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"Dallas": Guilt and Innoncence (TNT)

Forget Southfork and Ewing Energy. Ninety percent of this week’s episode of “‘Dallas,” ‘Guilt and Innocence” took place in the hospital. That turned out to make for a pretty dull episode, with precious little wit and wisdom. It’s no coincidence that J.R.’s memory and will was barely a factor. Let’s hope that next week refocuses on the quest for J.R.’s Masterpiece.

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“Darling if there were karma, I’d have been run over, shot, struck by lightning years ago.” – John Ross to Pamela

The prospect of half Ewing, half Barnes twins was delicious. They could each grow up to be loyal to different families. But they were at odds with the television problem of saddling young, bedhopping characters with twins. So it should come as no surprise that very pregnant Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) is the only character seriously injured in the rig explosion.The babies have survived but she has an abdominal aortic aneurysm and there was also a partial placental abruption. The doctor is basically like,”They might have a couple of bruises. Let’s terminate!” She really, really does not want to attempt to save the kids.  Pamela begs Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), who is legally still her husband, not to let the doctor kill her babies. That’s noble. But how will the babies, who are only 20 weeks old, survive if Pamela is dead?  Bobby (Patrick Duffy) finds a way to do the surgery that will save the babies in like five minutes on Google. John Ross assures her in his own unique way  that she in no way brought this fate upon herself, and takes in upon himself to track down her drama queen mother, Afton (Audrey Landers). She is definitely team John Ross (Josh Henderson) because she once had an affair with J.R. She blames Christopher for the explosion. Pamela’s aneurysm starts to rupture.  John Ross and Afton want to save Pamela but Christopher, at Pamela’s request, tells the doctor to save the babies first. At first it seems like the surgery was a success, but then both babies’ hearts stop and they die in utero.  Both Christopher and John Ross watch heartbroken.

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“Just forget you ever knew me.” – Drew to Henchman

Drew is wracked with guilt about the explosion. He confronts Harris’s henchman because the bomb wasn’t supposed to go off while people were on the rig. The henchman claims Drew messed up and advises him to leave town. Emma finds Drew packing. He lies he is just going to Midland to pick up equipment.She notices he is packing way too much. He says she deserves someone better than him. She gives him a pep talk. Which includes sex. Some of her Ryland genes rub off on him because Drew then threatens the henchman saying if he busts Drew, he’ll take him down too.

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“Make sure they give it to me every three hours on the dot. I don’t want to feel any discomfort.” –  Judith to Harris

After her tumble down the stairs, Judith (Judith Light)  is in the hospital. Her main injury is a broken leg. She seems very excited about being given oxycodone, which she demands she receive every three hours. What is it with this family and drugs? Harris (Mitch Pileggi)  is now guiltridden, or pretending to be so, saying bringing Emma (Emma Bell) to Dallas was hubris. He got defensive and angry. He should have apologized to her. She retorts,  “I gave you ample opportunity.” “Give me one more.”She again asks why he fell for Ann. He says, “Because I was weak, like my father.” She tells him if he repairs the rift between her and Emma she’ll give him full partnership. Harris asks Emma to see her. Crafty Judith tells Emma “I’m afraid of your father, too.” She claims she only said bad things about Ann because she was scared. Emma doesn’t fall for her crap. She doesn’t believe that Harris pushed her down the stairs. Judith offers her the company if she takes her back to England. She pretends to fight being given the medication she requested. Emma tells Harris that Judith is out to get him. He sends his mother to a remote, secure rehab facility. Harris thanks Emma for her loyalty.

Texas Has an Environmental Protection Agency?!

An environmental investigator shows up at the hospital to ask questions about the explosion. Christopher looks responsible, He even blames himself, assuming he made some sort of mistake. So Sue Ellen (Linda Grey) calls her old friend Kenny (so old that he’s played by Lee Majors)  who works for TERPAS or CTU or whatever organization handles methane explosions in Texas, and flirts with him until he reveals that a bomb was responsible for the rig blowing up. John Ross, showing some of his Dad’s intelligence, accurately deduces that Cliff blew up the rig. Christopher cant believe he’d do that to his daughter. John Ross realizes Cliff’s goal is too devalue Ewing Energy. Without the methane, the company is worth a lot less.

“I have always loved you. Even when I couldn’t stand to be in the same room as you.” – Bobby to Ann

Surviving the explosion makes Bobby realize that he still loves Ann (Brenda Strong). They reconcile. Then a messenger delivers news about Pam  — the Victoria Principal version. She is one third owner of Barnes. In 1989 she was spotted in Abu Dhabi. Ann says she thought Bobby was done with her. Bobby says, “So did I.” If Principals denials that she is joining  the show are a red herring, that would be amazing.

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