‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds Come to an End – Who’s Advancing?

"The Voice" Battle Rounds: Cathia, Mary Miranda -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Around half of “The Voice’s” successful blind auditioners have now been eliminated, with the completion of the Battle Rounds on Tuesday night.

Of course, another half still have to go, and will be eliminated in something almost identical to the Battle Rounds—the Knockout Rounds—next week. But for now, we can go into the rest of our week with the sense of accomplishment that the one of the many arbitrary sub-steps of this show is over.

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Though six spots and a steal remained at the top of the show, we were only privy to three Battles, two of which were Shakira’s.

The first pitted Brandon Roush against Shawna P., or as Carson Daly reminded us many, many times, youth vs. experience. You see, Brandon is young, and Shawna is old. And therefore, this battle represents all of life’s big questions.

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Shakira gives them Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart,” which is perfectly matched to Shawna’s voice, but also to Brandon’s appearance. Brandon really does give it his all, and gets a Jock Cocker comparison from Usher, but he’s really no match for a gravelly voiced blues singer on a song meant pretty much exclusively for gravelly voiced blues singers. Shakira chooses Shawna.

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Adam Levine sent Duncan Kamakana off to battle against Sarah Simmons. Duncan is Hawaiian, as Carson points out. And Sarah auditioned with “One of Us” and got four chairs to spin for her. In the first of two blatant acts of self-promotion on Tuesday, they are given a Lady Antebellum song, for which, maybe not coincidentally, they are mentored by that group’s own Hillary Scott. Duncan and Sarah sound great together, but Sarah has this painful power that Duncan does not. And so on she goes.

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In a quickie, we learn that Usher advanced Michelle Chamuel and dropped Chelsy M; Adam kept on Amy Whitcomb and dumped Regina Alvarez; and Blake Shelton declared Justin Rivers the winner over the Morgan Twins.

Lastly, Shakira paired up Cathia against Mary Miranda, two Latina singers who both inspired Shakira, Blake and Usher to push their buttons in the blinds. And in Tuesday night’s second blatant act of self-promotion, Shakira gives them her own song to sing. It’s in Spanish, and it’s about heartbreak, and so we know it’s going to be emotional. But tense? That, too. Cathia proves to be a bit too proud of herself for knowing the song, and is very vocal about her criticism of Mary. It goes on for days, from rehearsal to rehearsal. There’s no denying she sounds good, but who would want to work with someone like that? Usher!

So they both sing big and passionately, but Shakira is drawn to Mary’s voice, which she calls sweet like cotton candy (add that to Tobasco from Monday night). And as Cathia walks off the stage, Usher once again pulls out a last-second save. They start talking about how he had a number-one Latin record, which Cathia knows all about because she’s from the Bronx. And that’s when I realize why she has such an attitude. Stuck-up performer? Not ok. From the Bronx? Perfectly acceptable behavior.

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So that’s all for now, until everyone battles again next week!

Tuesday night’s additions:

Adam: Sarah Simmons, Amy Whitcomb
Shakira: Shawna P, Mary Miranda
Blake: Justin Rivers
Usher: Michelle Chamuel, Cathia

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