Streampix Flashback: ‘The Event’

Jason Ritter on 'The Event' (Photo: NBC)

When you name your series something like “The Event,” you have to know you’re just asking for trouble. It implies that grand things are going to happen, and raises expectations that this will be the show to end all shows. You could have gone with, say, “Something Else That Happens” or “And Then There’s This.” But no, the creators of this 2010-11 NBC show went straight to “The Event.”

And truth be told, even though it lasted just one season, this series managed to pack a lot of exciting activity into a short amount of time. It was part mystery, part political thriller, part sci fi tale, part action adventure, part romance….the show was like the news out of Capitol Hill every day. If you don’t agree with what you’re seeing and hearing, just wait five minutes because odds are somebody will get around to something you do like.

The show’s premise was not an easy one to explain, but it boiled down to this. The new U.S. President Martinez (Blair Underwood) discovers shortly after getting into office that the government has been hiding a race of aliens in Alaska since the 1940s. They’d crashed on earth, and while some were captured, others managed to escape and assimilate secretly into society. Their earthbound leader, Sophia (Laura Innes), has a mysterious agenda that seems to involve certain moles in the White House. And meanwhile, seemingly unconnected to any of this, a pleasant young man named Sean Walker (Jason Ritter), whose girlfriend vanishes while they were on a Caribbean cruise together.

By the time all these threads were woven together, “The Event” really started to live up to its name. It would have been nice to see it go another year, just to a) figure out exactly what the hell was going on and b) let it all play out from there. Still, the first season had plenty of highlights so for anyone who missed out, here are five key episodes of this show that was done before its time.

Haven’t Told You Everything

This was where it all began, when the president discovered the existence of extraterrestrials looked just like us but were still just slightly different, with much more of an edge to them. Sort of like, say, X Games athletes.

[iframe 580 476]

To Keep Us Safe

The first episode ended with what seemed like about three dozen cliffhangers. This second installment resolved at least four or five of them, giving more insight into what the aliens were up to. And offering up plenty of government intrigue, proving what we’ve assumed all along: politicians really are from another planet.

[iframe 580 476]

Everything Will Change

This was originally designed as a mid-season ending episode, and it unravels as many threads as it sews up. Let’s just say that one of the big reveals here is quite literally out of this world.

[iframe 580 476]


This episode aired neared the end of the season and the plot, like a cup of coffee that’s been sitting on your desk all day, began to seriously thicken. Poisoned presidents. Deadly diseases. A vicious vice president. This one had it all as it set up what was to come in the finale….

[iframe 580 476]


With an episode title like that, it’s clear this wasn’t supposed to be the end but rather a beginning. Nonetheless, this was the season/series finale for “The Event,” and while it wraps up a few storylines, there is this little portal in space that opens up along with a whole new plot that might have been….

[iframe 580 476]

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