‘Castle’ Channels ‘Rear Window’ in 100th Episode

Nathan Fillion in "Castle" (ABC)

This season, “Castle” has answered most of the show’s long burning questions. Beckett finally got closure about her mother’s murder. Castle met his father. Best of all, Castle and Beckett are finally a couple. So for the  one hundredth episode, which airs tonight, April 1, the show decided to celebrate with an hour of pure fun.

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Showrunner Andrew Marlowe explained, “We just came off of a very big two-parter [where Castle met his father] which I’m very proud of… So for the hundredth what we wanted to do is something more like giving a glass of champagne to our audience.” The plot will be familiar to classic film fans. “When [producer] Terri [Miller] and I were looking for an idea, we wanted to use ‘Rear Window’ for a springboard because she and I are both big Hitchcock fans. But you can’t just do an homage. You’ve got to find a way to make it special to the characters and to evolve the storytelling. So we found a way to truly have some fun with Castle and Beckett and get all of our principal cast involved.”

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Seamus Dever (Ryan) revealed a few more details: “[Castle] broke his kneecap going skiing so he’s stuck at home in a wheelchair. So he’s bored. We get to go out and solve a crime. The whole time he imagines that he sees a crime across the street in one of the neighboring apartment buildings. So the whole time he’s spinning on that going all ‘Rear Window.’ He gets to do his best Jimmy Stewart. “

Castle himself, star Nathan Fillion, elaborated: “Being immobilized in this apartment, Castle’s going a little bonkers with boredom. And he starts participating in voyeurism and witnesses something pretty heinous. He’s got a bit of a problem where he’s having a lot of difficulty convincing his friends just to back him up so he’s on his own and he’s going to do it himself.”

Catch Up on the Latest Episode of “Castle”:

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Though the Castle and Beckett dynamic will be front and center, all of the characters will be involved. “[Castle] gets to an isolated place where he starts spiraling downward where his whole world has been abandoned,” Fillion said. “What happens is that Esposito is one of the specific people that come back and get him out of this hole and pull him out. It’s a pretty amazing way that Esposito’s able to pull him out of the hole.”

The cast is thrilled to have reached the 100 episode milestone. Said Fillion, “For me it means a lot because we live in an age where it’s really becoming about you don’t wait until [the episode airs] to watch your shows. You press a button and it’s on demand. This shift right now we’re seeing, we are the last vestiges I believe of network television. So while I’m still here in the system it’s nice to have this.  [One day I’ll say], “Yeah, yeah back  when TV was weekly, back when you had to wait a week to see  the episode, we did 100 of those.

Molly Quinn, who plays Castle’s daughter Alexis, said of the show’s first five years, “This is my childhood. This is my life! Being such a young age and growing up on this show I never understood the gravity of that. It’s overwhelming and I’m so blessed.”

Susan Sullivan  scored the hundred episode hat trick. Her previous series “Falcon Crest” and “Dharma & Greg” also made it to triple digits. She jokingly claimed responsibility for all of the show’s successes, “What was the throughline? Me.” before theorizing about the reason for “Castle’s” longevity. “‘Castle’ deserves to be on the air. With all the sort of murky, dark shows, it’s fun to have something that has a lightness to it.”

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The cast also previewed the rest of the season. “I think that you’re going to get some back story about Lainie and why she’s afraid to make that leap [to a committed relationship], ” said her portrayer Tamala Jones. I had a conversation with Andrew [Marlowe] and that’s where he’s trying to go with the development of that but there’s not going to be that much sneaking around. There’s something else going on with Lainie and Esposito.”

Huertas agreed: ” I say Lainie and Esposito are not going to be absolutely together by the end of the season. I think it would be too weird for every single male cast member and female cast member to be hooked up with somebody. So I think there are probably going to be some obstacles that come in on her side or my side that will force one or the other to confront [the other]: what is this? What are we doing? It’s kind of a questionable relationship You don’t know what it is. “

Of course the romance everybody cares about is Castle and Beckett’s. We’ve got a highlight reel of the duo’s greatest moments.

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Marlowe previewed,  “I think that when you’ve been in a relationship for coming up on a year when you have to ask some tough questions about what comes next and we get to confront those in what we hope is a very emotional finale.”

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