‘Idol’ Elimination: Did the Boys Tumble After Their Trainwreck Performance?

Devin Velez is eliminated on "American Idol" (CR: Michael Becker / FOX)

They weren’t kidding about that boys vs. girls thing. On tonight’s “American Idol,” the male species took a lashing, with all three remaining winding up in the bottom three. During results tonight, Ryan Seacrest sent one girl at a time to safety until only Devin Velez, Burnell Taylor and Lazaro Arbos remained.

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It was exactly as Jimmy Iovine had predicted earlier in his recap of the previous night’s performances. Here’s the rundown:

Candice Glover was great. Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur’s duet made Kree look like a pro and Janelle an amateur. Lazaro improved on last week, but he needs to listen to the melody. Janelle redeemed her duet with her great cover, which Jimmy would put on an album. Devin only gets compared to himself by the judges, but when compared to the others, he’s not that great. The trio of Candice, Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb was worthy of making a record tomorrow. Burnell Taylor impressed him. Angie got it wrong and “needs help right now.” Amber was great. The trio of the three boys is a new boy band, called “Wrong Direction.” And Kree has a unique gift in her top register.

All in all, said Jimmy, the boys were going to be in the bottom three, and Lazaro deserved to be sent home.

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He, too, remarked about the boys being in a different league from the women, as he called them. And that segregation follows them everywhere on the show, even in the group sing, this week of “Old Time Rock & Roll” which had only girls singing with girls and boys singing with boys.

But enough about results, because tonight’s show was really an “American Idol” hall of mid-level fame. Three performances in a row took up most of the night. Starting with Colton Dixon, who came to do his latest sing, “Love Has Come for Me.” Colton was introduced by a video package about his success on the Christian charts since last season, and after his performance, Ryan fumbled over whether or not to rehash it all. He ended up with: “Congrats on that tremendous success that we just recapped in that piece a minute ago.” And briskly moved on to introducing Colton to his Season 12 soulmate, Angie.

Next up was OneRepublic doing their new song, “I Lose Myself Tonight,” which “featured” Katharine McPhee, the network traitor. I can’t believe the NBC’s “Smash” star was even allowed on a Fox stage. She even showed up wearing her “Smash” costume: midriff-baring top and vacant look in her eyes. Her voice was surprisingly better than on “Smash” though, and physically she did a little more than her usual standing there and limply raising her arms above her head. So, I guess it is the writing.

Keith Urban rounded out the concert with his single, “Long Hot Summer.” Mariah Carey held a sign for him that said “#1 Keith Fan.” Sentiment is sweet and all, but I really don’t think she’s telling the truth.

Finally, 47 minutes in, we get to the results, and the list of female names, lots of hugs, some shoe drama with Kree, and the sending of Burnell back to safety. So the last two are Devin and Lazaro, which means the world might be about to right itself and get rid of Lazaro finally. Alas, it is Devin who is in last place. He reprises his Perry Como snoozer, “It’s Impossible,” and though the audience is chanting “Save, save, save,” the judges know better than to waste it on someone with a Y chromosome. And so Devin says goodbye.

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