Amazing Andy Dick Dishes on His ‘DWTS’ Cinderella Story: ‘The Shoe Fits!’

Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess on "Dancing with the Stars" (ABC)

Comedian Andy Dick continued his amazing “Dancing with the Stars” success on Monday night with an entertaining routine that had everyone talking. Andy and his pro partner Sharna Burgess did an Alice and Wonderland-themed jazz dance that was beautifully bizarre and thrilled his former Less Than Perfect co-stars in the DWTS audience. And with last week’s foxtrot performance also being well-received, it means former addict Andy is truly season 16’s Cinderella story.

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Here was what Andy and Sharna told backstage after his week two dance:

You did such a bizarre and wonderful routine tonight. Can you describe it?
AD: Sharna’s the one who came up with Queen of Hearts/Mad Hatter [theme]. I love it! So I was very excited that I was going to get to weird it out [and] act a little and it’s jazz so we were allowed to be a little more kooky weird and creepy and strange too. She let me do it. She was the one that came up with [the move with] my head between her legs. It was a blast.

How do you two relate as partners?
AD: I got a text from somebody from [philosopher] Friedrich Nietzsche. I’m paraphrasing, but I’m not kidding: “There must be chaos in the mind to be a great dancer.” And we both have that. We are so all over the place and I’m going to put words in her mouth. I think what she likes about dancing is all that stuff that all that stuff that’s going on in her brain. She can harness that and it comes out in the dance and you can see the energy. I can feel it! I’m right next to her. It’s sometimes frightening but it’s amazing.

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How are you feeling physically?
AD: I’m in hell. I’m sore head to toe. My right foot in particular feels like I injured it. I don’t know. There’s no bruising; it just hurts.

SB: It’s just sore from overuse. But this man can be a drama queen sometimes!

AD: She does say that. But every night I go home and put both my feet on ice and in hot Epsom salt water.

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You were so thin even before the show. Are you losing weight?
AD: I’m getting thinner. I need to eat more protein.

Have you weighed yourself?
AD: No. That’s a good [idea]. I need to go to the gym and weigh myself.

SB: We do try to keep him eating as good food as possible. He eats incredibly healthy. It’s actually really quite fascinating the way he eats. Raw foods. A lot of supplements.

AD: I eat raw meat, like sushi. I’ve been having some steak. We don’t just go in and dance a little bit and go home. You know interval training? I do that for 40 minutes but we’re doing that all day [dancing]. We dance hard for a minute, take a rest. Dance hard for a minute. And we do that five, six, seven, eight hours. It’s the hardest course. It’s great though. I’m afraid I’m just going to balloon up when we’re done.

How many people have contacted you since you’ve been doing so well on DWTS?
AD: Everyone! I call everybody “the woodworks” because all my friends, relatives, co-workers are coming out of the woodwork in a loving, supportive way which I was blind to. I was living in a weird bubble like people don’t like me.

Before DWTS?
AD: Oh, yeah. For three years, I’m like, I’m the bad person. I’m always getting in trouble. I’m the one going to jail. I’m the idiot. I’m the alcoholic. I’m the this; I’m the that. My family has been so supportive. They’ve been here every week. And having the whole cast of “Less Than Perfect” come out [tonight]. I can’t even believe it. They’re still here, waiting to hang out. It’s the best! They were a family to me and I haven’t talked to some of them for years and they were all together and so loving.

Do you feel like the Cinderella of the ballroom?
AD: Yes. I do! And the shoe fits!

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