‘RHOATL’ Reunion Part 2: Phaedra Is Shady, Kim and NeNe Hug It Out

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" Reunion Pt. 2: Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak (Photo by: Wilford Harewood/Bravo)

Part deux of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” turned out to be Phaedra, NeNe, and Kim’s show, while Kandi opted for a permanent eyebrow raise, Cynthia (and her breasts) posed with all their might, Kenya divaliciously fanned herself, and Porsha gave her best mute impression.

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With the backing of Kenya, NeNe went off on Phaedra’s duplicitous nature and her seemingly hypocritical ways with the women—recounting how the lawyer would outright lie in their faces about talking smack about them. NeNe angrily brought up how Phaedra had tried to get dirt on NeNe through talking with her half sisters outside the show, and even though Phaedra denied NeNe’s version of the story, she didn’t seem to fight off her taller predecessor’s accusations with much enthusiasm, which made her look all the more guilty.

“You never can win when you dirty, honey!” NeNe warned Phaedra.

The next half of the reunion centered around Kim, her orange skin, her green dinosaur-sized breasts, and hair…but alas(!), at least to Andy’s fascination and joy, it was Kim’s real hair!

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At first, everyone tried to be polite about Kim and her M.I.A. status on the show, but Kandi kept it real and said that Kim and her million excuses for being checked out and checking out was B.S.—especially her reasons for not being able to make the trip to Anguilla. The whole Anguilla ordeal and Kim pretending she had never agreed to specific dates highly peeved the ladies and even Andy, who pointed out everyone had changed the schedule to accommodate Kim.

Not much was said about the lawsuit Kandi had recently issued to Kim, which forbids her from further profiting from the track “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party,” which Kandi had written for Kim. All the blonde ended up saying about the matter was that it was ridiculous.

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But Kandi had her chance to bring up something she thought was ridiculous, too. Indeed, she found it not only ridic but also quite shady that Kim ended up naming her son Kash when Kandi had apparently told her a long time ago that she had planned on naming her future son that very same name. Of course, Kim denied taking the name from Kandi, and the two brushed each other off and left it at that. Friendship fail big time. We guess Kim won’t be getting any Bedroom Kandi vibrators anytime soon…

But the ending of part two of the reunion wasn’t all eye rolling and name calling. Before Kim took off, Andy expressed his elation on her weaveless head.

“Thanks for wearing your real hair tonight, thank you,” Andy said with swirls in his eyeballs after he got to pull on her bangs.

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But the biggest kicker of the night was when Kim offered an olive branch to NeNe, who was also somewhat ready to let go of her grudges against Kim. Although we now know how the story goes (reports say the two are happily besties again and are love-tweeting each other), the odd pair end up hugging at the reunion, while the rest of the ladies—especially Kandi—swallowed their puke.

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Part three of the RHOATL men screaming at Kenya comin at ya next Sunday…

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