Five Things You Need to Know About the Return of ‘Revolution’

"Revolution" (NBC)

The “Revolution” will be televised. That’s what the cast and crew of the hit freshman drama promised on the red carpet before the show’s recent PaleyFest panel. The first ten episodes established the dystopian premise of a world without power, and a United States that has disintegrated into territories led by militias. When the show returns on March 25 , the actual revolution, promised by the show’s title, begins.

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Said showrunner Eric Kripke, “It’s going to be really big and I think really satisfying. I think if people hang in there they’ll see it’s a bigger and better show than the first half of the season.” If you’re not caught up on the first half of the season, now’s your chance. With XFINITY Watchathon Week, you can watch the first 10 episodes of “Revolution” right here on or with XFINITY On Demand.

Here are five things you need to know about spring season of “Revolution.”

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The Reason for the Blackout Will Be Revealed: The central mystery of the show is how and why the worldwide blackout occurred. Not only will the power outage be explained, but it will happen well before the season finale, “As early as episode 113,” according to Kripke. In fact, “Every question that has been asked, at least certainly in the first ten [episodes]… we answer it before the end of the season. And still, allow for a lot more questions and a lot more interesting developments to happen. Why did Rachel slap Miles? What is their history about? We answer that. What are all of their histories and how do they all sort of come together?… Why the power went out? What turned Miles and Monroe against each other? All of it gets answered which is really [great] because it lets you tell the first season of a show like it’s one big movie. Then we have a bunch of other questions and a bunch of other cliffhangers to take you into the next one.”

Start from the beginning: Watch the pilot episode of “Revolution” now:

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It’s a Battle of Good Versus Evil: The fall finale ended with the show’s most villainous character, Monroe, gaining access to electrical power and launching a fleet of helicopters. According to David Lyons, who plays the dastardly Militia leader, “After the face off he had with Miles, he’s lost his sense of reality. He’s lost family. So he’s a man that has a lot of power to wield and doesn’t have the grace nor the emotional stability to wield it well…  It makes him more dangerous because not only that, he’s got access to some hardcore military equipment from the various wars of the past. Technology gives him the ability to rule the world. The ability to fly, the ability to shoot and destroy from a distance is a game changer. “

Added Kripke, “There’s this fight against overwhelming odds because to me all it’s really about is the bad guys, this Monroe republic, has weaponry. They have tanks, they have choppers, it’s just overwhelming odds. The rebels have swords and whatever few guns they could scrounge together. For me it’s not so much is there power, it’s about good guys and bad guys and the good guys are outgunned by the bad guys. How do you fight someone who has power when you don’t have any? And that becomes a really interesting struggle for us.”

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The Show’s Scope Will Expand to Other Nations: The first half of the season took place entirely in the Monroe Republic. The second half will introduce the other nations that exist in what used to be the United States, including the Georgia Republic and the Plains Nation.  Said Lyon, the Georgia president’s “aspirations are a little bit more noble than Monroe’s.” Kripke reveals, “There’s a certain “Game of Thrones” vibe. They all have their leaders. They all have their differences and our heroes need to move and see if they can make allies with some, enemies of others, and it just keeps expanding the scope and focus of the show.”

The Mathesons Will Have More Family Drama Than an Entire Season of “Parenthood”: After a long, arduous journey, the entire Matheson family is finally together. Teens Charlie and Danny must forge a relationship with their mother, Rachel, who they thought was dead.  Said Tracy Spiridakos, who plays Charlie, “Rachel and Charlie have a lot of healing, a lot of damage they really need to try and mend if they’re able to…Charlie and Danny, they’ve both grown up throughout this journey and [Rachel]  left Danny when he was a little boy and [Charlie] was a little girl. Through all these experiences, Charlie’s not the same person that she was when she left and he’s also evolved and grown.” Reluctant hero Miles in the words of his portrayor Billy Burke, “Now the good thing is Miles finds himself with a family he never really thought he would have and denied for so long. You’ll start to see Miles struggle with that and some of the stuff he never wanted to reveal, that soft chewy center, will come out.”


Neville and Jason Have Their Own Family Battle: There’s another family on the show — Monroe’s brutal right hand man Captain Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito), and his son Jason (JD Pardo). Jason is beginning to question the Monroe Doctrine, and is sympathetic to the rebels, thanks in large part to his infatuation with Charlie. They get into a physical confrontation in the spring premiere. Esposito sets up the scenario. “I think Neville will be very impressed by his son’s heart and soul and why they go to battle with each other. But I think in the end, he’s trying to convey that family is everything. ” Adds Pardo, “Jason’s also becoming his own man. He’s starting to see things through his own eyes. And he sees what’s right for him and what’s not right. So a line is drawn between them and he really has to be his own man and stick up for himself.”

“Revolution” Returns with All-New Episodes on Monday, March 25 at 10/9c on NBC.

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