‘Castle’ Celebrates 100 Episodes with a Hitchcockian Twist Ending

Nathan Fillion in "Castle" (ABC)

Showrunner Andrew Marlowe  promised that the one hundreth episode of “Castle” would be like a glass of champagne for longtime fans. “The Lives of Others” lived up to its billing, with a “Rear Window” inspired plot that culminated in a twist that was both surprising and absolutely adorable. Here’s to 100 more mysteries, Castle.

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Worst Birthday Ever: Castle (Nathan Fillion) finds himself stuck in his apartment, confined to a wheelchair after breaking his kneecap while skiing. Worst of all, he had to cancel the birthday trip to Bora Bora that he planned to take with Beckett (Stana Katic). Alexis (Molly Quinn)  gave him a pair of binoculars as an early present. Ryan and Esposito joke about him going “Rear Window” as they head to a crime scene, leaving him alone.

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Castle plays with a radio controlled helicopter until it crashes. Bored, he picks up the binoculars and starts spying on the apartment building across the way.  He thinks he sees a man catch his girlfriend with her lover, but she manages to get her clothes on, and the lover sneaks out without being discovered. But he leaves his hat behind. Later Castle sees the man takes a knife and head into the bedroom.Castle is convinced the man murdered his girlfriend. Ryan searches the apartment but finds nothing The man says tells him that they broke up and she moved out. Ryan even talks to her on the phone to verify that she is all right.

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Castle chalks it up to his overactive imagination until he sees the husband bring a tarp and a rope into his room then come out and wash his bloody hands. Then he thinks he sees him dragging the body out in a rug. He tries to videotape it but he can’t get the camera focused in time. The man strips down, puts on a weird mask and red kitchen gloves. Maybe he’s making a Harlem Shake video. But then he appears to be disposing of the woman’s belongings including her purse.

Castle, who can walk with crutches, decides to break in to the apartment, and take  the contents of the man’s shredder, with Alexis keeping watch. In the apartment, Castle can’t resist going into the bedroom which has a stripped bed, and a closet filled with bleach and paint. There also appear to be blood stains. He loses his balance and lands on his back as the man comes home. Castle hides under the bed while the man talks on the phone about moving “it”to a boat. The man leaves. Castle gets the contents of the shredder. He finds an invoice from a 24 hour storage facility from the previous night.

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The boyfriend shows up at the apartment. Castle persuades Beckett to talk to him as he leaves the building. He has been texting the woman but hasn’t heard back in days. Castle decides to break into the storage unit. There, he finds the rug. There is not a body inside. The duffel bags in the unit contain only clothes and wigs.  A security guard catches them. Captain Gates  (Penny Johnson Jerald) is ticked off that two of her employees just broke the law. She talked to the man and learned that the girlfriend asked him to rent the space, and the bleach was for cleaning mold.

The Best Birthday Ever: Beckett puts on a beautiful dress for Castle’s  birthday dinner. Castle is now convinced that the woman’s body is in the man’s refrigerator.  He wants to skip the dinner. He’s pretty unhinged.  Beckett, frustrated, says she’s going across the street to open the refrigerator,and prove once and for all that no murder took place As Castle watches through his binoculars,  the man grabs her and holds a knife to her. He calls the cops and goes across the street. With Ryan and Esposito’s help, they break in. Watch what the clip and find out what’s actually happening.

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It’s a surprise party. The “murderer”, the girlfriend and the boyfriend are all there along with all of Castle’s friends and family. Beckett staged the entire crime to give Castle something to do while he was recuperating. It’s a great twist, and a nod to April fool’s Day. Castle is initially stunned that his girlfriend deliberately drove him crazy. Then upon further thought, he says it’s the greatest birthday gift of his life. The murderer, the girlfriend and the lover are all Martha’s acting students. Alexis bought him the binoculars knowing that eventually he would be tempted to start spying.

This is why Castle and Beckett are such a great couple. They actually understand each other and enjoy making the other person happy. The reason why the show has made it to 100 episodes, instead of fizzling after the “sexual tension” couple got together is because their relationship doesn’t depend on tension. They are actually more fun together than they were apart. It’s nice to watch a couple where viewers can sincerely think, “I wish I were in a relationship like that.” Okay, maybe that’s just me.

The Happy Ending: Castle and Beckett return to his apartment for a private celebration. As they toast, Castle wonders how many murders they have solved. In a nice meta moment Beckett says, “Maybe 100” Castle says,  “Here’s to 100 more.” He says nobody ever did anything for him as spectacular as staging a murder. He will have to find a way to top it.

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