turns out that both victims stayed there while testifying against a serial killer, Nigel Malloy. However, Nigel is dead, so he couldn’t have sent the videos. His equally insane brother is locked up in an asylum with no way to send packages. But he lets it slip that he knows more than Beckett and Castle told him.

They realize the next witness at the trial is slated to die. He has fled to the horror movie staple: a cabin in the woods. At midnight the lights go out. Beckett spots a figure outside. It tuns out that Val’s roommate is the daughter of someone who was wrongly arrested for Nigel’s crimes, thanks in part to the witnesses identifying him. He killed himself in prison. She sent the tapes so everyone would experience the same terror her father did before she killed them. Then she cut the power to their residences and shot them with a powerful taser that made their hearts stop. That’s all well and good, but the victim’s roommate or assistant always is the killer on this show. Mix it up a little, writers.

The Week’s Top ‘Shipper Moment

After the case is solved, Castle insists on waiting until midnight to have sex because the couple that sleeps together always dies in horror movies. Beckett sees Castle’s bucket list that he wrote three years ago, which he was carrying because of his fear of death. The number one item was “Be With Kate.” It’s adorable. They’re adorable.

“Castle” airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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