Former ‘Idol’ Gets Second Chance on ‘The Voice’

Jon Peter Lewis on "The Voice" (NBC)

For those “American Idol” contestants who fear their careers are over after getting kicked off the show, they have found redemption in “The Voice.”

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There has often been overlap between the newer music competition and the old show’s rejects. On Tuesday, one early cast-off from season three of “Idol,” then baby-faced Jon Peter Lewis, surfaced as part of a folk duo called Midas Whale. After nine years, his pinchable cheeks have given way to wrinkles and nerd glasses. While co-castmate Jennifer Hudson has won an Oscar, JPL has moved to Idaho.

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But things could be turning around for him, after the duo’s folksy rendition of “Folsom Prison Blues” that got all four coaches on “The Voice” to spin around their chairs. After impassioned pleas from the coaches, Midas Whale chose to work with Adam Levine.

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Adam is building quite a strong team so far, scoring Monday night phenom Judith Hill, and now Midas Whale and Sarah Simmons, a music student from Memphis who also got all four coaches to push their buttons during her raspy, rousing rendition of “One of Us.”

Adam’s always had a way of saying the right thing to the best singers. But that strategy backfires for everybody once it gets to battle rounds and he has to cut half his team. Suddenly, half the best singers on the show are gone. Hopefully, he’ll spread the love a little.

If anyone were to pick up Adam’s scraps, it might be new coach Usher, who is often first to spin around, and most game to take a chance on the performers when he hears something he likes. On Tuesday, he picked up Josiah Hawley, a model who not discreetly showed us his ridiculous abs and smooth shaven chest a couple times. Though Josiah sang “Sunday Morning” it what seemed to be an appeal to Adam, it was Usher’s proclamation that he’d tell Josiah the truth that won him over.

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Shakira got two new contestants. One is a country singer, Tawnya Reynolds, who had her choice of every coach except the country one, Blake Shelton. The other is a Latin singer from the Bronx, Cathia. All but Adam turned around for her, but Cathia went with the obvious and probably best choice for her.

Not surprising that she wouldn’t pick Blake, who kept pointing out that he couldn’t understand her Spanish performance. On Tuesday, Blake, waited too long to spin around for the people he liked, failing to win over any contestants. But as the anti-Adam, maybe that non-strategy will work for him in the end. Get a bunch of mediocre leftovers and one great personality, and he’s got a winner.

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