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'Star Trek: The Next Generation' (Paramount Home Entertainment)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The epic sci-fi adventure continues as the latest high-definition collections of the celebrated series, ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation‘ – The Fourth Season Blu-ray and ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation – Redemption’ Blu-ray (including Ultraviolet download or stream) arrive July 30 from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution.  Featuring painstaking restorations of the beloved series’ episodes, both sets are also packed with must-see special features that delve into the inception and creation of some of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s most unforgettable moments. From the season premiere – the epic conclusion of the two-part cliffhanger “The Best Of Both Worlds” – to its thrilling finale “Redemption” Part 1, ‘Star Trek : The Next Generation’ Season 4′ is distinguished as one of the most favored amongst fans. In addition to all-new commentary tracks on select episodes with some of the franchise’s biggest names including writers Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga, and director Rob Bowman, the collection also includes brand new special features exclusive to the release including never-before-released deleted scenes.  With “RELATIVITY: The Family Saga of Star Trek – The Next Generation,” fans will uncover special insight into particular challenges facing the production of the fourth season.  This multi-part documentary focuses on the series’ evolution after its critically acclaimed third season turned the show into a crossover hit, while also giving viewers a special look into the personal relationships and family bonds of the crew of the Enterprise with key episodes such as “Reunion” and “Brothers.” Also, “In Conversation: The Art Department” special feature offers unprecedented insight into the creation of some of the series’ most iconic designs through interviews with production designer Herman Zimmerman, illustrator Doug Drexler, illustrator and technical consultant Rick Sternbach, scenic art supervisor Michael Okuda, scenic artist Denise Okuda and FX maestro Dan Curry, each revealing fascinating background into how the series cemented the look of the 24th century. Buy the Season 4 Blu-ray and the Redemption Blu-ray.

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation

The $355+ million worldwide blockbuster ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘ is now available on Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD and On Demand. From Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ also stars action legend Bruce Willis as the original G.I. JOE, as well as Adrianne Palicki, D.J. Cotrona and Jonathan Pryce.  In director Jon M. Chu’s heart-pounding thrill ride, the  G.I. JOE team not only faces off against its mortal enemy Cobra, it is also forced to contend with threats from within the government that jeopardize its very existence. The Blu-ray/DVD combo pack with UltraViolet comes fully loaded with declassified special features that take viewers behind the lines to explore the action and the characters, what it took to bring the film to life and more. The film will also be available in a Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD combo pack or as a single disc DVD. In addition, both the Blu-ray/DVD and Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD combos include a limited time offer to receive a free set of personalized dog tags.  Consumers can visit a dedicated website and enter their unique code along with personal information to receive their own high-quality, collectible dog tags (see insert for complete details). The Blu-ray releases available for purchase will be enabled with UltraViolet, a new way to collect, access and enjoy movies.  With UltraViolet, consumers can add movies to their digital collection in the cloud, and then stream or download them – reliably and securely – to a variety of devices. Buy the 3D Blu-ray combo pack right here.


Suspenseful and highly entertaining, the new Cinemax series ‘Banshee‘ follows an ex-con who assumes the identity of the sheriff of a small town where he continues his criminal activities, even as he’s hunted by the shadowy gangsters he betrayed years earlier. Banshee: The Complete First Season is now available on Blu-ray with Digital Copy, DVD and Digital Download and features extensive extra features. Season 1 of the series begins with a bizarre twist of fate as a recently paroled master thief assumes the identity of Lucas Hood, sheriff-in-waiting of Banshee, Pa., the same town where his former partner and lover Carrie relocated and remarried years ago. Keeping his history a secret as he awaits forged papers from an old associate, Lucas befriends boxer-turned-bartender Sugar Bates and settles into his new life. Itching for the thrill of thievery and yearning for Carrie, Lucas inadvertently gets tangled up in the rampant corruption of shunned Amish gangster Kai Proctor while keeping a vigilant eye out for Mr. Rabbit, the New York mob boss who wants revenge against Lucas and Carrie for the jewel heist that landed Lucas in prison. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

Midsomer Murders

Now in original U.K. broadcast order and available in collectible, repackaged individual series sets with SDH subtitles, ‘Midsomer Murders,’ Series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 arrive to DVD from Acorn on July 30, 2013 ($59.99 each set, The English village mystery gets a contemporary spin in this hit British television series that has earned a worldwide following. Bucolic settings harbor macabre crimes and eccentric characters that are no match for nice-guy detective Tom Barnaby (John Nettles, Bergerac) and his eager assistant, Sergeant Troy (Daniel Casey, The Wingless Bird). Midsomer Murders, Acorn’s bestselling series, premiered in the U.K. in 1997 and more than ninety feature-length episodes have aired with new episodes still in production. SERIES ONE: DVD 3-Disc Set – 5 mysteries – Approx. 529 min.  –  Previously released in Set 5 MYSTERIES: The Killings at Badger’s Drift, Written in Blood, Death of a Hollow Man, Faithful Unto Death, Death in Disguise. Guest stars include Emily Mortimer, Jonathan Firth, Elizabeth Spriggs, Anna Massey, Joanna David, Bernard Hepton, Julian Glover, and Nicholas Le Prevost. Buy the Series 1 DVD right here.

Touched by an Angel

Touched By An Angel‘ follows the inspirational adventures of Monica (Roma Downey), a young earthbound angel, and her down-to-earth supervisor, Tess (Della Reese) as they inspire others to change their lives for the better in the face of adversity. Working alongside Monica is caseworker and angel of death, Andrew (John Dye), and new trainee angel Gloria (Valerie Bertinelli). Experience the enriching inspiration within every episode on this 6-disc collection. Buy the Season 8 DVD right here.

The Angry Beavers

Watch Out, World! Here Come Norbert Foster And Daggett Doofus Beaver! When twin beavers Norbert and Daggett leave their home for a house on a lake and begin living the lifestyle of wild and crazy bachelors, hilarity and chronic dishevelment is bound to ensue…And while living on a lake in the middle of nowhere sounds tranquil enough, the Beavers have a knack for getting into some very odd situations. Dag and Norb encounter everything from wacko government scientists and a swamp witch to the dreaded stinky toe and even evil mind-controlling pond scum. Featuring all 62 episodes from seasons 1-4, ‘The Angry Beavers: Complete Series Collection‘ delivers loads of mirthful madness in the marsh. Buy the complete series DVD right here.

Teen Beach Movie

Disney Channel has unleashed Seacat, Giggles, Rascal, Lugnut, Struts, Butchy, Cheechee, Tanner, Lela, Brady and Mack with the DVD release of  ‘Teen Beach Movie,’ an exuberant song, sand and surf fest set inside a retro beach party movie. The storyline depicts how 1960s sensibilities motivate a modern girl to affirm her capability, strengths and goals. Made for kids age 6-14 and their families, the summer splash includes event telecasts, a soundtrack from Walt Disney Records in stores nationwide, licensed product spanning apparel, home décor, fashion dolls, bedding, lunch kits, stationery/school supplies and more available at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Kohls, Kmart, Disney Stores and other retailers, a junior novel and e-book, themed stickers, frames and filters in the brand new Disney Channel Photo Finish app, a 10-city “Teen Beach Movie Beach Party” event tour at Simon Malls, “Teen Beach Movie” activities and prizes at Radio Disney events across the U.S., seven-foot “Teen Beach Movie”-branded beach balls at One Direction and R5 concerts across the U.S. ‘Teen Beach Movie’ introduces confident, resilient surfer McKenzie and her carefree boyfriend, Brady, a fan of the retro surf musical movie, “Wet Side Story.” On the morning of McKenzie’s planned departure for boarding school, she and Brady catch one last epic wave which mysteriously carries them right into “Wet Side Story,” circa 1962, where they meet Seacat, Giggles, Rascal and Cheechee, among others. Amidst the spontaneous song and dance, there’s trouble in paradise — it’s bikers versus surfers for control of the local hangout, but Mack and Brady unwittingly interfere with the movie’s star-crossed plot, one that would pair a surfer (teen matinee idol Tanner) and a biker (Lela, the sister of Butchy, the biker gang’s leader). Typical of the teen beach movie genre, a kooky subplot has mad scientists Les Camembert and Dr. Fusion scheming to alter weather patterns and take over the local hangout — and then the world. Directed by Jeffrey Hornaday (Disney Channel’s “Geek Charming,” choreographer of “A Chorus Line,” “Flashdance”) and choreographed by Hornaday and Christopher Scott (“Lemonade Mouth,” “Step Up 4”), the movie includes retro hairstyles and make-up (by Loida Jeannot and Dominique Borrell, respectively), richly-hued vintage wardrobe designed by Oscar nominee Ruth Carter (“Amistad,” “Malcolm X”) and other inspirations of the ’60s. The score is by David Lawrence (“High School Musical”). The production design is by Mark Hofeling (“High School Musical”). Buy the DVD right here.

Bus Stop

Marilyn Monroe gives an acclaimed performance in the romantic classic ‘Bus Stop,’ directed by Joshua Logan that features Don Murray in his Oscar-Nominated role! When Bo (Murray) a naive rodeo rider, meets saloon performer Cherie (Monroe), he falls head over boots in love. After he literally lassoes Cherie onto a bus headed for Montana, where he plans to marry her, Cherie escapes off the bus – smack in the middle of a snowstorm. But if Bo can learn to reign in his emotions, he might convince Cherie to warm up to him in this rewarding film. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Black Rock

A girls-only weekend getaway to a remote island from their childhood turns into a fight for survival in the heart-racing thriller, ‘Black Rock,’ now available on on Blu-ray disc and DVD. Directed by and starring Katie Aselton (TV’s “The League,” The Puffy Chair), the indie thriller also stars Lake Bell (No Strings Attached, It’s Complicated, What Happens In Vegas) and Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns, Straw Dogs, Blue Crush). Three childhood friends, Sarah (Bosworth), Abby (Aselton) and Lou (Bell), get together for a private campout at an iconic setting from their childhood, an empty island off the coast of Maine, to renew their bond of sisterhood.  The trio, however, quickly finds themselves in a fight for their lives. After meeting three men who have come to the island for a hunting trip, a night of drinking spirals into a tragic accident, and the ladies soon become the target. What first started as a simple play date to recall old times is now a race for survival. The Blu-ray and DVD bonus materials include an audio commentary with director/actress Katie Aselton and actress Lake Bell plus a look at the movie’s thrilling score and a “making of” featurette. Buy the Blu-ray right here.


Billy (Josh Henderson) and Sarah (Haley Webb), two deliquent teenage lovers from the suburbs of Los Angeles travel to a small southern town to falsely claim a dead friend’s inheritance in the new movie ‘Rushlights.’ The two teens wind up in a nightmare of greed and betrayal when confronted with the twisted and bizarre underworld of  Tremo, TX. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Under the Bed

Every child knows about the monster under the bed—Neal Hausman’s mistake was trying to fight it. Neal (Jonny Weston, Chasing Mavericks) has returned from a two-year exile following his tragic attempt to defeat the monster, only to find his father ticking ever closer to a breakdown, a new stepmother who fears him, and his little brother Paul (Gattlin Griffith, Green Lantern, Changeling), terrorized by the same monster. While Neal and Paul work together to try and fight the nocturnal menace, their parents are taking desperate measures to get the family back to normal. With no support from their parents, the brothers have nothing to rely on but each other, and courage beyond belief. Buy the Bu-ray right here.

Justice League Flashpoint Paradox

The world is turned upside down as one of earth’s greatest super heroes – Flash – wakes up devoid of his super powers in the all-new ‘Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox’ – the next entry in the popular, ongoing series of DC Universe Original Animated Movies. When time travel allows a past wrong to be righted for Flash and his family, the event’s temporal ripples prove disastrous, creating a fractured, alternate reality where the Justice League never formed, and even Superman is nowhere to be found. Amidst a new world being ravaged by a fierce war between Wonder Woman’s Amazons and Aquaman’s Atlanteans, Flash must team with a grittier, more violent Batman and government agent Cyborg to restore the continuity of Flash’s original timeline. ‘Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox’ has all the elements of another great film – dynamic forceful villains, treacherous twists and turns and internal tensions amongst heroes,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Warner Home Video Vice President, Family, Animation and Partner Brands Marketing. “Showcasing a cast that brings together some of today’s popular primetime television actors with many fans’ favorite voices from the original series, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is proud to release this title as the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie.” Primetime television stars Justin Chambers (Grey’s Anatomy) and Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy), the voices of Barry Allen/Flash and Thomas Wayne/Batman, respectively, unite with numerous greats of television and film to fashion the famed animated roles. Adding to the celebrity-laden voice cast and providing thrilling additions to the Justice League series are Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale, Friday Night Lights, Chronicle) as Cyborg, C. Thomas Howell (Southland, The Outsiders) as Thawne/Professor Zoom, Nathan Fillion (Castle) as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Ron Perlman (Hellboy) as Slade and Deathstroke, Dana Delany (Body of Proof) as Lois Lane, Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) as Aquaman, Danny Huston (Magic City) as General Lane, Sam Daly (The Office, The Daly Show) as Superman, and Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series) as Batman. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.


Marilyn Monroe sizzles in the tense, masterful thriller ‘Niagara.’ While the seductive Rose Loomis (Monroe) and her husband George (Joseph Cotten) vacation in a charming guest cabin at spectacular Niagara Falls, Rose and her lover plot to kill George. But things go terribly wrong, and soon, an innocent honeymooning couple find themselves swept up in the crime.Buy the 60th Anniversary Blu-ray right here.


Writer/Director Thom Fitzgerald’s (3 Needles, The Hanging Garden) award-winning romantic road movie ‘Cloudburst‘ is now available on DVD. Academy Award winners Olympia Dukakis (Best Supporting Actress, Moonstruck, 1987) and Brenda Fricker (Best Supporting Actress, My Left Foot, 1989) star as a lesbian couple who escape from their nursing home and head up to Canada to get married and while on the road, pick up a young hitchhiker (Ryan Doucette) with his own issues. With equal parts humor and grace,Cloudburst’ explores the important themes of life, death and love through the eyes of this oddball trio. The film also stars Kristin Booth (TV’s “The Kennedys”), Jeremy Akerman (Hobo with a Shotgun, Amelia) and John Dunsworth (Trailer Park Boys franchise). ‘Cloudburst’ has received numerous awards and acclaim on the film festival circuit, including Best Screenplay and the People’s Choice Award for Best Film of the Festival at the Atlantic Film Festival, Grand Jury Peach Prize for Best Feature at the Atlanta Film Festival, Best Actress in a Feature (Olympia Dukakis) at FilmOut San Diego, Audience Award for Best Film at Frameline San Francisco, Best of the Fest Selection at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and Audience Awards at the Philadelphia QFest, QFest St. Louis, OutTakes New Zealand, North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Sacramento International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Out on Film Atlanta, MIX Copenhagen, Perlen Queer Film Festival, Spokane Film Festival and Shout Queer Film Festival. Stella and Dot (Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker) are an aging couple who escape from a nursing home in Maine and drive to Nova Scotia on a quest to be legally married. Stella and Dot have been together for 31 years and have faithfully accompanied one another through life’s ups and downs. Now in their seventies, Stella is hard of hearing and Dot is legally blind. Dotty’s prudish granddaughter, Molly (Kristin Booth), decides the best place for Dot is a nursing home that will provide all the necessities. This forces Stella and Dot to make a bold decision: they will leave their hometown and make their way to Canada, where same-sex marriage is legal. It’s a last-gasp bid to stay together. En route to Canada, they pick up a young hitchhiker, Prentice (Ryan Doucette). A small-town boy turned modern dancer, he is returning to Nova Scotia to visit his dying mother. Despite his bravado, Prentice is a confused and wounded soul who has much to learn from Stella and Dot as they wage their own unexpected battle – after three decades, can they keep their family together? Buy the DVD right here.

Blaze You Out

An unyielding young woman ventures into the ruthless underworld of a town’s heroin trade in order to save her younger sister’s life in ‘Blaze You Out,’ now available on DVD, Digital Download and Video on Demand. Veronica Diaz Carranza (TV’s Walkout), Raoul Trujillo (HBO’s “True Blood”) and Elizabeth Peña (Transamerica) star in this gripping urban thriller. Lupe, a strong-willed aspiring DJ, and her younger sister Alicia live in a community suffocated by generations of heroin use.  When Alicia witnesses her boyfriend’s murder and disappears without a trace, Lupe braves the town’s dangerous underworld to find her.  She quickly discovers that in order to save the person that matters most, she must harness the power that exists within and not stop until her sister is home safe. Buy the DVD right here.

Filly Brown

The legendary Latin Grammy nominee Jenni Rivera (“La Diva En Vivo”) stars in her final on-screen performance with the release of the musical drama ‘Filly Brown’ on Blu-ray and DVD. The bold and heartening film follows a promising hip-hop artist from Los Angeles who finds herself in a moral dilemma when a record producer offers her a once in a lifetime shot at stardom. The uplifting coming-of-age story also features an exceptional cast, including Golden Globe nominee Lou Diamond Phillips (Stand and Deliver), Academy Award nominee Edward James Olmos (Stand and Deliver) and Gina Rodriguez in her electrifying breakout role. Filly Brown is a young aspiring hip-hop artist striving to find her voice and seize her dreams without compromise, but with a mother (Rivera) in jail and a father (Diamond Phillips) struggling to provide for his daughters, she knows a record contract could be the ticket to her family’s financial problems, regardless of the consequences. When a record producer offers her a shot at stardom, she is suddenly faced with the prospect of losing both her authenticity as an artist and the friends who helped her reach the cusp of success, in order to save her family. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Love Me Tender

Moviegoers were introduced to Elvis Presley in the film ‘Love Me Tender,’ set during the dying hours of the Civil War. Elvis sings four songs, including the title song. The year is 1865, and the three Confederate Reno brothers don’t know the war has ended. They manage to steal a Union Army payroll, and head for home with the money. While Vance (Richard Egan) can think only of the love of his life, Cathy (Debra Paget), it turns out that the brothers h ave been reported dead, and Cathy has married their youngest brother Clint (Elvis Presley). Vance accepts this until he learns that Cathy still loves him. To complicate things, the U.S. Army knows of the brothers’ theft and is hunting them down. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

The Magic School Bus

Take a fun and education-filled road trip this summer with Ms. Frizzle and her incredible bus, as everyone’s favorite teacher makes learning exciting with two all-new DVD releases: ‘The Magic School Bus: Revving Up’ and ‘The Magic School Bus: In a Pickle,’ now available on DVD. Explore everything from the smallest cell to the largest galaxy in twelve never-before-available episodes of the Emmy Award-winning TV series in ‘The Magic School Bus: Revving Up.’ Each of the three discs in the set – “Under Construction,” “Getting Energized” and “Cracks a Yolk” – contains three new episodes running the gamut from computers and electricity to city critters and desert adaptation. And each DVD also contains a special bonus episode adding up to more than four-and-a-half hours of Frizz-tastic fun. Ever wonder what’s behind a peculiar smell? Viewers who hop aboard the bus for “In a Pickle” are sure to find out across four never-before-released episodes including the title episode about microbes, along with “Meets Molly Cule,” “Makes a Stink” about smell and “Meets the Rot Squad” which covers decomposition. Grab a seat and hang on in these all-new releases from the best-selling DVD franchise of the longest-running science series for kids to ever air on television. Buy the Revving Up and In a Pickle DVD.

July 2 Releases

'The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis' (Shout Factory)

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis ignited one of the many loves of American television: stories about teenagers.  Dobie Gillis was a typically indecisive young man who continually set out on hopeless quests for popularity, money, and the attention of beautiful girls, all while trying to make his parents happy. Created and written by humorist Max Shulman and adapted from Shulman’s celebrated collection of short stories, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis premiered on CBS in 1959 and was a counter-culture hit throughout all four years of its network run. Starring Dwayne Hickman, Bob Denver, Frank Faylen, Florida Friebus, Tuesday Weld, Warren Beatty and Sheila James, this timeless show triggered a sea change in sitcoms and dramas, which would focus on the hopes, dreams and angst of teenagers for decades to come. Buy the complete series DVD right here.

The Best of Warner Bros. 20 Film Collection: Comedy

Don’t miss these 20 unforgettable comedies on 20 discs:

1.    A Night at the Opera (1935) – The Marx Brothers reached their zenith in this satire on the world of opera, featuring riotous gags and glorious music. Allan Jones, Margaret Dumont star.
2.    Stage Door (1937) – The Ferber-Kaufman classic about young actresses in a theatrical rooming house, filmed with a superb cast. Katharine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers star.
3.    Bringing Up Baby (1938) – Howard Hawks’ delightful tale about an heiress (Katharine Hepburn), a zoologist (Cary Grant), a dinosaur skeleton and a tame leopard named Baby.
4.    The Philadelphia Story (1940) – Delightful comedy of manners about the exclusive wedding of a divorced society woman (Katharine Hepburn). Cary Grant, James Stewart, Ruth Hussey, and John Howard star.
5.    Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) – The raucous romp about murder, homemade wine and the bizarre Brewster clan. Cary Grant, Raymond Massey, Josephine Hull, John Alexander, and Jean Adair star.
6.    The Long, Long Trailer (1954) – Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as a honeymooning couple in a “home on wheels” that turns into a nightmare.
7.    The Great Race (1965) – Blake Edwards directed this farce, with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon as rivals in a 1908 road race from New York to Paris. Natalie Wood, Peter Falk, and Keenan Wynn star.
8.    Blazing Saddles (1974) – Mel Brooks’ send-up of Hollywood Westerns. Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn star.
9.    The In-Laws (1979) – Peter Falk and Alan Arkin run from both thugs and the law in a frenetic farce directed by Arthur Hiller. Richard Libertini, Nancy Dussault, Penny Peyser, and Michael Lembeck star.
10.  Caddyshack (1980) – “Slob” humor and high jinks on the links at a posh country club. Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and Michael O’Keefe star.
11.  National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983) – Chevy Chase packs up his family for a summer holiday. Beverly D’Angelo and Imogene Coca also star.
12.  Risky Business (1983) – A teenager (Tom Cruise) turns his house into a brothel while his parents are away in this sharp comedy highlighted by Cruise’s star-making performance. Rebecca De Mornay also stars.
13.  The Goonies (1985) – Richard Donner directed this Steven Spielberg story about kids searching for buried treasure. Sean Astin and Josh Brolin star.
14.  Spies Like Us (1985) – Director John Landis teams Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd as inept agents on a top-secret mission. Steve Forrest and Donna Dixon also star.
15.  Beetlejuice (1988) – Michael Keaton as a “bio-exorcist” hired by a newly deceased couple to rid their home of some obnoxious pests—the new owners. Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis also star.
16.  Grumpy Old Men (1993) – Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are paired as longtime rivals competing for the attentions of an alluring new neighbor (Ann-Margret).
17.  Ace Ventura Pet Detective (1994) – Jim Carrey milks laughs from a one-joke premise in his star-making vehicle about a sleuth searching for a football team’s missing mascot—a 500-lb. dolphin.
18.  Analyze This (1999) – A psychiatrist (Billy Crystal) treats an anxiety-ridden New York mob boss (Robert De Niro) in Harold Ramis’s mostly clever satire of mob movies. Crystal and De Niro give inspired performances.
19.  Wedding Crashers: Uncorked Edition (2005) – Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are a comic blast as a pair of engaging Lotharios who sneak into wedding receptions to meet women. Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher also star.
20.  The Hangover (2009) – Three groomsmen (Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper) awaken after a night of debauchery to learn that the groom is missing, and they attempt to find him before the wedding bells chime. Buy the set right here.

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Now you can enjoy the complete fourth season (airing 1964-1965), of ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show,’ all 32 episodes in their entirety and in spectacular high-definition – direct from the 35mm negatives. Be there as Laura gets her toe caught in a bath spout in the unforgettable episode “Never Bathe on a Saturday,” a sleep-deprived Rob tries to stay awake during his job interview with Alan Brady in “100 Terrible Hours” and Don Rickles is a klutzy thief who tries to rob the Petries in a stalled elevator in “4 1/2 ” then enlists them to entertain in The Alan Brady Show Goes to Jail. The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Complete Fourth Season is loaded with Blu-rayTM exclusives including: TV Academy tribute to Carl Reiner featuring Dick Van Dyke, Ray Romano and Brad Garrett, Rose Marie, Larry Mathews and more, Mary Tyler Moore’s appearance on “The Danny Kaye Show.” Also included are audio commentaries with Carl Reiner, Dick Van Dyke and Garry Marshall, Emmy Award telecast clip featuring the cast, original network promo spots, and more. Buy the Season 4 Blu-ray right here.


Featuring compelling characters, an outstanding ensemble cast, and complex, haunting mysteries, ‘Falcón’ is now available on DVD. The critically acclaimed new crime series stars Marton Csokas (The Lord of the Rings) and Hayley Atwell (The Duchess, Captain America) and is based on the bestselling novels by Robert Wilson. Set in the magnificent Spanish city of Seville, Falcón follows a smart, intuitive detective bent on exposing hard truths and corruption. The British production features a seductive beauty and sinister undercurrent all to its own, along with stunning cinematography and stylish direction. The DVD 2-Disc set includes two feature-length mysteries, plus bonus behind-the-scenes featurettes (32 min.). Falcón premiered in the UK in Nov. 2012 on Sky Atlantic but has not aired in the U.S. yet. Inspector Jefe Javier Falcón (Marton Csokas) prowls Seville’s serpentine alleys to uncover the malice lurking in the magnificent city. Falcón exposes hard truths and corruption—even when it costs him dearly. In these two feature-length thrillers—The Blind Man of Seville and The Silent and the Damned—Falcón investigates a murder connected to his father’s murky past and the apparent suicide of a businessman whose former misdeeds impact the present. Falcón also contends with his attraction to a glamorous widow (Hayley Atwell) and simmering tensions with his ex-wife, Inés (Emilia Fox, The Pianist), and her handsome, high-flying lover, Judge Esteban Calderón (Santiago Cabrera, Heroes). Other co-stars include Charlie Creed-Miles (Injustice) and Kerry Fox (Cloudstreet) with guest stars Bernard Hill (The Lord of the Rings), Robert Lindsay (G.B.H.), Bill Paterson (Traffik), and Rosie Perez (It Could Happen to You). Buy the DVD right here.

Last Resort

A fugitive crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine seeks to uncover the truth behind suspicious orders in Sony Pictures Television’s edgy military series ‘Last Resort.’  The spellbinding series full of shocking twists is now available on DVD. The suspenseful series stars Andre Braugher (TV’s “Men of a Certain Age”) as Captain Marcus Chaplin, along with Scott Speedman (The Vow) as Executive Officer (XO) Sam Kendal.  Also starring in the series is Daisy Betts (Shutter), Camille de Pazzis (Gamer), Dichen Lachman (TV’s “Dollhouse”), Daniel Lissing (TV’s “Crownies”), Sahr Ngaujah (Stomp the Yard), Autumn Reeser (The Girl Next Door), Jessy Schram (Unstoppable) and Robert Patrick (Walk the Line).  ‘Last Resort the Complete Series’ comes with behind-the-scenes featurettes on all 13 episodes included in the three-disc DVD set. The U.S. ballistic submarine Colorado sits 500 feet below the Indian Ocean when orders come in to fire nuclear missiles at Pakistan. Captain Marcus Chaplin (Braugher) and XO Sam Kendal (Speedman), both question the legitimacy of the order and ask for confirmation, but instead receive missile fire from another U.S. submarine. Left for dead at the bottom of the ocean, the Colorado finds refuge on an exotic island. As troops come toward the island, the members of the crew must work to clear their name and find out who is involved in a conspiracy of nuclear proportions. Produced by MiddKid Productions in association with Sony Pictures Television and created by Karl Gajdusek (Oblivion) & Shawn Ryan (TV’s “The Shield”), ‘Last Resort the Complete Series’ is a critically-acclaimed drama filled with action and suspense. Buy the complete series DVD right here.

6 Souls

From the producers of The Ring, ‘6 Souls’ stars multiple-Oscar nominee and Golden Globe Award winner Julianne Moore (HBO’s Game Change, Magnolia), and Golden Globe Award winners Jonathan  Rhys Meyers (Showtime’s “The Tudors,” Bend It Like Beckham) and Frances Conroy (HBO’s “Six Feet Under,” The Aviator).  Written by Michael Cooney (Identity) and co-directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein (Storm), ‘6 Souls’ is not to be missed. After the death of her husband, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Cara Harding’s (Julianne Mooore) faith in God has been shaken, but not her belief in science.  In an attempt to open her up to accepting unexplainable psychiatric theories, her father introduces her to Adam (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a patient with multiple personalities, who takes on some of the physical characteristics of his other personalities.  Cara quickly discovers that Adam’s personalities are murder victims, and the more she finds out about him and his past, the closer she and her loved ones are to becoming murder victims themselves. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

North & South

The outstanding BBC period drama, starring Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek, I, Claudius), ‘North & South’ is now available on DVD. A classic British romance in the vein of Pride and Prejudice and Middlemarch, this popular program is based on the celebrated novel by Elizabeth Gaskell (Cranford, Wives and Daughters) and depicts the tensions of the Victorian era, as traditional society clashed with the coming of the modern world. Both a slow-burn romance and a clear-eyed view of the Industrial Revolution, North & South captivates with a magnetic performance from future star Patrick Stewart. Though broadcast on the BBC in 1975, the series likely never aired in the U.S., so this release is the first opportunity for U.S. audiences to see the miniseries. The DVD 2-Disc set includes four episodes. The miniseries co-stars Rosalind Shanks (A Question of Guilt) and Rosalie Crutchley (By the Sword Divided). Independent-minded Margaret Hale (Rosalind Shanks) moves with her parents to Milton, a manufacturing city in England’s north. Compared to the bucolic south where she was raised, Milton stifles Margaret with industrial smoke and soot—and she takes an instant dislike to John Thornton (Patrick Stewart) the ambitious and severe mill owner. But amid a workers’ strike and family misfortunes, Margaret begins to reconsider her sentiments. Buy the DVD right here.

The Producers

From the endlessly funny mind of filmmaker Mel Brooks (Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein) comes this Oscar-winning explosion of pure comic lunacy about low-rent Broadway producer Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel) and his high-strung accountant Leo Bloom (Gene Wilder). They discover that, with the help of a few gullible investors, they can make more money on a flop than on a hit. So armed with the worst show ever written – “Springtime For Hitler” –  and an equally horrific cast, this double-dealing duo is banking on disaster. But when their sure-to-offend musical becomes a surprise smash hit, they find themselves in the middle of a Broadway blitzkrieg! Buy the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray right here.

Tower Block

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. In a decrepit tower block, a young man runs for his life from two hooded figures. Exhausted, he runs through the corridor, banging on doors and shouting for help – “Please! Somebody help me!”  But no one has responded to his cries for help, only the sound of security chains bolting doors, denying him rescue. Resident Becky Hardman turns off her hall light and nervously peers through the peephole in her door. Terrified, Becky stands in her flat as the sound of a vicious beating rains down on the young man. Becky just can’t let this happen – she rushes out to confront the thugs and hits one of them in the back. One of the thugs punches her hard across the face, dropping her instantly. The young man is being dragged into the dark staircase, brutally murdered by the thugs. One year later, someone has taken justice into their own hands. Witness the terrifying perils and suspense as these residents of Tower Block 31 Serenity House fight for their survival in the acclaimed British action-thriller ‘Tower Block.’ Buy the Blu-ray right here.

The Kentucky Fried Movie

The original take-off cult classic from the highly successful team of David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker (Airplane, The Naked Gun), this hilarious film launched a thousand laughs and serves as a precursor to the raunch-fests of the ‘80s and the blockbuster success of the Farrelly Brothers films. Directed by the legendary John Landis (Animal House, The Blues Brothers), ‘The Kentucky Fried Movie‘ features a lewd, loosely connected collection of skits that spoof blaxploitation films, news shows, porno movies, TV commercials, kung fu flicks and more. Including well-known stars such as Bill Bixby, Donald Sutherland, Tony Dow, George Lazenby and Henry Gibson, this one-of-a-kind film features over 22 gut-bustingly hilarious segments. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Martha & Friends: Summer Fun

Summer vacation is finally here and Martha Stewart can’t wait to celebrate! Join a 10-year-old Martha and her friends as they head to the beach to enjoy the warm sun with fun-filled water adventures, firework festivities, block parties and more.  Delivering the perfect entertainment for the whole family, the inspiring story will teach kids lessons on helping others and coping with the stress of heading back to school. Buy the DVD right here.


A successful and respected businessman sees his world turned upside down in the gripping suspense thriller ‘Inescapable.’ The movie, featuring a topflight cast including Marisa Tomei, Joshua Jackson and Alexander Siddig, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Twenty-five years ago Adib (Alexander Siddig, Syriana, Cairo Time, 24), a promising young officer in the Syrian military police, suddenly left Damascus under suspicious circumstances. Abandoning the love of his life, Fatima (Marisa Tomei, The Wrestler, Crazy Stupid Love, My Cousin Vinny), he made his way to Canada and wiped the slate clean. Now, years later, with a beautiful wife, two grown daughters, and a great job in Toronto, Adib is happy and content in the successful life and business career he has built from scratch. But when his journalist daughter Muna suddenly disappears during a visit to Adib’s hometown of Damascus, his past threatens to violently catch up to him. Teaming up with a Canadian emissary (Joshua Jackson, Fringe, Cruel Intentions) to find and rescue Muna, Adib must now confront the turmoil – and the people – he thought he had permanently left behind so many years ago. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

As the battle rages on, the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangersare forced to go on a quest to seek out the fabled master ninja, Ninjor. Ninjor teaches them the art of Ninja, giving them new powers and abilities, as well as joining the team himself. Assisted by their new Ninjazords, the superheroes are ready to do battle with Lord Zedd and Rita … but the forces of evil are also reinforced as Rita’s brother Rito Revolto and her father Master Vile arrive on the Moon! Buy the Season 3 DVD right here.

Tai Chi Hero

Action-packed, full-on martial arts-fueled, and steampunk are just a few of the words used to describe ‘Tai Chi Hero,’ now available on Blu-ray and DVD. The original cast are back for the second installment in the internationally popular Tai Chi trilogy, including Jayden Yuan, Angelababy, Eddie Peng, Tony Leung Ka Fai and Daniel Wu. Director Stephen Fung’s (House of Fury, Jump) innovative film mixes elements from disparate eras in China’s past and brings together different film genres in a completely unique way. The legendary Sammo Hung (IP Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster) also returns, providing his brilliant signature martial arts choreography. Lu Chan (Yuan) is adapting to life in the Chen Village when the Grandmaster’s eldest son returns and reminds the town of a legendary prophecy that may spell doom for the civilians and – once again – it is up to Lu Chan to save the day. The cast also includes franchise newcomer Peter Stormare (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, The Big Lebowski). Bonus material includes the behind-the-scenes featurette “From Zero to Hero: The Making of Tai Chi Hero.” Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Blood Runs Cold

The pulse-pounding horror film, ‘Blood Runs Cold,’ is now available on DVD.  Starring Hanna Oldenburg (Meeting Place), Patrick Saxe (Ego, Wither), Andreas Rylander (The Horror Vault 2, Dead on Arrival), and Elin Hugoson (A Sunflower), the gruesome slasher flick chills from start to finish when a young woman and her friends escape to a cabin getaway in the woods only to discover they are in the company of an unexpected, bloodthirsty visitor. When Winona (Oldenburg), a thriving musician, returns to her hometown for a much-needed break from her stressful lifestyle, the relaxing vacation quickly turns in to a frantic fight for survival.  After running into an old boyfriend and some friends at a local bar, the group returns to Winona’s cabin to continue their reunion, where they find themselves face-to-face with death itself.  Disguised behind an icy mask, a frostbitten killer is there to drench the snow red with blood in a snowy massacre, and won’t stop until there are no survivors. In addition, the film will be digitally available everywhere. Buy the DVD right here.

Why We Laugh: Funny Women

Why We Laugh: Funny Women is a 90-minute documentary that explores the journey and evolution of the female stand-up comedian. The program includes personal and in-depth interviews with some of the most prominent female voices in comedy and entertainment, and is enriched by live performance footage from some of the most talented female comedians working today.  Funny Women sheds light on the legacy of the female comedian and the dedication, courage and passion that is required to be successful in a male-dominated business such as stand-up comedy.  These courageous women have broken the mold and have created a new and more inclusive landscape that expands beyond the comedy club stage. Buy the DVD right here.

Legends of the Old West

HISTORYcontinues their bestselling line of acclaimed documentaries with the release of ‘Legends of the Old West,’ now available on DVD. The DVD features over four hours of programs and six HISTORY specials about American icons such as Wild Bill Hickok, the James Gang, Buffalo Bill and more. This extraordinary collection from HISTORY brings home some of the American West’s most famous and infamous characters. Live the adventures of the famed William F. Cody in Buffalo Bill and His Wild West. In Wild Bill Hickok, see how the controversial lawman, scout, gunslinger and professional gambler became a folk hero. Take a ride with The Legendary Cowboys to explore the world of stampeding cattle, blazing gunfights and life on the range. Uncover the mindset, motivation and sometimes questionable methods of those who swore to uphold the law in a lawless time in The Law From Behind the Tin Star. Meet The James Gang, the disenchanted Confederates who became the West’s most notorious outlaws, and The Texas Rangers, the feared and fearless men who tracked down vicious criminals like them. Gather round for these legendary stories of a legendary time and place in American history. Buy the DVD right here.

June 4 Releases

'Clint Eastwood 20-Film Collection' (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment)

Clint Eastwood 20-Film Collection

Clint Eastwood’s illustrious motion picture career has spanned more than half a century and touched generations of filmgoers. The filmmaker/actor has received five Academy Awards and his films have grossed more than $2 billion at the domestic box office. This year marks the 38th anniversary of the relationship between Warner Bros., Clint Eastwood and Malpaso Productions, which has culminated in more than 40 films made for the studio. Now, in honor of Warner’s year-long 90th anniversary celebration, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released a new Clint Eastwood 20 Film Collection, just in time for Father’s Day gift-giving. In addition to his most recent film, ‘Trouble with the Curve,‘ the collection includes “Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story,” produced by Richard Schickel. This unprecedented new film focuses on Eastwood’s directorial style as seen through the eyes of many of his producing partners and actors. It explores how Eastwood’s style is unique and illustrates why he has managed to be successful for more than four decades. The major talent participating includes Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and many others and the insights that emerge are nothing short of extraordinary. The films in the collection are ‘A Perfect World,’ ‘Dirty Harry,’ ‘Every Which Way But Loose,’ ‘Firefox,’ ‘Gran Torino,’ ‘Heartbreak Ridge,’ Hereafter,’ ‘Invictus,’ ‘J. Edgar,’ ‘Letters From Iwo Jima,’ Magnum Force,’ ‘Million Dollar Baby,’ ‘Mystic River,’ ‘Pale River,’ ‘Space Cowboys,’ ‘Sudden Impact,’ ‘The Gauntlet,’ ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales,’ ‘Trouble With the Curve,’ and ‘Unforgiven.’ Buy the collection right here.

Mad Max Trilogy

‘Mad Max,’ the sci-fi franchise that introduced Mel Gibson to the world, has come together for the first time as a Blu-ray collection in the ‘Mad Max Trilogy.’ The three films – ‘Mad Max’ (1979), ‘Mad Max Road Warrior’ (1982) and ‘Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome’ (1985) – are all set in the near-future in Australia. From the very first film, Oscar winner George Miller (Happy Feet, 2006) proved a master at creating the gritty, bleak dystopian world and staging the incredible car stunts and crashes in the era when stuntmen, not computers, achieved the effects. All three movies starred Mel Gibson, virtually unknown until after the second film, as Max Rockatansky, a highway cop traveling through the Outback in a society descending into chaos. The films started Gibson on his road to international superstardom, led to his signature ‘Lethal Weapon’ series, and later two Academy Awards for his roles as producer and director of ‘Braveheart’ (1995). This must-own collection for action fans is available in limited premium tin packaging and makes a perfect gift for Father’s Day. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Breaking Bad

Walter White’s transformation from high school chemistry teacher to full-blown, ruthless drug lord continues on Sony Pictures Television’s critically acclaimed drama series on AMC, ‘Breaking Bad‘ Season 5, now available on Blu-ray and DVD. The highly anticipated fifth season reunites Bryan Cranston, three-time Best Actor Emmy winner and winner of this year’s Best Male Screen Actors Guild Award, with two-time Emmy Winner Aaron Paul (Best Supporting Role). The Season 5 Blu-ray and DVD feature an eight-minute, uncensored bonus scene, “Chicks ‘N’ Guns,” written and produced exclusively for the home entertainment release. Starring Aaron Paul, Bob Odenkirk (How I Met Your Mother), and Charles Baker (Splinter), the scene tells the pivotal back story to episode 508 in the fifth season, “Gliding Over All.” “The extra scene we created exclusively for the Blu-ray and DVD proves just how much the relationship between Jesse and Walt has drastically changed over the past five seasons ofBreaking Bad,” said Vince Gilligan, show creator. “Chicks ‘N’ Guns is an original idea that presents fans with a pivotal missing moment during episode 508, Gliding Over All. Writers Jenn Carroll and Gordon Smith, and Director Michelle MacLaren, did a fantastic job bringing it to life, and I think fans will love it.” ‘Breaking Bad’ also stars Anna Gunn (‘Deadwood’), Dean Norris (CSI‘), Betsy Brandt (Magic Mike), RJ Mitte, Bob Odenkirk, and Jonathan Banks (Identity Thief). It was created by writer/director/producer Vince Gilligan, who also served as executive producer with Academy Award winner Mark Johnson (Rain Man, 1988’s Best Picture) and Michelle MacLaren. Co-executive producers of the series include Melissa Bernstein, Sam Catlin, George Mastras, Peter Gould, and Thomas Schnauz.  Moira Walley-Beckett served as supervising producer with Stewart A. Lyons as Line Producer/UPM. Cranston and Diane Mercer are producers of the series. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul return in their Emmy winning roles of meth cooks Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the fifth explosive season of ‘Breaking Bad.’ With Gus Fring dead, Walt’s transformation from a well-meaning family man to a ruthless drug kingpin is nearly complete. Forming a partnership with Jesse and Mike (Jonathan Banks), Walt proceeds to make a killing until the fruits of his murderous schemes are threatened by a new development in the investigation led by Hank (Dean Norris). Buy the Season 5 Blu-ray right here.

Identity Thief

A mild-mannered businessman and the spend-happy con woman who stole his identity embark on an uproarious, cross-country road trip in the number one comedy blockbuster ‘Identity Thief,’ now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, Digital Download and On Demand. ‘Identity Thief’s’ fearlessly funny stars – Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses) and Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids) – charmed critics and audiences alike with their off-the-wall outrageous banter. Directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses), ‘Identity Thief ‘also features an all-star ensemble cast including Jon Favreau (Iron Man series), Amanda Peet (2012), Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris (American Gangster), Genesis Rodriguez (What to Expect When You’re Expecting), John Cho (Harold & Kumar series), Robert Patrick (Safe House) and Eric Stonestreet (“Modern Family”). Both the Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD include an unrated, extended version of the film featuring exclusive footage not shown in theaters, as well as a gag reel and making of the featurette with interviews with the film’s creators and cast. Exclusive to the Blu-ray Combo Pack are bonus features including alternate takes, a behind-the-scenes featurette highlighting the stars’ unique comedic contributions and an insider tour with one of the movie’s most memorable characters. The Blu-ray Combo Pack allows consumers to view ‘Identity Thief’ anytime, anywhere on the platform of their choice. It includes a Blu-ray disc, a DVD, a Digital Copy and UltraViolet for the ultimate, complete viewing experience. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

Warm Bodies

One very unusual zombie forms a romantic relationship with a teenage girl in ‘Warm Bodies,’ which stars hot young actors Nicholas Hoult (Jack the Giant Slayer, X-Men: First Class) and Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice), along with an all-star supporting cast including Primetime Emmy winner Rob Corddry (Outstanding Special Class – Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Programs, “Children’s Hospital,” 2008; Rapture-Palooza), Dave Franco (21 Jump Street), Analeigh Tipton (Crazy Stupid Love), Cory Hardrict (upcoming Lovelace, Battle Los Angeles) and Academy Award nominee John Malkovich (Actor in a Supporting Role, In the Line of Fire, 1993; Red, Burn After Reading). Written for the screen and directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50) and based on the novel by Isaac Marion, the film is now available on Blu-ray Disc (plus Digital Copy and Ultraviolet), DVD (plus Digital Copy and Ultraviolet), Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View. A funny new twist on a classic love story, ‘Warm Bodies’ is a poignant tale about the power of human connection. After a zombie epidemic, R (a highly unusual zombie) encounters Julie (a human survivor), and rescues her from a zombie attack. Julie sees that R is different from the other zombies, and as the two form a special relationship in their struggle for survival, R becomes increasingly more human – setting off an exciting, romantic and often comical chain of events that begins to transform the other zombies and maybe even the whole lifeless world. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Falling Skies

TNT’s epic alien-invasion saga from DreamWorks Television, TNT Productions and executive producer Steven Spielberg – is back on Blu-ray Disc and DVD. Noah Wyle (ER) stars in the powerful drama, which was basic cable’s #1 summer drama among adults 18-49 and adults 25-54 in 2012. The ‘Falling Skies‘ Complete Second Season includes numerous special features such as audio commentaries, behind the scenes featurettes and more. The release comes just weeks before the series’ third season is slated to launch exclusively on TNT in summer 2013. ‘Falling Skies’ chronicles the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack that leaves most of the world completely incapacitated. It has been nearly one year since the attack and reality has set in on this whole new world. Season 2 of ‘Falling Skies’ follows the 2nd Massachusetts on their quest to Charleston, SC to find more human survivors and fighters from the continuous alien attacks. Tom Mason (Wyle) tries to keep the resistance fighters and his family in line, while new dangers and returning enemies seem to greet them at every stop. The three-disc ‘Falling Skies: The Complete Second Season’ DVD and two-disc Blu-ray set includes all 10 episodes from the action-packed drama’s second season, along with such special features as a feature on the writing of the series, “The Skitter Evolution,” tour of the Falling Skies set, commentary tracks, exclusive trading card from Rittenhouse included on pack, and much more. In each of its first two seasons, ‘Falling Skies’ has been a top-rated series across basic cable; in 2011, the series was the #1 new series of the year, and in 2012, it was the #1 summer drama among key adult demos, according to Nielsen Media Research. Buy the Season 2 DVD right here.

The Twilight Zone

The second season of Rod Serling’s groundbreaking, science fiction anthology ‘The Twilight Zone: The Complete Second Season,’ is now available on DVD. Season 2 features an incredible list of guest stars including Agnes Moorehead, Art Carney, Bill Mumy, Buddy Ebsen, Burgess Meredith, Dick York, Don Rickles, Rod Serling, Sydney Pollack, William Shatner and more. The Twilight Zone remains television’s most treasured anthology program.  The brainchild of writer and narrator Rod Serling — inspired by the pulp comics, novels and sci-fi films of his youth — the series introduced its own special brand of weirdness to viewers on October 2, 1959.  As a program that correctly billed itself as one “of shadow and substance, of things and ideas,” The Twilight Zone left indelible tracks — not to mention unforgettable theme music — and created stars both on-screen William Shatner and off-screen — directing vets include Don Siegel (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dirty Harry), Richard Donner (The Omen, Lethal Weapon) and Ida Lupino (The Hitch-Hiker). The second season of The Twilight Zone includes 29 episodes: King Nine Will Not Return, The Man in the Bottle, Nervous Man in a Four-Dollar Room, A Thing About Machines, The Howling Man, Eye of the Beholder, Nick of Time, The Lateness of the Hour, The Trouble with Templeton, A Most Unusual Camera, The Night of the Meek, Dust, Back There, The Whole Truth, The Invaders, A Penny for Your Thoughts, Twenty-Two, The Odyssey of Flight 33, Mr. Dingle, the Strong, Static, The Prime Mover, Long Distance Call, A Hundred Yards over the Rim, The Rip Van Winkle Caper, The Silence, Shadow Play, The Mind and the Matter, Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? and The Obsolete Man. Buy the Season 2 DVD right here.

Pretty Little Liars

Catch up on one of basic cable’s most suspenseful series with the release of ‘Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Third Season’ on DVD — just in time for the series’ fourth season premiere on ABC Family. ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ stars Troian Bellisario (JAG), Ashley Benson (Eastwick), Tyler Blackburn (Brave New World, Peach Plum Pear), Holly Marie Combs (Charmed), Lucy Hale (Scream 4, Privileged), Ian Harding (NCIS: Los Angeles), Laura Leighton (Melrose Place), Chad Lowe (24, ER), Shay Mitchell (Aaron Stone), Janel Parrish (Celeste and Jesse Forever, Bratz) and Sasha Pieterse (Heroes, X-Men: First Class). The five-disc set contains all 24 episodes from the third season, plus special features including a brand-new featurette, gag reel, deleted scenes, and bonus ‘Pretty Little Liars’ webisodes. As the third season begins, a summer has passed since Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer found out about Mona being “A” and the death of Maya. With the terror seemingly over and an alleged murderer now behind bars, the town of Rosewood is slowly healing from old and new wounds. Each of the four girls spent their summer in different ways — with Aria taking a photography class, Spencer taking college courses at Hollis, Hanna taking cooking classes with Caleb and Emily building houses in Haiti. But what looks “normal” for each girl is not necessarily so, as all four are hardly over what happened. With post-traumatic stress, anger and the acquisition of more secrets, the four girls are anything but fine. Now back together and coming upon the second anniversary of Alison’s disappearance, the girls find themselves back on the defensive when a shocking event rocks Rosewood. Recurring guest stars abound this season, including Keegan Allen, Torrey DeVitto, Annabeth Gish, Nia Peeples, Vanessa Ray, Brandon Robinson, Amanda Schull, Lindsay Shaw, Gregg Sulkin, Tammin Sursok, Drew Van Acker and others. Buy the Season 3 DVD right here.


Rawhide,’ America’s favorite trail-blazing series about a brave group of men driving a herd of cattle across the old West returns to DVD. ‘Rawhide’ follows trail boss Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) and his rugged right hand man Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood) as they encounter many brutal situations throughout their journey. Relive the rough and tough adventure when Rawhide: The Sixth Season, Volume One and Volume Two ride onto DVD. Buy the Season 6, Volume 1 and Season 6, Volume 2 DVDs.


The British buddy cop drama, starring Toby Stephens (Jane Eyre, Die Another Day, and the lead in Michael Bay’s upcoming STARZ series Black Sails) and Miranda Raison (MI-5, My Week with Marilyn, Sugartown), ‘Vexed,’ Series 2, is now available on DVD. The series features sharp scripts, strong performances, and an enjoyable mix of comedy and crime solving with a twist. As partners on the London police force, the two detectives bicker and banter as they learn to work together, despite their very different styles. Created by BAFTA-winning writer and producer Howard Overman (Dirk Gently, Misfits), ‘Vexed’ also stars Ronny Jhutti (Where the Heart Is) and Nick Dunning (The Tudors). Broadcast on BBC Two in 2012, ‘Vexed,’ Series 2 has not aired in the U.S. and is available to U.S. audiences for the first time with this DVD release. London cop Jack Armstrong (Toby Stephens) has been assigned a new partner, and he’s not happy about it. Worried that “George” will cramp his freewheeling style and tell him how to do his job, Jack is shocked to meet bright, beautiful DI Georgina Dixon (Miranda Raison) instead. The two detectives couldn’t be more different. He’s a slacker; she’s a fast-tracker. He’s cocky, she’s cool. He’s slovenly, sexist, and set in his ways. She’s smart, self-reliant, and serious about her career. In spite of themselves, they learn to work together, solving a murder at a car dealership and the gruesome death of a headmaster at an exclusive school, among other cases. Buy the Series 2 DVD right here.

Sadako 3D

The most iconic figure in Asian horror returns for the latest installment in the frightening ‘Ring’ franchise with ‘Sadako 3D,’ now available on Blu-ray and DVD. What began as a haunted videotape passed from hand to cursed hand all those years ago in ‘The Ring,’ has only gotten easier to find. Sadako waits. And it’s not just on tape anymore. At a local high school, there is a rumor about an online video of someone committing suicide. If it were only a prank, or the work of a deranged artist in town, the students wouldn’t be killing themselves after watching it, would they? The police would have a theory about the quickly growing body count? And what about the woman in white with long hair? Sadako is always hungry. And she’s no longer alone. Buy the 3D Blu-ray combo pack right here.


‘Wilfred: The Complete Original Series’ is now available on DVD. Never before available in the US, this four DVD box set contains all 16 episodes from the original Australian series, plus all-new bonus features including Behind The Scenes vignettes, a crew montage, ‘Making Of’ featurettes, outtakes, bloopers and much more! In Wilfred, Adam can hardly believe his luck when he’s invited home by Sarah, a gorgeous young woman he met at a rock concert. This joy is quickly turned on its head when Adam meets Wilfred. Adam sees Wilfred as a man in a dog suit, but to everyone else Wilfred is just a dog. Starring Jason Gann, Adam Zwar and Cindy Waddingham, Wilfred was one of Australia’s most lauded contemporary television shows In 2011, an American version of the series premiered, and the successful adaptation currently airs on the FX Network in the United States. Buy the complete original series right here.

Adventure Time

‘Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season’ is now available on both DVD and Blu-ray, complete with absolutely algebraic bonus content created by series creator Pendleton Ward, including a featurette filmed by Ward that provides exclusive access to and interviews with members of his talented show team, as well as episode commentaries for all 26 season two episodes from Ward and the ‘Adventure Time‘ team. Cartoon Network has also released Adventure Time: The Complete First Season on Blu-ray, bringing that fan-favorite home video release to the high-definition market with stunning HD-quality audio and video. Both season one and season two Blu-ray titles  include a free Ultraviolet HD digital copy for each episode. As one of Cartoon Network’s most popular series, ‘Adventure Time’ continues to thrive with a massive on-air audience, very active fan base and strong retail presence. The television series’ popularity continues to grow as the recent season five premier was the #1 show for the day with boys 2-11, and kids and boys 6-11, 9-14 and 12-17, and the show consistently ranks number one its time slot with boys 6-11 and boys 9-14, according to Nielson Media Research. Socially, the brand builds its fan base virtually every day with more than 6 million fans on Facebook, popular Adventure Time games on, and innumerous fan sites and blogs devoted to the show. Buy the Season 2 Blu-ray and the Season 1 Blu-ray.

Ice Road Truckers

History’s best-selling franchise, ‘Ice Road Truckers: Season 6,’ is now available on DVD just in time for Father’s Day. This season set hits DVD just as the 7th season premieres on History. ‘Ice Road Truckers: Season 6’ follows fan favorite veterans and adventurous rookie drivers as they shift into gear for a high stakes competition across the most chilling and hazardous roads in North America. The 4-disc DVD set bonus footage includes 13 shorts never-before-seen on TV. ‘Ice Road Truckers‘ returns with Season 6 as veteran drivers Hugh, Alex, Rick and Jack compete with three newcomers to battle the farthest reaches of the North American continent. With oil exploration at an all-time high in Canada, the truckers are preparing for the busiest season in Dalton history. For the first time, they’ll travel on three roads with more ice crossings than ever before. In Manitoba, warm weather has left the winter roads with the thinnest ice they’ve ever seen. Watch as Alex braves Canada’s Dempster Highway, crossing rivers, lakes and even the Arctic Ocean to get to settlements accessible by ice road. It’s a mad dash for the cash. Buy the Season 6 DVD right here.

Mountain Men

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your life off the grid? Have you wished you could shed the complications of modern society and live in the wilderness, using only the things nature has provided? Meet Eustace Conway, Tom Oar and Marty Meierotto of the new History series ‘Mountain Men: Season 1,’ now available on DVD. One of Cable’s Top 10 highest-rated unscripted series of 2012, this DVD streets just in time for the eagerly-anticipated premiere of Season 2 on History. ‘Mountain Men: Season 1’ follows three men in different parts of the United States who all live in the mountains and have devoted their lives to survival in its simplest form. From the rugged Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to the seven-month-long winters on the Yaak River in Montana to the frigid northern range of Alaska, the country is full of some very unforgiving terrain. Watch as these men face off against mudslides, falling trees, ravaging weather and even hungry animals, to make sure they obtain the food and supplies they will need to make it through the brutal winter months ahead. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

Ring of Fire

Platinum-recording artist Jewel headlines the inspiring biography of country music legend June Carter Cash in the Lifetime biopic, ‘Ring of Fire,’ now available on DVD. Based on the book Anchored In Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash, penned by Cash’s son John Carter Cash, Ring of Fire delves into the compelling history of the legendary singer/songwriter.  The film also stars Francis Conroy (HBO’s “Six Feet Under,” TV’s “American Horror Story”) as Cash’s mother, Maybelle Carter, and Matt Ross (TV’s “American Horror Story,” HBO’s “Big Love”) as Johnny Cash. ‘Ring of Fire’ takes fans beyond the portrayal of June as she was seen in Walk The Line, giving us more of her own colorful family history, her famous sense of humor and her pioneering role as one of the first ladies of country music. Buy the DVD right here.

Dora the Explorer: Dora Rocks!

Get ready to rock with Dora and Boots in a sing-along adventure with Dora the Explorer: Dora Rocks! First, when Benny forgets to send his Sing-along Party invitations, Dora and Boots bring their microphone to Benny’s Barn so they can call their friends to join them at the rockin’ fiesta! Join Dora in her special pop-star outfit to sing a special song with all her friends at the sing-along! After that, keep rocking with two more musical adventures helping Dora bring Baby Bongo to his first music show and meeting Map’s nephew, Little Map. Buy the DVD right here.

Brooklyn Castle

Brooklyn Castle‘ is now available on DVD. The documentary marks the directorial debut of Katie Dellamaggiore, who previously produced and worked on award-winning documentaries such as 39 Pounds of Love and To Die in Jerusalem. Among a long list of festival laurels, Brooklyn Castle took the Audience Award at the South by Southwest Film 2012 Documentary Spotlight and the 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival. The film tells the stories of five members of the chess team at a below-the-poverty-line inner city junior high school that has won more national championships than any other in the country.  The film follows the challenges these kids face in their personal lives as well as on the chessboard, and is as much about the sting of their losses as it is about the anticipation of their victories. Ironically, the biggest obstacle thrust upon them arises not from other competitors but from recessionary budget cuts to all the extracurricular activities at their school.  Brooklyn Castle shows how these kids’ dedication to chess magnifies their belief in what is possible for their lives. After all, if they can master the world’s most difficult game, what can’t they do? Buy the DVD right here.

Perfect Understanding

Cinema icons Gloria Swanson and Laurence Olivier made just one film together, and now that rarely seen gem has been recovered and restored for its Blu-ray and DVD debut. ‘Perfect Understanding,’ a 1933 romantic comedy written by a young Michael Powell, has been fully remastered in a definitive edition to be released by the Cohen Film Collection. Judy (Swanson) and Nicholas (Olivier) are a young society couple who marry based on the “perfect understanding” that they will be allowed to enjoy extramarital adventures and never let jealousy come between them. That arrangement is soon put to the test. During their honeymoon, they go to Cannes to spend time with friends. Judy decides to go back to London to set up their new home, but insists Nicholas remain with their Riviera friends. One night, when drunk, Nicholas sleeps with a former lover (Nora Swinburne, The Forsyte Saga); when he returns to Judy, he is guilt-ridden and confesses his indiscretion. She forgives him, but Nicholas is soon battling his own feelings of jealousy when he comes to believe that Judy has slept with an old friend of hers (John Halliday, The Philadelphia Story). ‘Perfect Understanding’ was shot at London’s renowned comedy factory Ealing Studios, and is an eye-opener for its candid treatment of sexuality and pregnancy; just a few years later such frankness would be tamped down in the U.K., as it would in Hollywood. It was also a pivotal film for Gloria Swanson, who had struggled in the early years of the talkies to maintain the vaunted position she had held as a silent-screen superstar. She produced the film herself, and it was the only one she made in Britain. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Mosquita & Mari

Mosquita & Mari,’ Writer/Director Aurora Guerrero’s (Pandora’s, Viernes Girl) semi-biographical look at friendship and first love, is now available on DVD. This exquisitely crafted coming-of-age tale follows a pair of Latina teenagers who fall gradually in love against the backdrop of life in Southeast Los Angeles.  Growing up in immigrant households, both girls are expected to make the well-being of their families their first priority. Yolanda (aka Mosquita) delivers straight A’s in the hope of achieving the American Dream, while Mari shares economic responsibilities with her undocumented family who scramble to make ends meet. As their relationship grows, it tests their loyalties to their families and each other. Bonus materials include the making-of featurette “Behind the Scenes of Mosquita & Mari” and Aurora Guerrero’s short film “Viernes Girl,” about a young Salvadoran girl who gets creative with her ways of interfering in her brother’s romances. ‘Mosquita & Mari’ was an official selection at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for the “John Cassavetes Award” and “Producers Award” at the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards.  In addition, it was nominated as “Outstanding Film” at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards and took home the “Audience Award for Outstanding First U.S. Dramatic Feature” and the “Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film” (Fenessa Pineda) at the 2012 Outfest: The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Director Aurora Guerrero also received the “Best Director” honor from the 2012 Long Beach QFilm Festival and the “Global Can Award” at the 2012 William & Mary Global Film Festival. Buy the DVD right here.

In Old Arizona

A charismatic bandit must outsmart the sheriff trying to catch him and a double-dealing Mexican beauty in the Western ‘In Old Arizona,’ that was nominated for 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Featuring an Oscar-Winning performance by Warner Baxter as The Cisco Kid,  is a must-own cinematic treasure for any classic film fan.Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Electra Guide in Blue

In ‘Electra Glide in Blue,’ Robert Blake stars in a Golden Globe winning performance as a well-intentioned motorcycle cop who yearns to be promoted to detective. Available on Blu-ray for the first time, this 1970s cult hit also includes bonus features including an interview and audio commentary track with director James William Guercio.  In Electra Glide in Blue, the only thing good-hearted motorcycle cop John Wintergreen (Robert Blake, In Cold Blood, Baretta) wants is to become a detective…to wear a big Stetson, smoke fancy cigars and be paid to think. So when he stumbles upon a dead body, he takes the case – and proves he’s got the right stuff! But as soon as he’s promoted, he finds that the corruption he must tolerate makes his Stetson not fit so well and the cigars not taste so good. Forced to confront his own disillusionment, Wintergreen heads out on his bike, the Electra Glide, and makes another shocking discovery that could cost him his life. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951

Set primarily in the early 1950s and focusing on James Dean’s experiences as an up-and-coming actor in Los Angeles, Writer/Director Matthew Mishory’s debut feature film is a series of revealing and sometimes dreamlike vignettes that blend biographical and fictionalized elements to present pivotal moments in a remarkable life. ‘A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951’ is now available on DVD. The film stars James Preston (‘The Gates’) in the title role, with Dan Glenn (‘Pushing Daisies’), debutante Dalilah Rain, Edward Singletary, Jr. (Palo Alto), Robert Gant (‘Queer as Folk’) and Erin Daniels (‘The L Word,’ A Single Man) rounding out the cast in an intimate portrait of James Dean as he is on the cusp of achieving notoriety as both a great actor and an American icon. Bonus features include Matthew Mishory’s award winning short film Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman, a stylized and lyrical coming-of-age portrait of Derek Jarman’s artistic, sexual, and political awakening in post-War England.  The film won the Eastman Kodak Grand Prize at the 2010 United States Super 8 Film + Digital Video Festival. Buy the DVD right here.

Littlest Pet Shops: Sweetest Pets

When Blythe Baxter moved into the city with her father, she never expected to move into the apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop. But an even bigger surprise awaited her. Blythe can talk to the pets…and they can talk back. ‘Littlest Pet Shop: Sweetest Pets’ is now available on DVD. Join Blythe as she embarks on five more wild adventures with her newest friends: Pepper, the hilarious skunk; Sunil, the magical mongoose; Penny, the adorable panda; Russell, the highly organized hedgehog; Zoe, the diva Spaniel; and, of course, Minka, the artistic monkey. ‘Littlest Pet Shop: Sweetest Pets’ delivers captivating entertainment the whole family can enjoy and contains a brand new bonus coloring sheet. Buy the DVD right here.

The Horde

It’s the 14th century and half of Eurasia is occupied by the Horde – the most savage and feared empire on earth.  Europe is waiting with trepidation for attack, anticipating the death of Christian civilization. It is here that ‘The Horde’ unfolds, an epic adventure and international blockbuster depicting the rise and fall of the great Khan, leader of the Mongol Horde. In this dramatic re-telling of the seizure of power from the Khan dynasty, a brutal and bloody fight to crown a new leader erupts, threatening the very existence of the people and those they aim to conquer.  It is a barbaric story like no other. Buy the DVD right here.

The Last Ride

Ride off into the sunset with the most legendary country artist of all-time with the release of ‘The Last Ride’ on Blu-ray. Featuring an all-star cast including Henry Thomas (E.T.), Jesse James (Jumper), Kaley Cuoco (‘The Big Bang Theory’), Fred Dalton Thompson (‘Law & Order’) and Stephen Tobolowsky (“Californication”), this powerful film retraces the final days of a true American icon. Based on the controversial life story of singer-songwriter, Hank Williams, ‘The Last Ride’ tells the powerful tale of country music’s original bad boy. The man, the myth and the music come together when Williams travels from Alabama to a series of New Year’s shows in West Virginia and Ohio. This remarkable journey leads straight into the heart and soul of the legendary performer…as he takes one last shot at redemption. Featuring all-new versions of Hank Williams’ greatest songs, this emotional tale of hope and truth is one you’ll never forget. With 11 number one songs throughout his career, Williams’ music continues to touch people’s lives long after his passing 60 years ago. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

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