XFINITY Watchathon Week: ‘Game of Thrones’ Stars Offer Advice on How to Binge Watch Their Show

Rose Leslie, George R.R. Martin and Emilia Clarke (Getty Images)

Preparing to binge watch “Game of Thrones” is a lot like arming yourself for a battle in Westeros:  You must have the appropriate attire, nourishment, and locational advantage (sofa trumps trenches here, folks). And just remember: dragons and direwolves are always welcome.

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In honor of the first two seasons of “Game of Thrones” being available during XFINITY Watchathon Week prior to the March 31 Season 3 premiere, we spoke with several series stars to offer tips for your binge watching plan of attack and share their own binge viewing obsessions. Take a look at their advice below:

From March 25-31, XFINITY TV subscribers can enjoy free access to every episode of this show during Watchathon Week, the biggest-ever TV catch-up in history.

GEORGE R.R. MARTIN (Writer/Co-Executive Producer)
How to Binge Watch “Game of Thrones”: It’s only 10 hours [per season]. You could watch 10 hours on Saturday and 10 hours on Sunday.
What to Snack on While Binging: There is a wonderful book out called The Feast of Ice and Fire, which was done by two women from Boston who have actually prepared a cook book of all the foods mentioned in the [original] books. So you can get The Feast of Ice and Fire and eat the same things they’re eating!
His Binge Watching Obsessions: I watch all sorts of shows. I love “The Big Bang Theory.” I’m a big fan of “Mad Men” and “Homeland” and “Dexter.” I’ve been watching “Spartacus,” which is a pretty wild show. Obviously the people who complain about the sex and violence in our show have never watched “Spartacus. “We are practically “Father Knows Best” compared to “Spartacus.” Watch every season of “Spartacus” during XFINITY Watchathon Week.

Get Started on “Game of Thrones” Now with the First Episode:

How to Binge Watch “Game of Thrones”: Just stop for pizza. Then start it. Then just keep doing only that for a couple of days. It’s good! It works!
Are You Allowed to Take Bathroom Breaks?: Maybe!
The Drink of Choice While Binge Watching: [Joking] It depends on how hungover you are. Maybe you get drunk and hungover during the course of the marathon. I’d start on beer. You just gotta stay in, get warm and watch it.
His Binge Watching Obsessions: “Breaking Bad,” I did that six months ago. “24” was another one that I just re-binge watched. I lost days of my life to that show. I love Jack Bauer. That was the only time where I’ve been really starstruck was when I saw Kiefer Sutherland and I was on Season 5 and was kind of twitching from overdosing on “24” and I saw him on the street and I sort of waved silently at him as we walked past each other and…I was so starstruck, like, I wanna be him!

How to Binge Watch “Game of Thrones”: Make sure it’s a real rainy, rainy, rainy day, and you get yourself all nice and cozy. You close the curtains and get lots of your favorite food and alcohol, and maybe friends who won’t talk while you’re watching, and dim the lights and press play on the button and just sit there and eat your food!
What to Wear While Binge Watching: Oooh, what am I wearing? For Season 1, I might wear a long flowing dress with diamante. And then halfway through I might change into a mini-skirt. The for the first bit of Season 2 I might do pajamas because I think by then we’d have gone into one day covered, so it’d be the middle of the night and I’d be in my pajamas. And maybe I would have a shower and change. Maybe I’d think, I’m gonna get off the sofa and go to the gym, so I might put on some gym-wear, but actually what I’d do is sit on the sofa and keep watching.


How to Binge Watch “Game of Thrones”:  I would say probably watch six [episodes] at a time. It’s gonna be hard, but plop yourself in front of the sofa, get some popcorn. Don’t get too much liquid, otherwise you’re going to be running back and forth to the loo. So just put on your socks, get a rug around you and watch six [episodes] in a row, boom boom boom. Bang it out and that’s it. I think if you watch ten [episodes] your brain might be slightly frazzled. But you know what? It’s so good that you probably could watch ten [episodes] in a row. It’s okay, throw yourself into that world!

How to Binge Watch “Game of Thrones”: Do a full whole season in one day, ‘cause you can’t really stop, can you? Every episode has a cliffhanger. If I went to bed at the end of episode 7…[I wouldn’t]…I’d stay up all night. No bathroom breaks. You’re gonna bring your laptop or TV into the bathroom. You’ll have a mini fridge and you’ll sit there and do your stuff when you need to. I’m not as ladylike as I am on the show!
Her Binge Watching Obsessions Oh my God, I binge watch so bad, like “Geordie Shore,” which is like the British version of “Jersey Shore.” And “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” I’m such a reality TV show freak. Watch full seasons of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” with XFINITY Streampix.

How to Binge Watch “Game of Thrones”: I think this is the only time in my life where I would ever wish the flu upon a fast majority of the people of the earth so that everyone could have a reason not to go to work, legitimately, and sit down with a hot chocolate, or maybe a hot toddy if you’re old enough, and watch the whole thing ‘cause it’s amazing. And it will make you feel so much better about the world, better about illness, better about life, better about your marriage, better about poverty, better about everything. Just stay home and watch it.
What to Wear While Binge Watching: Pajamas. Just stay home and don’t wash. Eat everything. Eat all of the food. Drink all of the wine, or hot chocolate if you’re not old enough. And watch it with someone so you can be like, “Oh this is amazing!”
Her Binge Watching Obsessions: “Breaking Bad” has got me on a leash. And I have to say that nothing gets me quite as passionate as “Game of Thrones.” And “Family Guy.” I love “Family Guy.”

How to Binge Watch “Game of Thrones”: Okay, right. What you need to do is, obviously it would have to be a weekend. So maybe you’ve worked really hard all week and then Friday night maybe you’ve gone out and had a few too many drinks and you’re feeling hungover. The next few days, just stay in and order takeout. And at the end of the day have a nice bath and then start again in the morning. Two days.
Are you taking snack breaks?: No, just [eat] some massive amount [of food]. Maybe Chinese buffet…And then the next night you have Indian.
What to Wear During the Watchathon: Just my pants. Or someone’s pants. Or my Kigu. I’ve got an all-in-one animal outfit and it’s like a disco raccoon. I look like someone that has escaped a mental institution in this outfit, but it’s very comfortable.
Her Binge Watching Obsessions: I came back from Brazil with my band and after being in Brazil, which I recommend everyone go to. After all that sun I was like, [makes exasperated face] and I live on a boat and it’s cold and I was like, “I’m not leaving my boat for a week.” I was so depressed so I watched all of “Homeland.””Homeland” is amazing. I watched in a couple of days. I was so depressed I didn’t want to go outside. It was just raining and cold in London after Rio and sunshine. So I did that. And “The Killing,” the Danish version is amazing as well. I watched both “The Killings” during doing “Game of Thrones,” and I’d go into the trailer and watch an hour which was fantastic. I even bought jumpers like the woman [Sofie Gråbøl], you know she never changes her jumper in “The Killing.” So I’d buy weird jumpers. I’ve now got three weird jumpers all because of this woman. Catch up on “Homeland” during XFINITY Watchathon Week.

How to Binge Watch “Game of Thrones”: With a lot of tissues.
Her Binge Watching Obsessions:I have binged watched “Entourage,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “In Treatment,” and “Breaking Bad.” Throughout that time, I have pretty much been unable to leave the room. Watch every episode of “Entourage” during XFINITY Watchathon Week.
What She Ate While Binge Watching: I ate a protein shake because it gives you all of your nutrients and it is like a milkshake. That is the honest answer.

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The Season 3 premiere of “Game of Thrones” airs on Sunday, March 31 at 9/8c on HBO.

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