‘Castle’: Is Bigfoot Roaming Manhattan?

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in "Castle" (ABC)

This week’s supremely silly episode of “Castle,” “The Fast and the Furriest,” was the perfect hour of escapist entertainment after Monday’s tragedy in Boston. Castle becomes convinced that the victim of the week was killed by Bigfoot. Spoiler alert: Bigfoot is not real. However, unlike most of Castle’s off-the-wall theories, a lot of other people, including the victim, were true believers.

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In fact, belief is the theme of an episode with few shipper moments Castle (Nathan Fillion) believes in pretty much everything, from aliens to conspiracy theories. Beckett (Stana Katic)  is the resident skeptic. Basically, they are Sully and Mulder from “The X Files,” only in the “Castle” universe, Scully is always right. They have a sweet conversation about why they see the world so differently. Obviously, their occupations as writer and detective are part of it, but Castle thinks  that embracing the strange and the unknown makes life interesting, while Beckett finds the magic of every day things,like nature. However, she does believe in an inexplicable  phenomenon: their relationship.

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Meanwhile, Castle freaks out because food is missing from his apartment. He sets a trap to catch the thief, and busts Alexis (Molly Quinn), dyeing  her face blue in the process. Of course she has a good reason. She has spent her whole allowance donating to her friend’s Kickstarter so he can start roof top gardens that will help the environment. That seems like a plan with a lot of flaws, like getting building owners to agree to it, but Alexis is an idealistic college freshman. She tells Castle she believes in people.

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The victim of the week, Anne, believed in Bigfoot. Her bloody body was dropped off at a hospital by a car that fled the scene. She was getting a Phd in biology. She worked at a primate sanctuary. But her true passion was for proving the existence of Bigfoot, which the show clumsily links to her being Native American. That seems borderline offensive, especially for a show with such a diverse cast.

While investigating a potential crime scene, Castle finds giant footprints. He thinks she was killed by Bigfoot. Ryan (Seamus Dever) reveals there have been many Bigfoot sightings in Manhattan. But a TV Show has offered a reward for proof of his existence. Ann phoned Dr. Meeks (Rapheal Sbarge, “Once Upon a Time”), a Bigfoot expert, the day before she died.

A rival Bigfoot hunter, Diggins, is a suspect. He saw her faking the footprints. There is video of Anne seemingly being attacked by Big Foot.Castle and Beckett head to the woods to investigate. They fall into one of those trap’s that’s made out of tree branches covering a pit. In a nice bit of continuity, Castle references that he broke his knee in the previous episode and probably shouldn’t be falling on it. With Castle’s help, Beckett climbs out. She points out that he set a trap for Alexi and ended up in one. Bigfoot shows up to Castle’s shock. He screams for help. Beckett points his gun at him. The creature seems to understand English. That’s because it’s Dr. Meeks in disguise. “Psych” had virtually the same gag a couple weeks ago.

After all that, it turns out that the victim was killed by her boss because she had proof that he stalked her former roommate. If I have a complaint about this show it’s that the solution to the mystery often has nothing to do with the premise if the episode, and is therefor anti-climactic.

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