‘Revolution’ Scoop: The Stakes are Raised as Mysteries are Uncovered

"Revolution" (NBC)

After spending the first half of the season on a perilous quest to rescue Danny (Graham Rogers) from the clutches of Monroe (David Lyons), “Revolution” shocked viewers by killing off the teen before we even got to really know him.

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“We wanted to raise the stakes in the second half of the season,” co-executive Producer David Rambo told XfinityTV.com at a press event for the NBC series at WonderCon. “We wanted the fight against Monroe to become much more personal than it already was for all of who we call our heroes — Miles [Billy Burke] and Charlie [Tracy Spiridakos] and the people around them. We talked about a lot of different ways to do that. The one that seemed to have the biggest bang for the buck in that moment was to kill Danny and remind the audience that this is a very, very unsafe world.”

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The repercussions of Danny’s death begin in tonight’s episode when Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) begins her search for a power source in order to get revenge for her son’s death. She is especially ruthless because she gave up the secret to turning the power back on in order to save his life, and it turned out that it had the opposite result.

“Her grief is at a level where she is a completely loose cannon,” Mitchell says. “I imagine it is because she just wants to die. I don’t think there is any worse thing [than losing a child]. Now, it is about making sure her daughter is all right and getting revenge.”

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One thing that won’t be immediately revealed is the significance of the mysterious capsule that Rachel removed from Danny’s body following his death. Rambo said he was under strict orders not to reveal anything, but Mitchell did tease it, saying, “In that capsule is the kernel of what this whole thing is, which we completely tell everybody in two episodes. They want that to be as much of a surprise as possible because it is a good one. It is incredibly possible, which I liked, and different than I thought.”

While Zak Orth, who plays Aaron Pittman, shared, “That capsule is not a one-trick pony in terms of mythology and gadgetry of the show. It is a pretty remarkable little thing. It has something to do with Rachel being forced to finally tell Aaron what’s going on, or what she knows about what’s going on, and forces him to realize that he may have some actual involvement in the blackout itself.”

In last week’s episode, for viewers who watched closely, it was obvious that despite Miles’ interest in Nora (Daniella Alonso), there is also something going on between him and Rachel. In the clips played at WonderCon, the audience did see a kiss between the two.

“There is something there. You get that feeling that you’re not quite sure if she is going to kiss him or hit him really hard,” Mitchell says, but even though she doesn’t feel that Rachel is necessarily a good person, she does acknowledge the girl code when it comes to not taking another woman’s man. “That is why I am happy she keeps saying no, right? Because otherwise that would make her not great. That’s against the rules. Besides, Nora’s awesome.”

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All that Burke would comment on the subject was: “It gets dicey. People have emotions. Like I said at panel, people need to make babies in the future.” The latter in reference to the fact that 80 percent of the world’s population died as a result of the power going off.

But the kiss between Miles and Rachel also brings up the possibility of a previous relationship that could mean that Charley and/or Danny might actually be Miles’ offspring.

“That’s a great question. I’ve asked that but they haven’t answered, so I can’t even tease. I ask that all the time,” Mitchell shares. With Burke adding, “Miles has no children that he knows of.”

What Burke did feel free to reveal is that he was initially cast in the role of Monroe, not Miles.

“After we had already shot a Bass scene, I got a call from [executive producer Eric] Kripke saying, ‘I think you will find this good news.’ He literally said just that. He goes, ‘We would love it if you would play Miles.'”

The “Revolution” cast is filming the Season 1 finale this week, so they already know why the power was turned off, but, of course, they aren’t saying.

What Rambo would tell us about the second half of the season is: “It gets both bigger and it gets smaller. It gets bigger in terms of scope, action and battles and things like that. It gets more intense and smaller in terms of what the family interactions are. And by family, I mean not the Mathesons. Miles and Monroe are a kind of family. There’s a lot of intensity between them coming up. There’s another face-to-face encounter with the two of them. It doesn’t go the way that anyone will expect it will. The Neville family is also going to find that they’re really challenged. Relationships are going to start changing.”

“Revolution” airs Monday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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