‘RHOOC’ Premiere: 7 Reasons to Watch Season 8

"The Real Housewives of Orange County": Tamra Barney, Heather Dubrow, Gretchen Rossi, Vicki Gunvalson, Alexis Bellino, Lydia McLaughlin -- (Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo)

“The Real Housewives of Orange County’s” Monday night premiere brought on celebrations of chin-implant proportions! Yes, among the daily face reconstructions of Tamra Barney, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson, Gretchen Rossi, and Alexis Bellino, one cast member decided it was high time that Jim Bellino wasn’t the only one deserving of the non-inbred look!

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But aside from moving closer into Joan Rivers’ world, there was also something scarily natural that entered the show: Vicki became a Grandma, thanks to her daughter Briana. Wahhh!

If only this lovely change would’ve helped calm the fires raging in ole Vicki’s heart, but nope; the bitterness and venom from last season lives on strong for her and for the rest of the women. But like every Real Housewives series, the show must go on…

Check out seven reasons why you should watch this season’s RHOOC:

1. Vicki’s face revolution. Nevermind the pancake batter foundation of seasons’ past, Vicki’s face will bonk you out! And this time, she isn’t hiding the fact that her self-esteem tank is empty! From injections to her schnoz, face, and popping in a chin implant, the Gunvalnator has no shame! “You want to say something?” Vicki threateningly gestures to the camera. “Say it to my face—my numb face.” Bam!

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2. The addictive break-up and make-up between Vicki and Brooks. Succumbing once again to what people think, Vicki has not only changed her mug, but as of now, she’s also broken up with her Southern lug—’The Evil Eye Accuser’ Brooks! But looking at highlights from this upcoming season, Vicki throws herself back into his non-muscular arms…and we fear the Hallmark cards will return to sear our souls forevahhh!

3. Heather vs. Alexis. It’s the epic battle between grey matter and no matter. The tension between these polar opposites will surely arise, considering this is what Heather said during the premiere: “Alexis is someone I absolutely do not want in my life.” Bravo will find a way of bringing these two lovebirds together, thanks to the small-headed woman-child newbie Lydia McLaughlin.

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4. Tamra and Eddie’s mcnasty courtship reaches a new reality. Now that they’re engaged and Tamra and her two young children have moved into Eddie’s house, the scandalous hot tub scenes might go down to zilch. Tam-Tam’s already seeing her beau’s controlling side and isn’t turned on…can’t wait to see how the wedding plans fare!

5. Tamra vs Vicki. The haterade continues with these two frenemies who haven’t spoken to each other since that horrific night at Heather’s evening party where Cake Gate and Evil Eye accusations abounded. Will Vicki go into scary-voice mode again and attack Tamra? Will the rage make her chin implant slide up into her forehead?

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6. Slade Smiley’s gotta job?! It’s true…and Gretchen doesn’t know what to do with herself! Now that her broke man is picking up the pieces of his life working as a radio host (and thankfully not as a stand-up comedian), could these two finally get married and have womb raiders? Prenup to precede, of course.

7. Alexis’ soap opera of denial. Still favoriting the word “bully,” Alexis—who, according to Tamra, is better known as ‘Jesus Jugs’ and ‘Invisible Jesus Barbie’—will be playing the victim card. She’ll also be trying to figure out whether she and Gretchen can have some semblance of a friendship. (We’re thinking: Uh. No.) As for Alexis’ marriage to Jim Chinny Chin Chin? It’s much better now that she’s decided to be submissive again. You can only worship one master at a time to be happy, people.

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