Deep Soap: ‘General Hospital’ Stars Preview the Show’s Surrogate Saga

Kirsten Storms as "GH's" Maxie (Photo: ABC)

It started simply enough, when “General Hospital’s” Maxie agreed to be a surrogate mother for her best friend Lulu’s child. Now the storyline has grown into an umbrella. Maxie discovered she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend, Spinelli’s child and is passing off her own baby as Lulu’s. Lulu has amnesia. Maxie’s doctor, Britt, may have impregnated herself with Lulu’s embryo so that she can pretend she is pregnant with her ex’s, Patrick’s child.

Several of the actors involved in this storyline attempted to unravel the tangled web at the show’s 50th anniversary celebration at the Paley Center. [xfinity-record-button id=”7251667936267916112″ program_type=”series”]

Kristen Storms (Maxie)

Ellie has figured out that Maxie’s keeping a secret about the baby.

Unfortunately, she’s very smart.

So how is that going to play out?

I would imagine not too well for Maxie. But we’ll have to see. She’s harboring a huge secret so that can never bode well for Maxie since she has such a huge mouth. But I think that things will transpire over the next few weeks.

It seems like Britt is carrying Dante and Lulu’s actual baby.

I saw some of that stuff online and I thought, “What a clever storyline to do,” but it really could be Patrick’s baby. It really could. But maybe she got the idea from Maxie when Maxie [decided to lie].

What’s it like working with the new Lulu, Emmy Rylan?

She’s very nice. She came in with a positive attitude ready to conquer the huge storyline that she’s smack in the middle of and things have worked out really well for her. We definitely miss Julie [Berman] and miss her being around, but Emme’s carrying her own [weight] for sure.

Does Maxie want to keep this baby?

Maxie’s not a completely terrible person. I think a huge part of her wants to keep the baby, but she’s scared. She’s single. Her boyfriend basically told her right before she found out she was pregnant that he didn’t want to be with her anymore. She’s stuck in an obligation to her best friend and her husband. Her figuring out how she is going to keep it will be interesting.

She now has the ultimate trump card to get Spinelli back.

You’d think Maxie would use that to her advantage but she doesn’t want to. The one sure thing she has, but she doesn’t want him that way. She’s kind of taking the high road.

Emme Rylan (Lulu)

You got the ultimate role, Luke and Laura’s daughter. But you’re the re-cast to a terrific, popular actor. What’s it been like taking over in the middle of a juicy storyline?

Number one, because Julie left in a positive way, that makes it a much smoother transition. So that helped me be like, “Okay, this is good.” I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. I know that this is what you do. You don’t look at a message board for about six months. I’m the re-cast queen. This is my third re-cast. You don’t look at the Internet for like six months. You try to stay true to the character and bring a little bit of your flavor to it and tune out anything else. Soap fans are very flexible people. They have to be to embrace another human being playing a character that they’ve watched for seven years. I want everyone to know that I love playing Lulu so much and I’m so excited about this job. Just know that I’m trying to stay as true to Lulu as I can.

What’s it like working with your new husband, Dante?

[Dominic Zamprogna] wonderful. Right now, for a little while, all the relationships in Lulu’s life are up in the air [because of her amnesia], so we’re working together in a very new, and scary, for the fans, way. He’s great. On a personal note, sweetheart, talented actor, really welcoming everybody. Everybody’s been really welcoming. We’re having fun. We’re shaking up the Lulu/Dante Lante.

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Jason Thompson (Patrick)

Patrick just found out that he allegedly has another child on the way. But Patrick’s a brain surgeon. How long until he figures out that Britt impregnated herself with Dante and Lulu’s spare embryo?

I have no idea. I hope it’s his. I think it would be fun. I think, why not? Do it. He’s already doing okay with one [kid] by himself as of right now. He can probably handle another.

What kind of a wrench does this throw into his new relationship with Sabrina?

That’s all new. I think we were only a couple hours into the relationship and we’re already in a weird place. We’ll see. The one thing I can say is that Frank [Valentini] and Ron [Carlivati] are doing a great show. So whatever happens, I’m excited about it.

What do you think about Patrick and Sabrina’s relationship? It’s a lot different than his relationship with Robin.

It’s different, but I think they’re both independent, strong women. I mean, you’re seeing Sabrina grow into herself. I think you saw that along the way with Robin too. They’re both great with kids, obviously, so there’s a lot of similarities there, but at the same time, they’re different women, so it’s another story that’s told with complexity, which is always a good thing.

What about Britt? There’s a mini-controversy brewing online about Patrick having unsafe sex during his one encounter with Britt. Some people think he wouldn’t have done that, especially in a hospital where condoms are presumably readily available.

I don’t know the right way to answer this, but it happens. Obviously, we should all be as safe as possible but there’s a reason why she came into the shower. It just kind of happened and God forbid anyone ever made a mistake like that. I mean, this is one of the times that a child was conceived in that way. I thought about it, and I’m not going to let everybody know my train of thought, but I found a way to make that rational in Patrick’s world. That’s all that counts for me. It doesn’t matter what happens. Everybody’s going to have something to say which is great.

In your mind, is there a part of Patrick that is still attracted to Britt on some level, or did it all die the moment she was mean to Emma?

There’s still [something.] It’s easy to say he’s [being] a guy, but he’s still trying to figure this stuff out. Robin only passed away in his world a year and a half ago. He’s now a single father. He’s in a position that he never imagined. He’s going to make mistakes and he’s still trying to figure out what to do, how to go through every single day. He had a drug problem and he’s dealing with that. There’s so much on his plate that, yeah, he’s going to trip and fall sometimes. He’s human, which I like.

Kimberly McCullough (Robin)

The Nurses Ball was amazing, but a lot of us were hoping to at least see a shot of Robin in her padded cell somewhere.

My huge photo wasn’t enough for you? That was a little bit crazy… But I loved it. It was wonderful. I loved every bit; the guys dancing in their underwear was hilarious, and I loved the glitter ponchos that Leslie and Jane were wearing as the back-up singers.

Is it hard watching Patrick move on to other relationships?

No, no. I think it’s great. He’s a handsome guy. He should have ladies all around him on every side.

Would Robin approve of either Britt or Sabrina dating Patrick? Liz was her original choice.

Who would approve of Britt? Robin would approve of Sabrina, because she’s so good for the baby. She loves Emma so much.

I know you are busy with your directing career, but are their plans for Robin to return to “General Hospital” at any point in the future?

There are no plans, but all parties are open to it.

As her daughter, who is the right man for Anna — Duke or Robert?

I have to go with Duke. He’s better in the romance department.

You’ve been a part of this show for most of your life. What does the 50th anniversary mean to you?

I’m so grateful to be a part of something that’s so special. It’s very overwhelming to think about the blessing that this job has been in my life and what a big part of my life it is and how great it’s been.

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