‘DWTS’: Secret Behind Carrie Ann’s Breakdown Over Andy Dick’s Dance

A tearful Carrie Ann Inaba hugs Andy Dick after his performance (Photo: ABC)

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba shocked “Dancing with the Stars” fans on Monday night by bursting into intense tears after comedian Andy Dick’sdance tribute to his daughter Meg, 15.

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Andy’s tender Viennese waltz with his partner Sharna Burgess paid such homage to father/daughter love, the couple explained backstage after the show, that Carrie Ann was overcome with emotion — because her own dad had died recently.

“It touched a very personal chord for Carrie Ann,” Sharna revealed to reporters. “She only lost her father recently and hearing about the love of a father and daughter and [seeing] what a beautiful dance it was, it really touched her in a personal place. We did not want to make her cry like that, but at the same time, Andy was able to take her there through dance.”

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As xfinityTV has previously reported, Carrie Ann’s beloved dad, Rodney Inaba, died just four days before the Season 16 “DWTS” premiere. The longtime show judge wrote on her People.com blog at the time, “Losing a loved one is something that is so very hard to understand.”

On Monday night, Carrie Ann cried like she never has on the show and also told Andy his dance was like poetry in motion. Andy said he didn’t know why Carrie Ann started bawling until it was explained to him afterward. “When I saw her crying, I thought, ‘Oh, she’s relating because she is a daughter,'” Andy told xfinityTV. “We did not know until minutes ago that her father had passed away. Now I see why she was crying.”

Sharna confided, “I saw Carrie Ann after the show and gave her a big hug and said, ‘Thank you for your wonderful comments and I’m sorry for your loss and I’m so glad you got to share and enjoy this moment with us.’ And she was grateful for that. It’s a hard thing. You don’t want to take someone to that place because it hurts — but it was a beautiful moment at the same time.”

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For his part, Andy said he enjoyed the touching connection with his daughter through the waltz, for which he got a score of 21 from Carrie Ann and the other judges, Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman.

“I’ve been prepping her all week — ‘I’m going to dedicate this to you and the [ABC] cameras are probably going to come right up your nose,'” Andy laughed about how Meg sat in the audience to watch the dance.

The former addict, who had many scrapes with the law before getting clean and sober, told reporters about his daughter, “She’s as tough as nails, a tough cookie. I think she just became that from being around me. [There were] a lot of hard times. She was welled up during the dance when I came up to her — and then afterward, she just said, ‘It was fricking beautiful!'”

And she wasn’t the only one who thought so!

The “DWTS” results show airs Tuesday at 9/8c on ABC, where another celebrity will be sent home.

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