‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Sarah Chalke Shares Her Real-Life Story

Sarah Chalke on "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)

There has been a serious decline in patient and case quality on “Grey’s Anatomy.” I vividly remember the people who were impaled by a pole and faced certain death, the woman who swallowed dolls, and lots of other cases from the early seasons. Now they are mostly ordinary, realistic cases that could be found in any hospital in America. It’s not that noticeable in episodes that focus on the  doctors, but on an episode like this week’s, “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” which is almost all medical, it’s glaring. Bring back the interesting patients and bizarre scenarios, “Grey’s.”

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Sarah Chalke Relives Her Son’s Medical Drama: There was one powerful medical storyline this week due largely to the performance of Sarah Chalke, in a storyline based on her real life experience with her son. She plays a working class single mother who knows that her son is very ill but can’t get a proper diagnosis. Initially he is diagnosed with strep. But when he gets sicker, she brings him back to the emergency room. She reveals that she has also been to other hospitals in the area only to have her concerns dismissed when the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. An older male attending condescendingly asks her if she’s stressed out, implying that she is insane or has Munchausen’s by proxy. I’d love to see this show tackle how women are still often dismissed by doctors or told they have mental rather than physical problems, in more depth. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) believes her and orders more tests. She shows Meredith the research she has done on possible diseases. She wonders if her son has Kawasaki’s syndrome, which can cause permanent heart damage, but Meredith says he doesn’t have all the symptoms. But then it turns out that the initial strep test was wrong and Meredith realizes he does have Kawasaki’s. Fortunately, they are able to treat him before he suffers heart damage. Chalke has made it her mission to spread the news about this disease, and thanks to “Grey’s,” millions of people now know about it.

Catch Up on Last Week’s Episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”:

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Does Meredith Have the Alzheimers Gene?: Bailey (Chandra Wilson) launches her genome mapping project. Meredith asks her to determine if she will get Alzheimers like her mother.

April Can’t Appreciate a Good Thing: A tanker trunk explosion injures multiple people. April’s paramedic boyfriend Matthew (Justin Bruening) was injured saving a kid, cementing his status as a perfect human being. Jackson (Jesse Williams) has to apply ointment to his ass. April draws a parallel between an injured couple who had been separated for years before reuniting, that she believes the universe kept bringing together, and her and Jackson. She is distraught when the wife dies shortly after giving birth. When April shares  the story with Matthew, asking him of he believes God wants certain people to be together, he misinterprets and tells her he loves her. Hey, April, maybe instead of pining for a guy you treated pretty badly the whole time you were together, you should be grateful that God sent you a really hot guy that meets all of your unusual specifications.

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Callie Does TED: Callie (Sara Ramirez) has been invited to speak at the TED Conference about a cartilage technique. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) thinks her speech is too dry for TED. When Callie is too busy to leave the hospital, she gives the talk via webcam, but improvises a personal speech about drawing parallels between all of the bad things that have happened to her in the past year and cartilage, which holds bones together. I’m sure it’s destined to go viral.

The Interns: Alex continues to be a jerk to Jo’s obstetrician boyfriend because he is jealous. This storyline is about five steps backwards for Alex. He is being so immature that I find it impossible to root for him to get the girl. At Owen’s (Kevin mcKidd) request, Brooks (Tina Majorino) joins Ross (Gaius Charles) on Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) detail. At first, Derek is cold to her because of their past animosity. But eventually her quick reflexes impress shim and he decides to work with her for the rest of the week, sending Ross to do other rotations. He thinks Brooks had a Machiavellian scheme to oust him.

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