‘Deadliest Catch’ Returns, But Where is Elliott?

(Photo: Discovery)

Season nine of Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” is set to return on Tuesday, April 16, but a new preview of the show has left fans scratching there heads. Where is Elliott Neese, captain of the Ramblin’ Rose?

Sure, Neese had his share of issues last year, butting heads not only with his girlfriend but also with his boss. His absence in the preview left audiences wondering if he is even coming back to the series. Was he fired? Did he quit?

“In all honesty, I’m kinda not surprised Elliott isn’t here this year. I haven’t seen him,” said Northwestern captain Sig Hansen, before adding “No owner’s gonna let a guy run a boat and not produce. You’re gonna lose your job.”

Never fear, Neese fans. Both the captain and Discovery have both confirmed his return to the show.

Neese tweeted “Crew showed up today really gettin to work on the boat we have 2 months to do a total retrofit/ makeover I hope we can make our deadline!!”

Discovery gave a preview of the new season to The Hollywood Reporter last week, specifically mentioning Neese, stating, “the youngest skipper in the fleet, Elliott Neese, is all in this year as he returns as the owner of his own boat, the F/V Saga. With more than $1 million in the hole and 10 bucks to his name, the stakes have never been higher for Neese.”

Well that settles that. But here’s the clip anyway…

[iframe http://tv.yahoo.com/video/leaving-port-040000368.html?format=embed&player_autoplay=false 580 476]

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