MTV Forbids Shopping ‘Buckwild’ to Other Networks: Report

The late Shain Gandee, seen here on "Buckwild" taking a dip in a "dump truck" pool (Photo: MTV)

Whether or not any other networks were clamoring to pick up “Buckwild” from MTV, the cable channel has apparently informed the show’s producer they won’t allow him to shop it around anyway.

That’s according to this story on the Hollywood Reporter Web site, which contains a strong reaction to that news from “Buckwild’s” producer, J.P. Williams.

MTV ceased production and canceled the series earlier this month following the death of one of the show’s participants, 19-year-old Shain Gandee, in the crash of an off-road vehicle.

The accident was not being filmed and was not part of the show, which depicted the lives of nine young adults in rural West Virginia.

After the cancellation, Williams said he hoped then to offer the show to other networks. But now, MTV has said no to that, THR reports, and Williams is reacting in much the same way that he reacted to the show’s cancellation — by accusing MTV of hypocrisy.

“MTV is the most hypocritical network out there,” THR quotes Williams as saying. “[MTV execs] can keep promoting pre-marital sex and promoting leaving the baby after you have it [on “Teen Mom”]. I’m so glad they have found their moral bar.”

Williams apparently has a stake in “Buckwild” because various stories refer to him also as “personal manager” for the show’s cast members, which means he potentially stands to profit if the show continues to be seen on TV. But as the network that bought the series in the first place, MTV apparently has the right to put the kibosh on that. So, naturally, he’s miffed.

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