Melissa McCarthy on Hosting ‘SNL’: ‘The Only Time I’ve Truly Been Assaulted’

Melissa McCarthy on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (Photo: NBC)

When Melissa McCarthy hosts “Saturday Night Live” this weekend for the second time, the comedian expects it will go better than the first time she did it last year.

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To promote her “SNL” stint (and her new film with Sandra Bullock, “Heat”), McCarthy dropped by “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Thursday night, where she discussed the gig that is on every comic’s bucket list.

“It’s so fun…and I’m like this much less freaked out this time,” McCarthy, 42, said of NBC’s legendary late-night sketch show.

“It’s, like literally, the biggest dream I’ve ever had,” McCarthy told Fallon. “My main thing was like, don’t start bawling, don’t start bawling…so when I came out for my monologue, [gasping], I kept doing weird things, and I was like…if you go, it’s going to be such an ugly cry…that’s not funny at all,” McCarthy said.

Watch Melissa McCarthy Describe Her First “SNL” Experience Below:

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But it was the show’s quick-changes that proved to be even more of a challenge for the “Bridesmaids” star.

“It was the only time I’ve truly been assaulted,” McCarthy joked of the perils of live TV. She had only 40 seconds to change costumes between the opening skit and her monologue, in the dark, with people yelling hands up, don’t move and literally “shredding” the clothes off of her body! “Somebody shoved my head forward, fluffed my hair and literally she shoved me out the door,” McCarthy recalls, “and I was like, aahhhh, ‘Hi, I’m Melissa McCarthy. It’s Saturday Night Live!”

“I don’t know who saw me in my underwear. It was all weird,” she added.

Melissa McCarthy hosts “SNL” this Saturday, April 6, with musical guest Phoenix.

Watch Melissa McCarthy’s New Promo for “SNL”:

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