Blake Shelton Offers to ‘Adopt’ Teen Sensation Savannah Berry on ‘The Voice’

"The Voice": Savannah Berry -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

If there was ever a coach who pulled out all the stops to win over a contestant, it was Blake Shelton, who on Tuesday’s “The Voice” offered to adopt a 17-year-old.

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Savannah Berry wowed three coaches with her rendition of “Safe and Sound”—Adam Levine, who pushed his button first, Shakira, and finally Blake, who turned around after Savannah held a long, high note successfully. Listing her influences, Savannah mentioned Miranda Lambert early on, and Blake took that as a sign that he and the contestant were meant to work together. “I’m actually married to Miranda Lambert,” he said, holding up his wedding ring.

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Shakira and Adam pleaded for Savannah to join them, but Blake pretty much cinched it when he told the Texan that he and Miranda were talking about adopting. “It’s almost like you’re family to me,” he said. Though Savannah’s dad backstage said Blake can’t have her, Savannah still chose to join Blake’s team, breaking the streak of Adam snagging every contestant in the prime last spot of the night.

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But Adam did win a battle with Shakira over Patrick Dodd, who according to his website is an “outlaw country and social justice songwriter.” Patrick sang “Walking in Memphis,” and Adam was drawn to Patrick’s gravelly voice. Shakira tried to get him by telling him, “Never underestimate a 5’3” Columbian girl.” But Adam rebuffed: “Never underestimate a 6-foot tall white boy from L.A.,” and somehow, that struck a chord for Patrick, because he decided to “go with my gut” and choose Adam.

Shakira did get one featured contestant Tuesday, and she was the only coach to turn around for him. Brandon Roush, who works with autistic kids, sang “With a Little Help from My Friends,” and got Shakira to spin after a high falsetto note. Blake wavered, but ultimately didn’t push the button. When long curly-haired Brandon was revealed to him after, he was shocked. “Oh my god, that is not what you’re supposed to look like!” said Blake.

Usher picked up two featured contestants. For Orlando Dixon, an R&B flavored wedding singer, Usher was the only one to turn his chair. But Audrey Karrash, a former model, inspired Blake to turn around early during her performance of “Price Tag.” Then Usher spun. Audrey asked them both what inspired them to push their buttons, with Usher answering first. “I feel like I identify—“ he started, but Audrey cut him off. “Ok, Usher, let’s do it,” not even letting Blake answer. Let’s see: Impulsive with major life choices? Doesn’t listen to authority figures? Maybe Audrey’s the one who needs adoptive parenting.

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