After All the Leno Late Night Drama, It’s Time To Look Back At ‘Larry Sanders’

"The Larry Sanders Show." (HBO)

And you thought soap operas were limited to the daytime hours….Let’s face it. When it comes to drama and intrigue, there’s nothing like what goes in late night TV. And once again, the talk show world is generating headlines courtesy of Jay Leno. NBC has just announced that the “Tonight Show” host will be stepping down in 2014 and Jimmy Fallon will be taking his place. Rumor has it this is all happening because ABC moved Jimmy Kimmel into direct completion with the “Tonight Show” in order to go after younger viewers. Meanwhile, Leno’s longtime rival David Letterman has seen his audience slip over the years and there is constant speculation about who will eventually take his place once Leno is gone.

The jokes these late night hosts tell may be funny, but the constant jockeying for position is anything but a laughing matter. Which is why it’s the perfect time to go back to the best fake talk show ever, “The Larry Sanders Show.”  For six years, the fictional Sanders (Garry Shandling) reigned and whined his way through a series that saw big names like Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld and Robin Williams stop by to play themselves and add reality to this illusion. The host may have worried constantly about what people thought of him, but “The Larry Sanders Show” itself never had that concern. This award-winning look at life behind the late night curtain was a big hit for HBO and, given the latest Leno headlines, is as relevant as ever. We may never know exactly the drama that’s got “The Tonight Show” changing hands for the third time in four years but these essential episodes Shandling’s classic series might offer a little insight.

The Promise












The Mr. Sharon Stone Show












Everybody Loves Larry












My Name Is Asher Kingsley













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