Anderson Cooper Recalls Disasterous Brazilian Vacation with Andy Cohen on ‘Fallon’

by | April 9, 2013 at 10:03 AM | Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Anderson Cooper on "Late Night" (NBC)

During an appearance on Monday’s episode of “Late Night,” Anderson Cooper offered a hilarious cautionary tale as to why one should never go on a beach vacation with Andy Cohen.

The two BFFs recently traveled to Brazil, and according to “AC360,” his friend, the playfully self-dubbed “AC420,” was so distracted by the sun and hunky passersby that when Cooper  left the beach for 10 minutes (out of respect for not wanting to “kill the party” with his pale skin), he returned to disaster.

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The Silver Fox had left his backpack in what he thought was the safely guarded space between Cohen’s legs, only to find both it, and a kid who had been frolicking nearby the “Watch What Happens Live” host, missing.

“A small child has apparently been kidnapped from in front of Andy Cohen!” Cooper marveled. “The mother has lost this child and is frantically going around screaming…And, my bag has been stolen from underneath his legs!” Joked Jimmy Fallon, “I get the 420 part of it now.”

Take a Look at Cooper’s Tale of Beach Woe Below:

See Cohen’s Side of the Story: