Watch: Gary Busey Applies for Mars Mission

by | April 19, 2013 at 10:00 PM | Celebrity Apprentice, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Gary Busey on Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

While some fellow candidates for this year’s “Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars” might think that contestant Gary Busey is a space case, Busey himself confirmed has recently confirmed those suspicions.

On last night’s episode of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” host Kimmel spoke about the organization Mars 1, which is looking to send four astronauts to the planet Mars in 2023. This summer, the company will make its selections and is currently accepting applications from potential travelers.

In a skit, Kimmel stated that he had gotten his hands on the very first audition tape, from none other than Gary Busey.

In the video, Busey is decked out on cape and a Mars t-shirt and pleads his case to be selected, stating, “Hi, I’m Gary Busey, and I’m going to Mars because I’ve been there before!”

Watch the rest in the clip below…