‘The Voice’: Shakira Struggles to Make Team Gains

Shakira on "The Voice" (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

It’s Day 3 of “The Voice,” the coaches proudly proclaim at the top of Monday’s show, and unless Adam Levine owns three identical white t-shirts (ok, totally possible), it’s a lie. All the coaches are still stewing in the same outfits they started out in last week, and it’s beginning to get gross.

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Shakira, in her black sparkle top, got one of the big scores of the night, but it was a long time coming. Though the Latina star turned around for seven of the 11 featured contestants tonight, only one of them picked her, and it was a Cuban TV star who auditioned with a Shakira song. Monique Abbadie did get all four chairs to spin with her brassy rendition of “Loca,” but even the other judges vouched for Shakira, raising their hands to convince Monique to choose her (as if she needed convincing). Her other featured get was a reject from Season 3 for whom no other coaches spun, Garrett Gardner.

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It felt a bit like producers purposely gave Shakira the Monique victory segment, because the rest of the time she came across pretty powerless. She often expressed surprise that the contestant in question didn’t choose her when she “fought so hard” for them, but her version of fighting is usually telling them she likes them, while mentors like Adam threaten to set themselves on fire. Or she pulled the girl card, which so far has not worked for her.

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One time, she didn’t even turn around for someone she desperately wanted, children’s music teacher Karina Iglesias. Karina sang “I’m the Only One,” and even did the chorus in Spanish, but Shakira somehow missed that part. When she found out Karina was Latina, she berated herself for missing her shot. “What’s wrong with me?” she said, while Adam, in Spanish, told her to shut up. Blake Shelton and Adam both spun their chairs, but with Blake pretending like he couldn’t even understand Karina’s name, and Adam’s display of minor Spanish knowledge, Karina went with Adam.

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Adam landed the final featured contestant of the night for the third consecutive episode. On Monday, it was Warren Stone, a country singing firefighter who had his choice between the Maroon 5 frontman, Blake and Shakira. Never afraid to strike when he hears what he likes, Adam pushed his button within the first few seconds of “Colder Weather,” and his decisiveness cost Blake the soulful country singer.

Adam also spun early for Michelle Chamuel’s “I Kissed a Girl,” but the girl who says she “represents nerdy people,” went with Usher, even after she awkwardly stared at him while he asked her a question twice. Usher also got Taylor Beckham, a 17-year-old former gymnast.

Blake, meanwhile, scored two acts tonight: Swon Brothers and Holly Tucker. “I’m your guy, I’m your Okie,” Blake told Oklahoma’s Swon Brothers, a country pair that strummed energetically through “American Girl.” Holly Tucker, another country singer, inspired all four judges to spin for her, but Blake won the marching band saxophonist over, despite being the last judge to push his button. Adam put up a good, long fight, though, even offering to wear cowboy boots to connect with Holly’s country roots. But considering he wouldn’t be allowed to change out of them for weeks, deep down he’s probably relieved that he didn’t win.

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