‘RHOATL’ Reunion Part 1: Kenya Moore Attacks and Gets Attacked

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" Reunion: Kenya Moore -- (Photo by: Wilford Harewood/Bravo)

It was ‘Gone With the Wind Fab-uh-lus!’ on Sunday night’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Reunion Part 1. And the main star was? Well, Kenya Moore, of course…unless, you count her fab-uh-lus fan! Miss USA was spinning right in the middle of a cesspool of haterade that was being tossed out by cheerleader Porsha Stewart and a pregnant Phaedra Parks.

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While Porsha claimed Kenya didn’t like her from the start because she was jealous of her youth and “happily” married life, Kenya shot back saying that the Southern socialite was simply dumb as a doornail and that the reason Porsha was even relevant on the show was because of her.

But Porsha kept refusing to let the Beauty Queen have the last word, so in turn, the latter simply let the fan speak for her: Every time Porsha would bark, Kenya would stare off in the distance and whip out her fan. Having a blast at seeing them go, NeNe Leakes and Andy Cohen would tag team piggie snorts of laughter.

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As for Kenya vs. Phaedra, the bitter donkey and stallion battle of the booties were still at a high-pitch fever! Kenya kept pointing out that Phaedra was a chunkster and had no business making an exercise video, while Phaedra called Kenya a lowdown dirty idea thief whose bootie was a product of Mexico.

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Both parties claimed that their respective workout videos were outselling the other’s on Amazon, but Phaedra got the last quip on the subject saying, “Like Whitney Houston said, ‘Show me the receipts!'” [And cue the fan working over time.]

If that didn’t get stallion booties deflated, Kenya also made a huff about Phaedra maligning her reputation by telling people she was bipolar and an alcoholic. In fact Kenya got so worked up that she warned the slick lawyer that she better watch her “evil” self because she wouldn’t hesitate to bust out a pregnant woman’s teeth!

“Don’t come for me unless I send for you,” Kenya threatened Phaedra.

And like Phaedra always does when she gets or gives sass, she responded with a major case of sleepy eyes and poochie lips…

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RHOATL’s Reunion Part 2 next Sunday promises: Kandi Burruss’ lawsuit against Kim Zolciak, Kim Z’s real hair, Kim Z’s ridiculously huge silicone assets enveloping Andy, Porsha and Kordell’s divorce talk, Kenya’s accusation that Apollo wanted a piece of stallion badonka donk, and more!

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