Canceled Years Ago, CNN’s ‘Crossfire’ Might Return: Report

This is CNN (Photo: CNN)

As CNN plots to recapture its former glory under new chief Jeff Zucker, one of its best-known titles is being eyed for restoration.

It’s “Crossfire,” which persisted in various incarnations from 1982 until 2005. And now, the title is back on the table as a possible “new” talk show on CNN, according to this story on

The story says CNN management is hoping to get a “Crossfire” revamp up and running by June.

However, there is no word on the new show’s co-hosts or time period.

The original “Crossfire” was a CNN staple, pitting left- and right-leaning co-hosts in debate on current issues. Among those who had stints on “Crossfire” were righties Pat Buchanan, Robert Novak, John Sununu, Tony Snow, Lynne Cheney, Mary Matalin and Tucker Carlson, and lefties Tom Braden, Michael Kinsley, Bob Beckel, Geraldine Ferraro, Bill Press, Paul Begala and James Carville.

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