‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Meredith Receives Devastating News

Ellen Pompeo in "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)

This week’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” ‘She’s Killing Me,” is an argument against honesty. As Meredith voices over at the beginning, people think that they want to know the truth until they are actually confronted with it. This theme plays out throughout each storyline, in ways both tragic and ridiculous, culminating in a surprising cliffhanger ending that will give viewers a reason to come back after the hiatus.

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Meredith’s Worst Fear Comes True: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) gets the results of the genome test she took in the previous episode. She insists Bailey (Chandra Wilson) tell her everything without any sugar coating. Bailey admits she has more than one of the genetic markers for Alzheimers. This is, in my opinion, a great twist. Of course I don’t want Meredith to suffer the same fate as her mother, but she has spent her whole life trying to avoid becoming her mother, yet keeps making similar choices, from becoming a surgeon to falling for a married man. Having it happen again, long after her mother’s death, keeps her the dark and twisty woman we’ve come to know and love.  Meredith living happily ever after with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and her kids would get old fast. As usual, Meredith hides her devastation behind dark humor. She wants to update her will, which listed Cristina (Sandra Oh)  as Zola’s legal guardian in the event of her death. Now that she fears its a possibility, though realistically her kids would be grown up before she developed any symptoms, Derek wants one of his sisters to be their designated guardian. Cristina assures Meredith that if the worst happened,  she would hire a team of professionals to raise her kids. Meredith realizes Cristina doesn’t want to be a mother to Zola. She admits that she would rather be the cool aunt. Meredith tells Derek to give her a lethal dose of morphine if she gets Alzheimers. She makes the same request of Cristina, who is a lot more enthusiastic about the prospect. Derk gets his genomes mapped too. He’s at risk for everything from liver cancer to male pattern baldness.  Obviously, it’s not an exact science. Both Meredith and Derk spend the whole episode overlooking the obvious choice for guardian: Owen (Kevin McKidd), who has bonded with the son of the two parents who were injured in last week’s explosion to the point that he pretends the kid is sick so he can spend the night.

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Outbreak: Intern Leah Murphy, AKA the most forgettable intern, handled post-op for two of Bailey’s patients who have developed post-op infections. She admits to Bailey that she was working while she was sick.  Another patient comes in with a gross oozing infection. Bailey breaks the news to Owen. He says every patient Leah touched has to come in for an exam. The first patient dies. It turns out that the third patient wasn’t treated by Leah. Bailey is the common factor. Did she violate protocol, or does she have some horrific virus? She doesn’t want to believe it. Owen and the rest of the board sternly tell her she cannot see any more patients and demand she sit down. We’re going to have to wait a few weeks to find out what happens next, but see if you can figure out where it’s going from this clip.

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First World Problems: Owen is teaching a group of Syrian doctors trauma surgical techniques. They tell him conditions are so dire they can’t use most of their instruments or electricity. Owen asks the other Seattle surgeons to figure out how to operate with basically a sponge and  a piece of string. Of course they figure it out in a few minutes. April works especially closely with them. Their plight makes her realize how foolish she is to stress about telling Matthew (Justin Breuning) that rumors of her virginity are greatly exaggerated. She should have leveled with him in the first place, but it seems like it would be a pretty easy ruse to continue. I doubt he’d complain if she knew what she was doing on their theoretical wedding night She screws up the courage to tell him that she is not as pure as the driven snow, making a labored analogy about how she realized her anxiety about telling him was a first world problem. He does not respond the way that she hoped,sarcastically says that would make him a jerk for giving a damn when there’s a war going on. He is more upset about her lying then whether she has turned in her v card. He won’t even introduce her to his mother, as he had planned. Good luck finding an adult virgin in Seattle, Matthew!

A Dream Dashed: Though he is no longer assigned to Derek, Ross (Gaius Charles) keeps doing work for him. Derek finally butally tells Ross that Brooks (Tina Majorino) has more of a talent for brain surgery than he does and he needs to find a different specialty.

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