Harrison Ford Chews Out Chewbacca on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

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Harrison Ford dropped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night, where he had an angry confrontation with his old “Star Wars” sidekick Chewbacca after the actor was ambushed by “Star Wars” characters in the Kimmel audience.

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“You son of a b*tch. What do you want?” Ford growled, jokingly slipping into his “Star Wars” alter-ego Han Solo.

“Well, you’re the one that couldn’t keep it in your furry pants!” Ford continued, before Kimmel pointed out that Chewbacca actually doesn’t wear pants.

“I rest my case!” Ford exclaimed. “You’re full of sh*t,” he added for good measure. The gag went on from there and eventually ended with Ford promising to see his old Wookie pal in Hell!

Watch the Hilarious Exchange Above to Find Out What Chewbacca Did to Piss Off Harrison Ford

Ford’s appearance came on the same day that Disney announced at CinemaCon that it plans to release a new “Star Wars” film every year, beginning with J.J. Abrams’ highly anticipated “Episode VII” in summer 2015, and alternating between standalone spinoffs and numeral sequels from there.

So naturally, all anyone wanted to know about was “Star Wars” and whether or not Ford will reprise his iconic role as Han Solo in “Episode VII,” but Ford muttered and stuttered along, refusing to answer any “Star Wars” questions at all.

Watch More of Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview with Harrison Ford in the Clips Below:

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