Cheer Up After Paying Your Taxes With Funny Films From Streampix

Last Minute Tax Filers Rush To Meet Tax Deadline. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Welcome to The Saddest Day Of the Year. Okay, so it’s actually known as Tax Day, but still…April 15 is the day when you have to share your paycheck with the government. And while sharing is generally considered to be a good thing, in this case, it can leave you feeling extremely depressed.

Statistics like these don’t help taxpayers’ moods. For instance, car accidents reportedly go up 6 percent on April 15. The U.S. tax code you’re rushing to comply with is so dense, it contains more than 7 million words. More than 300,000 trees lose their lives every year in order to provide the paper for all those tax forms that must be in this week. There is really nothing good that comes from this day, and the downer feeling can last all week.

What you need to get you through this taxing time – other than a barrel of margaritas – are a few good laughs. Maybe 7 million of them, one for every word in the tax code. Luckily, Streampix can help take your mind off your missing money with these five funny films. They may not help speed up your refund, but they will be more fun than an afternoon with your accountant.


Bill Murray and the Army.  The combination is kind of like mixing Alka Seltzer and a liter of Coke, only more volatile. Which is why this 1981 movie remains one of the actor’s most classic efforts. As a supreme slacker who somehow assumes that joining the military might be just the thing he’s looking for, Murray has never been funnier. And just wait for the best use of a recreational vehicle ever in film.













Dumb and Dumber

Let’s face it. Do something stupid in real life and people will probably not want to hang around you. Do something stupid in movies, however, and people can’t get enough of you. Look no further for proof than this 1994 Jim Carrey-Jeff Daniels vehicle that turned having the intellectual capacity of a bell pepper into one of the decade’s most unrelentingly funny films. The odds of you not enjoying at least a dozen jokes are a million to one. Although, to quote Carrey, we’re saying that you’ve got a chance…..













Waiting For Guffman

Long before we got used to duck callers, cheese puff-loving juvenile beauty pageant contestants and entitled rich kids amusing us on a regular basis, there was this mockumentary that seemed to predict the arrival of oddball reality stars. Christopher Guest’s 1996 improvisational comedy follows a flamboyant local theater director/producer as he tries to stage a play with an equally quirky cast, and it’s so strange that it seems more real than most reality shows these days.












Wet Hot American Summer

Think of this 2001 film as the all-star game of comedy movies. Paul Rudd. Amy Poehler. Molly Shannon. Bradley Cooper. Janeane Garofalo. They all join in to parody summer camp flicks, and all that’s missing seems to be a guy wearing a hockey mask and carrying a knife. Although there is a talking can of vegetables in “Wet Hot American Summer,” which is nearly as frightening.













Richard Pryor: Live On the Sunset Strip

We’ll never know what it would be like to watch Beethoven conducting a symphony or Van Gogh working on a canvass. However, watching this concert film is the next best thing. It features a genius artist – Richard Pryor – doing what he does best – perform standup that is both relatable and raunchy at the same time. Pryor may well be the best comic we’ve ever known and in this this movie filmed in the early ‘80s, wherein he can even joke about his near-death experience while freebasing, the master has never been better.



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