Katie Couric Informs MTV Talk-Show Hosts They’ve Been Renewed

MTV's "Nikki & Sara": Nikki Glaser (left) and Sara Schaefer (Photo: MTV)

MTV talk-show hosts Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser got their renewal news in a novel way: Katie Couric gave them the happy news when they appeared on her talk show Friday afternoon.

The “announcement” plan had apparently been arranged in advance between Couric and MTV brass, and without the two co-hosts’ knowledge because they seemed genuinely surprised to hear the news on Friday’s “Katie.”

Glaser and Schaefer — 26 and 34, respectively — are the co-hosts of “Nikki & Sara Live” on MTV. The show — which does indeed air “live” — has been airing Tuesday nights on MTV since January.

Its first season ended this past Tuesday (April 16) and the two had been awaiting a decision from MTV on a second-season pickup.

“We have been waiting to hear this!” Schaefer exclaimed on “Katie” after Couric delivered the news. “Thank you!” Schaefer said as she jumped out of her chair to embrace Glaser.

The new, 12-episode second season of “Nikki & Sara” is expected to premiere this summer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

You can watch Nikki and Sara’s reactions to the news here, on the “Katie” Web site. The page has video from the show, and also a post-show interview with the two MTV co-hosts.

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