‘The Vampire Diaries’: Five Things You Need to Know About This Week’s Episode

"The Vampire Diaries": Candice Accola as Caroline and Joseph Morgan as Klaus (Photo: Annette Brown/The CW)

Tonight, two fan favorites return to the “The Vampire Diaries.” In the Thursday March 28 episode,”American Gothic,” Elena (Nina Dobrev’s)  and Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) search for the cure for vampirism leads them to a small Pennsylvania town where Elena’s doppelganger, Katherine, is hiding. We’ve already seen the episode, which features several surprising moments that people will be tweeting about all night long. Here are five reasons you must watch this week’s episode of TVD.

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Doppelganger Versus Doppelganger: Shortly after arriving in the seemingly idyllic town, Elena and Rebekah discover that Katherine has compelled every single one of the residents. It’s a farm fresh vampire buffet. The two Petrova doppelgangers soon face off.  Katherine is shocked that, now that she’s shed her humanity, vampire Elena is as much of a bad ass as she is. The two of them face off in more than one physical altercation, with Elena initially outwitting and outplaying her foe. Katherine ends up pinned to a table with a kitchen utensil. Of course, Katherine always has a few hundred tricks up her sleeve and soon manages to regain the upper hand.

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The Return of Elijah: The thoughtful, occasionally chivalrous Original Elijah (Daniel Gilles) returns in a most unexpected way. He is working with Katherine on a scheme that involves the cure. We aren’t allowed to reveal why the two have forged an alliance, but it’s definitely a doozy. Elijah reconnects with Elena. Though he’s surprised to see who she has become, his feelings for her have not changed.

The Cure is Finally Located: After weeks of hype, the cure’s location is finally revealed. As everyone suspected, Katherine has it. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) makes a decision about the cure that he comes to regret, while someone else points out to Rebekah that regaining her humanity may not make her happy. By the end of the episode, someone other than Katherine will be in possession of the cure.

The Salvatores Versus Elena: Damon and Stefan (Paul Wesley) are now united in their desire to make Elena take the cure. In fact, Damon even calls the current incarnaiton of Elena a “stone cold bitch.” Watch this clip to find out why.

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They track her down, and join in the battle against Katherine. But each brother has very different long term goals where Elena is concerned. Elena continues to cling to her belief that she is better off without her humanity, and will do whatever it takes to convince both brothers to back off.

Klaus Begs Caroline to Save Him: Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, an injured Klaus reaches out to Caroline.  The nearly invincible hybrid is in agony because Silas stabbed him with the White Oak Stake.  He begs her to remove the splinters from his back. She demands something in return for her help: Klaus must allow Tyler to come home. Though the attraction between them is evident, she continues to deny feeling anything but hatred for him.

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